Esper Recounts his Bumpy Yellow Brick Road with Mr. Trump

Mark Esper enters stage left to sell his book just before the Jan 6 public hearings begin in June, which will swallow up public and media attention


Why Defense Secretary Esper Didn’t Sound the Alarm on Trump Sooner

…from MSNBC 

[ Editor’s Note: I had not paid much attention to this story initially, viewing it as another Trumpster gang member trying to rehabilitate himself and make some money on his book, publishing it at the right time when things were quieter, like before January 6 public hearings began.

But I had also known from the earlier General Milley stories about dealing with an off the rails, fly by wire Trump, that like Milley, Esper had to suck it up and not resign, as Trump might put a crazy Trumper Koolaid guy in as a replacement.

It was Steven Miller who probed Esper about sending a quarter million troops to the southern United States border. Miller was of course totally clueless as to Esper not being a magician that could move huge numbers of troops on short notice from many locations to deploy them “at the border,” which would require a huge logistics effort.

Given the huge expense to deploy them, what exactly would they be doing there? Miller had no plan, a typical grifter, who enjoys having the power to give orders, but has no clue about how irrational they were… Jim W. Dean ]

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First Aired May 9, 2022

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper is now sharing the truth about what really happened during the Trump years—and just how dangerous the ex-president was to American democracy.


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  1. Why even dignify the existence of this weasel? The position of Secretary of War/Defense was created so the POTUS would have a tool to carry out illegal wars without being directly fingered. Even Stimson under FDR was a war monger who advocated for total victory regardless of the cost. It would have been interesting to see how FDR explained Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the public by fireside chat: “The next sound you hear will be the firestorm over Japan. With God on our side, we have avenged the Day of Infamy.”

  2. Is there really any difference in the last 7 presidents? Or the CONgress, for the last 100 years? We’ve been in dire straits for quite some time, but they have been pretty successful at bamboozling the sheep into believing there really is a choice. That is perhaps their greatest achievement. There has been no choice at all since JFK. They learned their lesson there, no more accidental elections. I have often wondered where we would be, the US and the world, if Tricky had won the ’60 election instead of JFK, as they had planned. If they aren’t engineering an election through giving us no real choice, they are doing it through manipulation of results. Either way they retain control. Seems the Reagan admin began the fast downhill slide with their military adventurism, political crimes and violation of constitutional protections. Pretty funny when you consider that he ran on law & order and patriotism. But then, 90% of the time, one can guess the real direction an admin is going to take by merely expecting to the opposite of what they claim. Reminds me of an old Addams Family episode where they vote for the guy who is against everything they want, on the premise that all politicians lie and do the opposite of what they claim…and this was 1964.

    • Nailed it!
      The Left VS Right construct is a fraudulent zietgiest. Some websites will delete your posts and ban you for saying it.

  3. “and just how dangerous the ex-president was to American democracy.” Vt has some bias with Trump, for long but naming him the dangerous taking in account the Biden medling in the russian corrective over ukranian Nazi´s, only show´s that bias.

  4. Mark T. Esper – The Council on Foreign Relation

    FYI: Hardly one person in 1000 ever heard of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Until Trump both Republicans and Democrats controlled by the Eastern Establishment.

    Historically they did not care who one the election since they controlled both parties(Rinos) from the top.

    The CFR has only 3000 members yet they control over three-quarters of the nation’s wealth. The CFR runs the State Department and the CIA. The CFR has placed 100 CFR members in every Presidential Administration and cabinet since Woodrow Wilson. They work together to misinform the President to act in the best interest of the CFR not the best interest of the American People. At least five Presidents (Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Bush, and Clinton) have been members of the CFR. The CFR has packed every Supreme court with CFR insiders.

    • Footnote: Update: Here is what the MSMedia has not told you:

      The CFR Group on the Biden Team
      Kamala Harris, Vice President (CFR through family; Harvard; DLA Piper; Uber through family)

      Antony Blinken, Secretary of State (CFR member; Harvard and Columbia; WestExec)

      Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury (CFR member; Yale and Harvard; Brookings)

      Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense (CFR member; WestExec; Raytheon)

      Linda Thomas-Greenfield, UN Ambassador (CFR member; Albright Stonebridge)

      Cecilia Rouse, Council of Economic Advisors (CFR director; Princeton; Rowe Price)

      Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security (CFR member; Wilmer Hale)

      Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor (CFR author; Yale and Oxford; Carnegie)

      Ron Klain, Chief of Staff (CFR through family; Harvard; O’Melveny and Meyers)

      John Kerry, Special Envoy for Climate (CFR member; Yale)

      Susan Rice, Chief of Domestic Council (CFR member; Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford)

      William J. Burns, Director of Central Intelligence (CFR member; Oxford; Carnegie)

      Kurt M. Campbell, Indo-Pacific Tsar (CFR member; Harvard and Oxford; Asia Group)

      Thomas Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture (CFR member; Dairy Export Council)

      Gina Raimondo, Secretary of Commerce (CFR member; Oxford; Point Judith Capital)

      Eric S. Lander, Director of Office of Science and Technology (CFR member; Harvard)

      Jeffery Zients, Counselor to the President (CFR member; Cranemere)

  5. Lol … Trump the queen of imposing “crushing” sanctions on Iran to lick the balls of his Likud bosses has always been coming short of few brain cells:

    “Top negotiator in Vienna talks: Sanctioned countries seek Iran’s ‘sanctions nullifying knowledge’”

    Hey mango retard your miserable sanctions are so crushing that Iran is making beaujolais nouveau all day long … and everyone wants some !

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