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Martin Luther King against Critical Race Theory

We all know the real forces behind subversive movements like critical race theory. These forces have been trying to undermine the moral and political order since the beginning of time.

Breaking: City of Minneapolis reaches $27M settlement with George Floyd’s family

The city needs to exhibit responsible leadership in the face of the horrific tragedy that really was a watershed moment for America.

The Long, Painful History of Racial Unrest

With the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing civil unrest, historians, educators and the general public once again fixated on the “long hot summers” of the 1960s.

Starmer’s love affair with Zionism could prove fatal for British Labour...

Sir Keir Starmer's scalp has been dangling on the lodge-pole of the Board of Deputies since Day One of his leadership of the Labour Party

The invisible people who create visible wars and riots

The Israeli issue has never been really teased out of any discussion in the media because that would ruin the idea that Israelis are essentially friends of the United States.

US bankers stole $7 trillion during COVID-19 lockdown, destroyed small businesses

The mainstream media seems to be part of a propaganda operation that is trying to change the conversation right now from what really matters, which is that the most powerful banking cabal in the world — the people who essentially own and operate the government of the United States, the West and much of the world — just stole at least $7 trillion.

George Floyd Killing: Mafia Murder or Human Sacrifice? with E. Michael...

Whatever motivated the murder of George Floyd, it will be remembered as a classic human sacrifice myth.

Israel taught ‘knee-on-neck’ terror tactic to US police: Analyst

Israel has stepped in to train American police officers because they’re experts at creating an army of occupation to terrorize the local people.

My home town drops a knee for George Floyd

“To put your knee on a  man’s neck until he is dead is the same as putting a noose around his neck until he is dead, or to put him in a chokehold until he is dead...we’re back to lynching.” - Dennis Powell, president of the Berkshire NAACP.

Malcolm X Was Right, Islam Can Solve US Racism Problem

Islam can help the black community reform itself and become healthier, more disciplined, more productive, more capable of self-governance, and better able to win the battle against racism.

Current, former Pentagon brass concerned with Trump’s use of military in...

Jim W. Dean - His move now is to play the great savior of America by using the military to beat down the riots so he can claim that only he has the brains and power to protect America.

Words of Wisdom From President Jimmy Carter

Silence can be as deadly as violence

Protests against US police killing of George Floyd go global

Protesters across the world have staged rallies in solidarity with Americans against rampant police brutality and racial profiling, following the killing of unarmed George Floyd last week.