Pentagon/Esper: ‘VT was right, Beirut May be an Attack…we made a mistake’

Everything VT said from moment one was totally correct and it is time to accept the truth, which even the US government has, albeit temporarily


Facebook-YouTube-Google removed all references to an attack on Beirut based on Esper’s statement, now admittedly false.  Will they now restore the videos and the accounts they terminated?  Will they apologize and compensate the victims?

Will they apologize to President Trump?

VT: Trump chastised Esper for running his mouth on Beirut.  Trump was informed of the explosion within minutes.  The US had, for some unknown reason, 3 surveillance planes close off shore who observed Israeli aircraft, both F 15E and F 16 over the site prior to and during the explosion.  Much more evidence is coming in from Beirut.

Washington (CNN) Defense Secretary Mark Esper is downplaying any differences he had with the White House’s assessment as to what caused the deadly explosion in Beirut after his speculation that the blast was likely the result of an accident drew push back from the White House.

“The bottom line is we still don’t know” what caused the explosion, Esper told Fox News in an interview that aired this weekend.

“On the first day, as President Trump rightly said, we thought it might have been an attack, some of us speculated it could have been, for example, a Hezbollah arms shipment that blew up, maybe a Hezbollah bomb making facility, who knows?” Esper said, adding that the media was trying to stoke division between himself and President Donald Trump.


Despite his comments that some were speculating that the explosion may have involved an attack, several defense officials told CNN on Tuesday the US military did not have any information pointing to an attack, an assessment echoed by Esper on Wednesday when he said most believed it to be an accident.

“Yesterday I commented that it was looking more like an accident and it’s regrettable that some in the media … are trying to draw divisions within the administration between maybe me and the President and others, it’s simply not true,” he said.

Esper told the Aspen Security Forum on Wednesday that the US was “still getting information on what happened. Most believe that it was an accident as reported and beyond that I have nothing further to report on that. It’s obviously a tragedy.”

Hours after Esper said “most believe” that that the Beirut explosion “was an accident,” Trump appeared to cast doubt on the plausibility of it being an accident at a White House news conference, saying, “How can you say accident?” while also saying, “Right now you have some people who think it was an attack and some people that think it wasn’t.”

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows went even further when asked about Esper’s assessment that the explosion was likely an accident, saying: “From Secretary Esper’s standpoint, he doesn’t know.”

On Tuesday, Trump said that he had spoken to some of “our generals” and that they had assessed the explosion to be a bombing attack.

The explosion in Beirut left at least 158 people dead with dozens missing. More than 6,000 people were injured in the incident.


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  1. Thing about Espers statement he went on to o say that it could of been an attack by Hezbollah or stockpile of Hezbollah weapons going off. He never implied an Israeli attack or got close to it.

    It is sickening Israel nukes a city and gets away with it because the lies so thick it’s hard for average Joe to see through them all.

    • Especially after Benny Gantz says five days before the strike that he will do a major infrastructure attack if Hezbollah retaliates for its person killed in the Israeli airstrike in Syria. But Israel news had already reported that the hapless four amateur throwaway team trying to infiltrate Israel well lit up with their night scopes got blown away with a shoulder fired missile. They were walking through open ground like they were on a nature walk. And it appears when they heard the missile noise incoming they remained bunched up as a group rather then getting down.

  2. The big indicator that VT pointed to that it was not a chemical explosion is the massive hole in the rock that was evident after the blast.

    • About that crater, according to Wikipedia, “the explosion destroyed a section of shoreline and left a crater roughly 124 m (407 ft) in diameter and 43 m (141 ft) in depth.” According to the Washington Post, “a crater more than 15 yards deep.” Can’t the MSM at least get their story straight about the actual depth of this crater? In any case, such a crater, blasted into solid rock and concrete, must have required some type of bunker-buster bomb, not the mythical pile of fertilizer.

  3. I watch all of this destruction via military attacks on several countries in the middle east and the question of who benefits from it all is usually answered by pointing the finger at israel. Of course, israel invariably acts via deception and often uses someone else’s military (e.g. US) to perform the actual attacks. But it appears they are usually involved.

    I suspect that in israel’s interest in becoming a recognized country, it has never dawned on their immature and violence ridden heads that they have to stop acting like angry teenagers and start actually contributing to society instead of destroying society. Oh, but wait… they can’t do that – they have far too many of their own crimes to cover up. Aw, gee, can anyone ever forgive them?

    Is israel’s criminal actions against others simply a tribal problem, or is it a human problem? How will humanity survive and thrive when one tribe of humans is determined to destroy all the rest? I am not a violence oriented guy, but I keep wondering how one stops ‘the great destroyers’ from destroying all life on earth. Does Tel Aviv have to be nuked? Since israel does not recognize any international laws, must it be simply destroyed? I don’t want anyone destroyed, but how does one stop the violent enemy of all mankind? Any ideas?

    • Good question.

      It is the question that Christopher Bollyn has posed and asked in his uncovering of 911, the question simply put, “When will Israel be stopped in this abuse of power?”

    • We got our videos long before CNN had anything. I am suggesting Voltairenet has, again, been gotten to, if what you are saying is in there.

  4. It was an attack with the same weapon (likely a mini nuke) used on Syria early this year. The blast was identical.

    • Can you tell me something about this new weapon used on Syria last year? I have seen photos of it and the explosions are identical. What was the weapon used on? A target? Or was it just dropped on some empty plain as a test? Thanks!

  5. Gordon, I’m wondering if the actual bomb deployed was a Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power delivered from one of those planes?

  6. In a time when surveillance can tell the time of day from a wrist watch on earth to a satellite far above us people like Esper should be ran out of Washington for absolute incompetence. If the freaking thing had hit Washington Square he would be able to tell us not only the model of the missile, the plane that carried it and more than likely the name of the pilot. And he doesn’t know what hit Beirut. All very exasperating Mr. Esper. The word Esper Iunderstand means “A person who practices the development of psychic ability.” Surely on that case alone you’d have the facts at your fingertips by now. But no. And to be reassured the synonyms for “esper” include telepath, clairvoyant, diviner, medium and psychic but Esper’s grasp of facts and ability to establish them is non-existent or so he would have us believe. Maybe the name Esper is a shortened form of the word ‘espier’ meaning one who espies, or watches like a spy. Add to his so-called personal attributes all his intel agencies and this so-called Secretary of Defense cannot tell us something known to even the dogs in the streets of Tokyo or some remote hamlet in Outer Mongolia. The man is a clearly a stooge for some entity other than one that serves the American people. Not another Zionist stooge, surely to f@&%!

  7. Condolences to ALL those who have suffered in Lebanon.

    To put this succinctly, the Home Guard of Lebanon, the Dads Army of the Shia, have annoyed the Israelis so much, that the Israelis have carried out this evil and wicked act, using nefarious techniques of ‘front companies’ to create a scenario for a ‘cover story’, to enable a missile attack, creating a dust/smoke cloud, that looks like a nuclear bomb…

    WHO in their right minds in Israel, thought this to be a good idea?

    This EVIL act, is an act of desperation, by Israel. It shows how weak Israel really is…

    VT have done a great job in exposing this. I hope that they write a book about it, because it needs to be written…

    • Hi, do we have any evidence that Israel is behind these front companies? This “Russian ship” story is falling apart. The ship was barely seaworthy and was not able to carry that fertilizer load. It had problems at sea and the load was impounded for some reason. However, the mysterious Russian captain who lives in Lebanon can apparently not be found.

      Also, the company in Mozambique that the fertilizer was to be shipped to does not even exist. It is dubious that the ship impounded that fertilizer for all those years because it costs a fortune to store anything in a huge warehouse like that. The ship and the captain are broke. There are other reports that there may have been some AN there, but over the years, the stash had been looted so badly by just about everyone that there was not much left.

      Also, the fertilizer was High AN which is just used as fertilizer. It is the Low AN that is used as an explosive. Also, I believe that the AN must be mixed with fuel oil to explode. If you drop a missile on it, it might catch fire and blow up like everything else does, but the fertilizer itself will not detonate. Also, the warehouse the AN was said to be stored in was labeled for regular products. It was not labeled for hazardous products. None of this makes sense at all.

      Also, when AN explodes, it produces a massive yellow cloud. You see any yellow cloud? The explosion itself was a brick red ball changing to a bright red cloud. This is characteristic of lithium. Lithium is used as part of rocket fuel. So the red explosion is consistent with a missile depot blowing up. Considering that we do not see any yellow cloud at all, it is dubious if any of that AN actually detonated at all. Sure, it could have blow apart or whatever the same way the buildings, ships, grain, etc. did, but none of them detonated, and the AN probably did not either.

    • @ Erwachen,
      Bravo, sehr guter Kommentar von Ihnen. Man kann es nicht glauben was hier passiert ist. Es muss die wahrheit heraus kommen. Wir sind es dem Toten und verletzten schuldig!. Grüsse alle Aufrechten Amerikaner. Werner

  8. Check naserelkum@elkumnaser they had a video of a very similar explosion with the white copula and the waves that happened in Syria 7 month ago

  9. How many satellites and other means to observe do the USA have in that area, just next to Syria and they are saying that they don’t know. What a joke. Nobody seem to question their answer.

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