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[ Editor’s Note: It is not the City of Minneapolis that is paying out this money. It is all those that pay taxes in the city, making them indirect victims. These huge awards, way more than is needed to educate children and take care of wives and parents.

But that said, at a one third contingency fee, that would be $9 million for the family attorneys if they were hired with a contingency percentage. Cases like these are often a lotto winning, where they didn’t even have to buy a ticket.

I read recently about another case where $37 million was awarded, which brings up a discussion of will there ever be limits placed on personal injury cost, which pushed insurance coverage cost up on everybody else.

Will this case have any real impact on the age old problem of excessive force? I doubt it. The problem is systemic, and one that should be much less than it is.

Gordon was a third shift cop for a couple of years in grad school at Michigan State. He never pulled his gun out of the holster. He never handcuffed anyone he was arresting, and never put them in the back seat. They sat next to him up front.

His skill set was to treat them in a way to tamp down the stress on the person to the lowest possible, so he would not have to strangle anyone with his right hand while driving. This increased his safety of getting home with no incidents. The tactic chilled people out and worked like a charm. I don’t think they ever taught it at the police academy.

But of course you cannot do that with an armed felon. You have to be quicker than they are, which he was… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … March 12, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS — The city of Minneapolis has reached a $27 million settlement with George Floyd’s family just weeks before the trial is scheduled to begin for the former officer charged with murder in his death.

The City Council unanimously approved the settlement Friday after adding the matter to its agenda for a closed session. The settlement includes a $500,000 contribution from Floyd’s family to the community at the intersection of 38th and Chicago Avenue — now widely known as George Floyd Square.

Benjamin Crump and other attorneys representing Floyd’s family members are scheduled to hold a news conference Friday afternoon where they will be joined by Mayor Jacob Frey and City Council members.

Asked whether he would make an announcement about a settlement, Crump said, “all things are possible.”

“The city needs to exhibit responsible leadership in the face of the horrific tragedy that really was a watershed moment for America,” Crump said in an interview Friday.

In a statement Friday, one of Floyd’s sisters, Bridgett Floyd, said: “On behalf of all of my family members, I am pleased that this part of our tragic journey to justice for my brother George is resolved.”

She said that while she was unable to be with her family for the official announcement of the settlement they had reached with the city, she is with them in spirit.


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  1. A global outcry rose up from George Floyds death, and the number should send a message to other cities to start watching how much their cities pay out, time and time again for these needless acts of execution. Anthony Cano, the latest, in Chandler Arizona, shot twice in the back after being pursued for no headlight on his bicycle.
    Crump gets lots of calls, and he is not an ambulance chaser or slip and trip lawyer, he is a beacon for those who have no recourse. Compare to the “accident” attorneys who pulled guns on the protestors in the same city. Every city has those who profit off the victims, Crump is not in that category. Often financial punishment gets more done than legislators who cannot agree on anything, but their attention is quick when it comes to the budget. Especially when it does not benefit all the friends who enjoy extended contracts with the municipality.

    • People would do well to remember, we are a government by the people, so the people bear the brunt if ruthless gangs of thugs are hired to torment and harass and sometimes murder the people. The memo is, Tone down the Authoritarian draconian law enforcement, which makes more money at traffic court and seized drug money traps, than anyone cares to talk about.
      Police are not supposed to be cashiers and hit men. Police chiefs should be elected and have full power over policies.

  2. I would feel a lot better if the settlement was put to Minneapolis voters in November (it’s pretty obvious the 27 million dollar settlement would be crushingly defeated in a referendum)> The Minneapolis city council has no skin in the game.

  3. Happy it settled but property taxes in Minneapolis are very high. Many struggling. Especially, seniors on fixed incomes. Chicago/38th Street area is now a “no go zone.” Many murders have occurred in the immediate vicinity in the since Floyd’s death on Memorial Day 2020. It’s too dangerous to be around there.

    When the Minneapolis city counsel publicly came out in support of “defund the police”- that was a dog whistle for criminals in Minneapolis who took as as a directive to “Do what thy will.” Crime simply exploded as Minneapolis became a “open city” for criminality. The Gov and the mayor’s multi-day stand down was a disaster. Trump gave the then head of the MN national guard – surprise surprise — a huge national promotion after the riots.

    27 million is more money than the average Minneapolis resident will make in the next 270-400 years!
    Some of the money will be paid by the city’s insurance but they keep that quiet. I highly doubt a local jury would award 27 million. I think a cool million or two would be appropriate. None of the city council, the mayor, city employees or the police will have to chip in. It’s other people’s money. Classic no skin in the game result.

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