Hundreds of Thousands of Bikers Meet In Sturgis to Share the COVID-19


Health Editor’s Note:  I am thinking after this brouhaha in Sturgis, Trump will have far fewer fans to vote for him in November.  The annual motorcycle rally located in Sturgis, South Dakota will be the largest grouping of people since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Over 250,000 people during a 10 day period, for the most part not practicing safe distancing or using masks, will fill more hospitals.  But no wait, if they hurry up and ride those motorcycles straight home they might make it to their own city before needing healthcare.  The  “Screw COVID,”  “I went to Sturgis.” T shirts will be a sorry reminder of a time when a large group of people came together, knowing how COVID-19 acts and how it claims its victims, and used no common sense what so ever.  Sharing is not always caring.  Spreading coronavirus is not caring for others or apparently yourself….Carol 

Sturgis rally roars ahead despite coronavirus concerns

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  1. Senaca, BUT you cannot give smoking, drinking, gambling addiction to someone. You CAN spread coronavirus to others.

  2. If this was as spread as much as US Government is claiming, and falsifying documents to “increase” the numbers of cases, and deaths caused by this virus, we should be tripping over the bodies of people killed by this
    bio-weapon. Hospitals are not overflowing with dying patients, they’re God damned ghost towns. I visit several hospitals multiple times a month to see doctors. The only problem is getting in the door, past the healthcare circle-jerk in the biggest healthcare hoax ever perpetrated on a population ever.
    Any Government that removes a known and effective medication from public use, and fabricates some fake science narrative to justify the action, and further. To shout down, discredit, vilify, and ending careers of actual Medical Doctors, and scientists, even killing any that object, oppose, and expose the lies for what they are.
    Is simply not believable, credible, or honorable.

    • Jim Allen, COVID-19 is here… can ask my ICU nurse daughter who deals with it every single day she works, which is pretty much all the time as her fellow healthcare workers test positive and must take time off to not spread coronavirus and to get better. Some are getting very, very ill. This is not a made up disease that the government has devised to kill us off and ruin America….Our government’s (Trump) involvement in COVID-19 is to downplay the seriousness of it and try to make us believe that it will all go away if we just wait long enough. Well, the wait has been over for hundreds of thousands that are now dead…….If anything, Trump would be decreasing the numbers of cases and deaths, to make everything seem better……We are mot better….New Zealand is better, but we are far from it. Not sure why you would continue to push the use of hydroxychloroquine for a cure….or prevention for COVID-19. You have gone to the Trump school of ‘if I say it, it must be so.’ Or perhaps you have some sort of interest in the sales of this drug???????? Why else would you bemoan the fact that hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are proven, using real research methods, to not cure or prevent COVID-19 and the potential for it to kill people by altering the electrical system of the heart is very real and certainly not worth the risk of taking it for a process that it does not serve. Your continual defense of this drug shows how little you know about this. You are part of the COVID-19 conspiracy group who should take a rest and find something else to occupy your time with. You seek to harm. Go away!

  3. Okay, all the practices US Government is attempting to force compliance on the people is indisputably ineffective against the virus, or its spread. And why is no one questioning what the Hell is a man-made derivitive of this virus, developed in USA is present in the first place ?
    US Government has gone against all known medical practices worldwide in dealing with issues of this nature.
    These damn masks our beloved Government is pressing so hard as the ultimate in protection, and prevention of the spreading of this

    • Elvin Laton, Trump and his group have denigrated science and thus medicine since his arrival on the scene. His Secretary of Education, DeVos believes that the earth is only 6,000 years old. Coronavirus, pandemics, are all about science and knowing how a virus works. Trump stopped being involved in pandemic business and set us up for this…

  4. John Zook, Perhaps they know the consequences of getting COVID-19 but I think not. It is actions like this that keep COVID-19 in the forefront of our lives….It just keeps spreading, and spreading, and spreading…..Humans are the host for this virus and as long as people are spreading it to each other, it will stay around and that affects us all…..

  5. “It’s not the overwhelming invader we must fear but the weakened condition of the victim.” – William Albrecht, PhD.

    • This applies across the board, even to carcinogens causing cancer. Chapter 47 in Voisin’s “Soil Grass and Cancer” is titled “Nutrition affords powerful protection against carcinogenic effects”.
      Recently in Japan, in 1932, Yoshida discovered that an azo dye in food fed to rats resulted in a cancerous tumor of the liver (hepatomae). When the experiment was repeated in America and Europe, the rats failed to develop cancer. After some time someone realized that the rats were fed differently with the rats in Japan being fed rice and the rats in America and Europe being fed whole wheat. Repeating the experiments with both rice and whole wheat in Japan demonstrated that polished rice had no cancer inhibiting power while non-polished rice had only a moderate inhibiting power. The whole wheat demonstrated that it had a remarkable capacity for inhibiting the carcinogenic action of the azo dye on the liver.
      A German surgeon and cancer specialist, Bauer, commented on this in a paper stating that no one can believe that this is a unique and exceptional case and that the diet can favor cancer if, over a long time, it is lacking in certain essential nutrients.
      Bauer’s paper from 1949 is called, “Das Krebsproblem” and is published on the internet.
      In modern agriculture food is produced for yield (money). Modern agricultural science has increased yields per acre but they can’t fool nature. The result of increasing yields per acre is accomplished when the carbohydrate content of the crop goes up while the protein content of the crop is reduced.
      Albrecht, Voisin, Price and Pottenger Jr all share this same point of view as expressed by Albrecht and they all have their extensive evidence to back up their point of view.

  6. Tommy Apeiron, Trump treats COVID-19 and the rapidly rising numbers of cases and deaths as aberrations that are designed to harm him in his re-election bid in November. His insistence in ignoring health threats to the U.S. by reopening schools, is his latest ‘drink the chlorox’ moment in his downplaying of coronavirus, and the devastation it is causing and continues to cause.

    • Have to say, Carol, Trump knew COVID-19 was a bioweapon all along. Why else, according to Gordon, would he and his inner circle have been vaccinated for it back in November?

      He’s been the consummate con man from the get-go. He’s bamboozled his base into thinking that COVID-19 is just a hoax, just to make sure that the virus gets completely out of control in the USA. Unlike nations like Canada and China, we now have no chance whatsoever of beating this thing.

      If it isn’t some horrible war with Iran or China that happens first, COVID-19 might just be that “national emergency” he needs to declare martial law and cancel an election he has no hope of winning. Trump, right now, is the most dangerous man on the planet.

    • Please explain why a fatal auto accident is added to the cause of people who have died from this virus?

    • bjackanic, When a person dies, and if there is an autopsy or a medical examination, all reasons for death are listed on the death certificate. While a fatal auto accident or some other misadventure may kill someone, if that accident had not intervened they still would have had COVID-19. They find all kinds of reasons for people to be dead (if there had been an accident that dealt the final blow) when doing autopsies….a cancer that was undiagnosed, a heart or kidneys that were diseased, etc.

    • With all the information we now have concerning this virus, you are either incredibly naive or complicit in pushing this scam. If its the latter, you are guilty of treason. How about some information on how we can combat this virus. Something along the lines of nutrition perhaps.

    • drew, Nutrition is not going to stop COVID-19. A well-nourished person may have more of a system back-up if they get sick, but vitamins, minerals, etc. do not kill a virus…..This is the basics of understanding how a virus works. Just because you cannot see it with your eyes, does not mean that it is not around..

  7. Elvin Laton, You made a very good point. But there has been enough press/scientific and medical evidence, to let people know that is IS there, even though to be invisible to the human eye. COVID-19 is continuing to infect and kill…..

  8. Being as how we all know that COVID-19 is a bioweapon, directed initially at China and now the USA, what would stop the “powers that be” from spreading a little more of the virus around Sturgis so that it can more effectively infect the whole country? These Trumpsters are playing their parts well, not wearing masks, not social distancing, even having big COVID-19 parties like this one to spread the virus around.

    According to Gordon, Trump knew about the virus back in November and was even vaccinated for it. He’s been lying to us about it ever since, even claiming that the virus is a hoax perpetrated by the Democrats. I’m guessing that those bikers will “see for themselves” how population reduction really works.

  9. Exactly, if whomever has a little jar full of virus and spreads it around Sturgis before and during bike week.

    • bjackanic, Oh, I assure you, that COVID-19 will ride into Sturgis, inside the person it has infected either before leaving for Sturgis or on the way. The virus has been incubating, replicating, inside people, and then will be ripe for spread when they all get together with lack of physical distancing and mask wearing. If you look at photos of the festivities and you will see very few wearing masks. People jumbled together into smallish spaces, such as bars…..The bikers were not driving towards COVID-19, they were bringing it with them from all over the U.S.

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