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[ Editor’s Note: Trump is showing desperation to stop his sliding in the polls due to his coronavirus disaster. He is circling his wagons using a strategy he has used over and over, never admitting anything, never accepting any responsibility he does not want to, and remaining on the attack.

His move now is to play the great savior of America by using the military to beat down the riots so he can claim that only he has the brains and power to protect America. Of course he will air brush out his inflammatory statement that upped the rioting a notch, “When the looting starts, the shooting begins”, thus sayeth the King of Twitter.

Sputnik grabbed this story from Politico, and the military is in a pickle there. Both Esper and General Milley got sandbagged my Trump, thinking they were coming for a meeting, and then got bushwhacked into being walking props for Trump, as he walked them to the Layfayette Park Church.

They knew they had been hustled as they walked over. Smiley rolled over, not wanting to risk being fired by a President that loves to fire, but Smiley now has a bigger problem than Trump, which is loss of confidence in the command structure.

There are more than a handful of top brass that will object to being used politically by a president desperate to save himself from losing the election before he and the family face prosecution over their fraudulent business dealings, which could quickly begin collapsing once he is out of the oval office and can no longer order air strikes and assassinations.

The lower officer ranks of the military are not without tools to undermine any attempt by Trump to reduce them to being his political Gestapo. He has lit a fuse here which could derail his presidential prospect even more, as I suspect he is losing more of their votes as I type.

Americans, including the veteran community, will not watch Trump use the troops for headline grabbing pro-Trump propaganda without being heard from. We could even see demands for Milley to step down due to “loss of confidence”.

Of course there would be no shortage of those happy to replace General Milley, but then they would be exposed to getting the same treatment. Meanwhile the looting Gangstas will continue, as they are moving fast at night to hit where the cops aren’t … Jim W. Dean ]

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The National Guard is fully capable of handling looters as the big city police have a lot of reserves to call upon. These guys look they were on all night duty while the regular cops got some sleep. This is what is needs, both day and night forces.

 – First published … June 03, 2020

US President Donald Trump sparked criticism with his threats to deploy military forces in states that are unable to stop violent riots, erupting from protests over the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of the police.

Many Pentagon officials, both current and former, were appalled by US President Donald Trump’s alleged attempts to use the military for his political goals, Politico reported citing Department of Defence brass, some of whom chose to remain anonymous. His most recent decision to use the military to stop protests in the US was seen as such an attempt by some people in the Pentagon, according to the media outlet.

One anonymous senior Pentagon official, cited by the media outlet, shared that there was a “growing concern” in the Department of Defence that the course chosen by President Donald Trump will bring nothing good to the US military.

“Now you’ve injected the military into a moment in a political way. It just doesn’t seem right”, the DoD official, whose opinion was shared by several former colleagues interviewed by Politico, said.

Trump’s plan to quell the unrest using the military might turn into a disaster as American servicemen have never been trained in running such missions and hence are not prepared for them, Mick Mulroy, former deputy assistant secretary of defence, opined.

“The decision to use active military forces in crowd control in the United States should only be made as a last resort. Active Army and Marine Corps units are trained to fight our nation’s enemies, not their fellow Americans. American cities are not battlefields”, Mulroy said.

The situation around Trump’s threat to deploy the military was exacerbated by a report claiming that in a conversation with President Trump on the matter Defence Secretary Mark Esper referred to the US cities engulfed in protests as “battlespace”.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark A. Milley also received his share of criticism after appearing in his military fatigues alongside Trump and Esper as they walked for a scandalous photo-op at St. John’s Episcopal Church after police brutally removed protesters from nearby Lafayette Square.

Prior to this, Milley was appointed by Trump as a key person observing possible military deployments in US cities under the yet to be invoked Insurrection Act.

One anonymous defence official told Politico that there was a “significant level of consternation” in the Pentagon over how Milley’s appearance in military fatigues as police harshly dispersed the protesting crowd might send the wrong message and “muddle” the military’s reputation as being disconnected from politics.

“His predecessor did a much better job of staying out of the line of fire. Milley went right into the line of fire”, the official said. Some Pentagon brass reacted more harshly to Milley and Esper’s appearance in public and apparent acceptance of the roles bestowed upon them by Trump. James Miller, a Pentagon official and member of the Defence Science Board, left his post, while condemning Esper’s actions in his resignation letter.

“President Trump’s actions Monday night violated his oath to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed’, as well as the First Amendment ‘right of the people peaceably to assemble. You may not have been able to stop President Trump from directing this appalling use of force, but you could have chosen to oppose it. Instead, you visibly supported it”, Miller wrote addressing Secretary of Defence Mark Esper.

Some officials, however, defended Milley in interviews with Politico, calling him “a perpetual hype man”, who can become “the loudest, strongest, most extreme advocate” of a pitched idea. According to one anonymous official, sometimes such an attitude is an advantage for the military, but is quite the opposite in light of recent events.


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