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Esper Recounts his Bumpy Yellow Brick Road with Mr. Trump

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper is now sharing the truth about what really happened during the Trump years.

NEO – India dumps Iran for US bear hug

While India’s deliberate move away from Iran has taken place against the backdrop of US sanctions on Iran, imposed in the wake of Trump’s decision to force-scrap the JCPOA, these moves are fundamentally rooted in a strategic consensus with the US over Iran.

Pentagon/Esper: ‘VT was right, Beirut May be an Attack…we made a...

Trump chastised Esper for running his mouth on Beirut. Trump was informed of the explosion within minutes. The US had, for some unknown reason, 3 surveillance planes close off short who observed Israeli aircraft, both F 15E and F 16 over the site prior to and during the explosion.

Current, former Pentagon brass concerned with Trump’s use of military in...

Jim W. Dean - His move now is to play the great savior of America by using the military to beat down the riots so he can claim that only he has the brains and power to protect America.

USS Roosevelt Blues: New Captain Ducks Controversy as Crew Waits for...

U.S. Navy officials say Captain Brett Crozier, the former commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, has recovered from coronavirus and is on his way back to the U.S.