Exclusive Video: Italian Military Base Devastated during Beirut Blast


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

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If, as General Michel Aoun, President of Lebanon, also believes possible, the disastrous explosion in Beirut on August 4th was caused by an external attack with a bomb or a missile, it seems quite coincidentally to have devastated a large structure on the Shama Base of the Italian Army, who represent one of the most important peacekeepers in Lebanon.

It is a daring and embarrassing question which is legitimately asked after watching the video on social networks that shows the destruction the explosion caused to the Jmou unit of Beirut, which is located in the complex where various activities of the Italian Leonte mission work as part of UNIFIL Blue Helmets.

This is the international peacekeeping force that, under the aegis of the UN, was used in 2006 after the invasion of Lebanon by the Israeli Defense Forces to guard the Blue Line of the border between Israel and Lebanon in the Golan Heights.

It is clear that even in the military base the massacre has come close as, as it happens, in the Syrian embassy in Beirut, one of the most severely damaged places. Coincidences or surgical acts of intimidation in some way connected to the external attack on the port of Beirut also hypothesized by US Army generals and reported by US President Donald Trump?

At the moment the West does not seem to want to ask too many questions … It is only interested in being a benefactor with Lebanon (with millions of dollars in donations as a preamble to future suffocating debts in a country strangled by Washington sanctions) without even bothering to ascertain the hypothesis of foreign aggression as the cause of the disaster.

Just as in the case of the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, emergency social interventions are implemented without seeking to investigate the origins of a virus believed to have been built in the laboratory even by the former director of MI6, the British counter-intelligence.

WUHAN-GATES – 12. MI6 British Intelligence former Head: “SARS-2 Built in Bio-Lab”. Pics and Proofs of HIV Tests

Unfortunately, the still provisional death toll of the massacre in the port of Beirut has already exceeded 200, including 43 Syrian citizens staying in the city, but it seems destined to increase in consideration of about 5 thousand injured and numerous missing.

The massacre, as already written, would have occurred due to the explosion of a deposit of ammonium nitrate: 2750 tons of this agricultural fertilizer also suitable for IED rudimentary explosives (in English improvised explosive device) seized 7 years ago on a Russian flag ship Moldava remained abandoned in the port due to mysterious and suspected bureaucratic delays.

“Beirut Massacre for a Missile!”. Lebanon President and Italian Military Expert said. “Thermal rings the proof”

Hezbollah, a paramilitary force in Lebanon deemed terrorist by the US, Israel and other countries as an ally of the Iranian Pasdaran of the same Shiite Islamic confession, denies having held ammunition or anything else dangerous. Some Lebanese port authorities, on the other hand, have already been placed under house arrest by the investigating magistracy.

Beirut: Deep State “Killed” Shia-Christian Govt. Ex Zionist MP: “Blast as Nuclear Bomb. I hope it was Israel”

According to intelligence sources, military experts and even a former Knesset Zionist politician, as reported only by Gospa News in the West, a small nuclear bomb-like explosion was unleashed, leading even some US Army generals to believe that the blast may have been triggered by a bomb or a missile, as highlighted in the previous report.



«It is a terrible situation. He destroyed everything! The whole Base … All, the base is no longer there: completely destroyed! Completely destroyed from A to Z. Cars overalls destroyed» is the comment of those who shot the video bounced between the chats where the various logistics offices of the Joint Multimodal Operations Unit (Jmou of Beirut) appear disemboweled with logistic equipment and heavily damaged military vehicles together to some containers.

Disturbing images of Jmou of Beirut devastated

It shows the disconcerting images inside the Shama base where Corporal Roberto Caldarulo was wounded in the arm, when was in service with 11 other soldiers at the time of the explosion: of such power to devastate the base although not close to the port. He was not serious injured but he was immediately transferred to the hospital.

There was also a Unifil Task Force ship near the devastated docks. On board there was only one of the crew members, the 69-year-old Vincenzo Orlandini who was suddenly thrown a few meters away. It was the commander general Stefano Del Col who immediately communicated the wounding of some soldiers and marines on the official Twitter mission profile.

Beirut: ex CIA 007: “Alleged IsraelI Attack”. Christian Party secretary Killed. 100 more deaths. Italian marines injured.

The severity of the Beirut disaster and the devastation in the currently unusable unit leads us to make the reasons of the right to the news prevail over those of military confidentiality by publishing the video on the Gospa News YouTube channel.

Almost all the soldiers involved in the explosions, injured or not, belong to the Joint Multimodal Operations Unit (Jmou of Beirut, framed in the Italian Contingent Command (IT-NCC) of Naqoura, with the main purpose of promoting international cooperation and social integration between the Italian military and the Lebanese population.

The path, focused on learning the main notions of the Italian language, saw, among other things, the participation of some women, mostly widows of local soldiers, explains the Defense website, as reported by SkyTg24 Italia.

Lebanon-Iraq: Christian religious leaders bless US-CIA, Zionist and Sunni coups under CANVAS acts



In the scorching climate of the protests covertly piloted by international directors of the Deep State as highlighted in the previous reports on the 2005 Cedar Revolution and on those started in November 2019 that led to the resignation of the new Shiite-Christian government of Hassan Diab, they are not to be underestimated. the risks to which the mission of more than a thousand Italian peace-makers in Lebanon is exposed, as we already highlighted when the rockets launched by the drones of the Israel Defense Forces in August 2019 were answered by the cannon fire of Hezbollah.


Currently, the maximum annual amount authorized by Italy for the national contingent employed in the mission is 1,076 military, 278 land vehicles and 6 air vehicles. Nationally, the operation is called “Leonte”, according to the official Unifil website in Italian.

From 7 August 2018, Italy has for the fourth time held the position of Head of Mission and Force Commander of UNIFIL with the Army Divisional General Stefano Del Col, under whom about 10,300 soldiers from 45 countries operate. The Brigadier General of the Army Andrea Di Stasio, from 27 July 2020 is in command of the West Sector of UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) and of the Italian Joint Task Force in Lebanon (JTF L-SW), mainly composed of military of the “Sassari” Brigade, stationed in Sardinia, at the second participation in the UNIFIL mission in the “Land of the cedars” after the six-month mandate of 2016. Below the link to details of the troops as shown on the official website.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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