Blockbuster: ‘Police auxilary/cadet/supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse murders two in Kenosha (arrest update)


VT: Our sources on the scene say that Kyle Rittenhouse was a police cadet brought in by the Kenosha Police to confront BLM demonstrators.  Videos show police coordinating and supporting them, and it was this police cooperation with total morons that led to the violence.  Arrest update:

Suspect arrested after 2 are killed at Kenosha protest

KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — Illinois police arrested a juvenile Wednesday after two people were shot to death in a possible vigilante attack during a protest in Kenosha over the police shooting of a Black man, Jacob Blake.

Commander Norman Johnson of the Antioch Police Department said the suspect — a young man whose name was not released because he is under 18 — was arrested on suspicion of first-degree intentional homicide. Police did not immediately release any other details.

Antioch is about 15 miles from Kenosha, which has seen three straight nights of unrest since Blake was wounded by police over the weekend.

Two people were killed Tuesday night in an attack carried out by a young white man who was caught on cellphone video opening fire in the middle of the street with a semi-automatic rifle.

“I just killed somebody,” he could be heard saying at one point during the shooting rampage that erupted just before midnight.

Sources say Rittenhouse, who is from the Chicago area town of Aurora (Aurora/Skokie), home to the Israeli police trainers deployed in Kenosha, Minneapolis and oddly tied to neo-Nazi militias. (yes but true)

Here, the Kenosha police are giving water to Rittenhouse, still armed with the weapon he just murdered 2 with:

Rittenhouse, an “auxiliary police officer” in Kenosha, along with other neo-nazi/supremacist militia members murdered two, according to witness accounts, and wounded one.

The video below shows police protecting him while protesters yell to police “He just shot someone.”  Police simply let him go.


He was aided by police who helped him leave the scene and was part of a group of up to 20 ad hoc “police auxiliaries” that have long worked with Kenosha police shaking down prostitutes and running the local methamphetamine franchise for the Gulf Cartel.



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  1. You have only the second shooting and no context. Making judgments without context as to what represents self defense….obviously doesn’t fit criminal law

  2. Here is a eugenics rant by the Kenosha sheriff who claims he didn’t recruit this kid or encourage him. This guy is as un-american as any I have seen suggesting “garbage people ” should be warehoused and locked up for life for property crimes.
    WATCH: Kenosha Sheriff Rants About “Warehousing” Black People

  3. Marx and Engels were racists proposing destruction of “unhistorical peoples and nations” – Slavs, Greeks, Romanians… Do you think that atheists Mussolini and Hitler could have come up with all that by themselves? Mussolini was a socialist all his life, Hitler also…

  4. When we absorb a massive quality force out of the populace into active duty military for decades and decades, it leaves the populace without quality force for law enforcement.
    This and intentional recidivism , by local groups who raise kids like this to be loyalists to the status quo , we get entrenched groups in police, without enough solid members to guide it with ethics and principles. They become self protecting and authoritarian. Top this off with corporate politics, and this is what we have. Now, it is very simple, No Justice, No Peace. An issue that has been ignored gets worse with time.

  5. Totally agree about Kenosha, Mike. I lived in Racine, just up the road, back in the 70s where I taught in a Junior High School that was about 80% black. No problems then, but things might have changed once the Republicans took over the state under Scott Walker. You’ve always had your neo-Nazi contingent up in New Berlin, but now they seems to have become much more active under Trump.

  6. The Trumpsters who frequent the VT comments section just can’t get it through their heads that once again Trump is conning them into believing that a race war is imminent and the only one who can save us is Trump and his private militia who he’s just sent to Kenosha to be the agents provocateurs who will turn a bad situation worse, just like they did in Minneapolis and Portland.

    It’s convention time, folks, and each night this week is a new Nuremberg-type rally extravaganza designed to con the base into voting for him again in November. And if that doesn’t work there will be a new ‘Reichstag fire” that he will use to justify declaring martial law and suspending the Constitution, just like in 1933!

  7. Hey Hamburger,he had already shot someone in the head and killed him before the chase scene. He had put up his arms yelled “I killed somebody” too, before the chase scene where two morepeople were shot by him. I don’t know why he shot someone in the head but apparently he did so. Looks like had “done his job” was welcomed back to the police lines.

  8. Yes too much conjecture in the article, we don’t know about him being a white supremecist, or is Israeli trained or in a militia.
    But appreciate the videos and research into him being part of blue lives matter, plus police cadet who should never of been there.
    Those he murdered next to Jesus now, Satanists will put up statues with him caressing his AR15
    (Sorry more conjecture!)

    • he was videod with a white supremacist militia. you know, you do enough hitler crap, wear a nazi arm band and pretty soon people will question both your sanity and politics

  9. What I see is, the uneducated yelling ‘protect the businesses” and the people who are tired of militarized thugs yelling “protect our lives”.
    I shouldn’t say it, but,… opportunities abound for insurance claims during a declared riot and during a pandemic that put it in the red. keep that in mind as well.
    This punk would have grown up to be a cop that brutalizes people and would be on the take before his first day.

    • blondmelon: actually, looking at that photo, my take away is that Mr. Rittenhouse was probably picked on and bullied in school (by the same types who became cops, and who he’s desperate to impress), and now he wishes to be a “man” with a gun and a badge, so he can demonstrate how worthy he is.

    • Dude, (s)he appears to have some make ups on in that picture, my first impression was that this is a female officer but what do I know. With all this evidence against him he ought to be thrown in the juvi-pen for a long time

  10. Some vigilante attack. He was running for his life. A rioter coldcocked a 71 year-old man trying to protect his business. Chasing after someone with an assault rifle is asking for trouble. Go the other way.

  11. You are in for a big surprise buddy boy!why do you post here? Do you actually believe that liberals and leftists dont own guns as well? All that’s missing from your post is a mention of George Soros…..
    Were you concerned when wall street looted America or just mad when black kids loot a foot locker?

  12. Didn’t we just know that it would be an agent provocateur inciting more violence in Kenosha, just like with the “umbrella man” in Minneapolis? That dude was finally identified as a right-wing extremist and was never arrested or even detained by the police. I’m sure the Trumpsters in the Republican Convention must be eating this stuff up and standing behind their “law and order” president. Maybe this will be the “national emergency” he can latch onto to declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, and cancel the election.

  13. I don’t believe in white supremacists but, at the same time, I believe that people have a right to protect businesses from being burned down and the law gives them the right to protect themselves too. The man who was shot in the arm had a pistol. What did he expect when he was out to burn down businesses and then confronts a man who has a right to protect himself? The majority of the people who viewed the shooting video are with the shooter who was protecting the business. Whether he was a “white supremacist” or not, that shouldn’t matter. The man who he shot was white. The Constitution gives ALL humans a right to defend themselves.

    Most Americans are sick of the violence by the Police but, are also sick of the lootings, burning of buildings, and other forms of vandalism.

    At this point, it appears that some of the Police are intentionally trying to start a race war.

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