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Russian Federation Ministry of Defence: Statement by Chief of Nuclear,...

The Russian Federation has repeatedly drawn attention to the biological programmes implemented by the United States Pentagon in the post-Soviet area.

Stonewalling America’s Firefighters everywhere about toxic foam exposure?

“There were some incidents where we sprayed foam out for fire prevention visits, and young kids played in it because they thought it was cool, it looked like snow,” he says. Now retired, Ferrara says he unquestioningly believed leadership—during his training and deployments—when they compared that firefighting foam to “soap and water.”

DoD: Convalescent Plasma Collection Program Seeks 10,000 Units of Blood

Madigan collects CCP in fight against COVID-19 by Kristin Grace Simmons/Military Health System The COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma (CCP) Collection Program is a Department of Defense effort...

Current, former Pentagon brass concerned with Trump’s use of military in...

Jim W. Dean - His move now is to play the great savior of America by using the military to beat down the riots so he can claim that only he has the brains and power to protect America.

Release: President Trump Urged to Create DoD-DoJ Task Force on Financial...

Robert Steele, long the champion of 9/11 and Epstein-pedophilia truth, has taken on the long-standing problem of naked short selling and money laundering by Wall Street, with the protection of the US Government.