Israel: Nuke bombing of Beirut Retaliation against Hezbollah Attack on Golan


This was published 5 days ago as a warning.  Today’s attack, confirmed, is Israel protected by Trump teaching helpless Lebanon a lesson.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday instructed the IDF to bomb Lebanese infrastructure if Hezbollah harms IDF soldiers or Israeli civilians.

A senior defense official told Yisrael Hayom that Gantz issued the order to prepare such a response during meetings on Thursday with IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi and other members of the general staff.

Tensions have rapidly escalated between Israel and the terrorist organization since the death of Hezbollah terrorist Ali Kamel Mohsen Jawad, along with two other terrorists, during an airstrike on Damascus International Airport earlier this month.

Hezbollah has vowed revenge for Jawad’s death, leading the IDF to move reinforcements to the northern border in preparation for an attack by the Shiite terror organization.

In Thursday’s meetings, Kochavi presented the IDF’s position on the matter, saying Israel must hold Hezbollah and the Lebanese government responsible for any future attack and its consequences.

According to the defense official, Israel didn’t kill the Hezbollah terrorists who attempted to carry out an attack in the Har Dov area on Monday, and didn’t release footage of the incident, in order to give the terror group a chance to save face and de-escalate the situation, but that Hezbollah was not taking the opportunity.

“If [Hezbollah] tries perpetrating another attack, we will see an unusual response from the IDF against [the organization] and the country of Lebanon,” the official said.

Following the Second Lebanon War in 2006 – in which Israel did not destroy government infrastructure – Israel has emphasized that it will also target Lebanon in any future conflict with Hezbollah. And while this threat has only generally applied to a broad conflict with Hezbollah, Thursday’s order marked the first time Israel has officially declared it will harm Lebanon even in response to an isolated tactical attack.

In recent years Israel has tried implementing this deterrence strategy in other sectors as well. Throughout the Syrian civil war, Syrian infrastructure was hit every time a terrorist attack emanated from Syrian territory. In Gaza, too, Israel targets Hamas when terrorist attacks are carried out by other groups.

Now, for the first time, Israel is applying this deterrence policy to Lebanon. This is a dramatic policy shift because in previous rounds of fighting between the IDF and Hezbollah, Israel has avoided bombing Lebanese infrastructure.

Although the current Lebanese government is extremely weak and is effectively controlled by Hezbollah, the expectation in Israel is that the coronavirus pandemic and country’s dire economic straits – combined with the fear that an Israeli offensive would be devastating – will provide the impetus for heavy pressure on Hezbollah to call off another attack.

IDF officials on Thursday assessed that Hezbollah is determined to carry out a successful attack, but one that incurs a minimal risk of an escalation.

“The coming days will be critical,” a senior IDF official said. “The IDF is on high alert for an attack” and ready to execute a harsh response.


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  1. I object to Hezbollah people described as “terrorists”; they are not terrorists because they have a legal right to be there as legitimate resistance fighters helping the legitimate government. It is the Israelis who are the terrorists as well as the others who have no right to be in Syria.

  2. how bloody cool would it be, if this were the catalyst for all out war with pisrael….? no one wants/likes this…but it is inevitable.. the healing cannot begin till the tumor has been removed !
    all arabs against the jew.
    then the balance could all go live with the author of the ‘balfour declaration’ in england !

    • No, I’m talking about the scintillations seen in the May (I think) 2015 videos of the Yemen bomb that yourself attributed to radiation signature of a nuclear device. Maybe a neutron bomb as you suggested…

  3. Nuke ? Why the videos don’t show sparks induced by radiations hitting the camera captor CCD pixel captors ?

  4. VT (cira 2012)

    Dr. Busby: Right. Well, from what I just said, from what Emilio Della Guidice told me, this weapon is deuterium dissolved in uranium. OK. Now if that’s the case, you’re not going to get a hundred percent fusion. I mean I’d be surprised if you got more than five percent fusion. And it could well be that you could regulate the level of fusion by regulating the gamma radioactivity of the uranium. So if you put more U235 into the mix, you might be able to increase the electron density and therefore, because of the ionization of the U235 is much more radioactive than U238, and then you might be able to regulate the percentage of the material that went to cold fusion. But I would be extremely surprised if the percentage of fusion was very high at all. So the wastage, of course, would lead to all that deuterium being released in the explosion as deuterium, not having been turned into anything else… like tritium and so forth and would be able to be there in the ground, see, and hence the deuterium.

    Dr. Busby: Well, there you are. You have all those three ingredients, don’t you? The tritium, the deuterium and the uranium – yes, that’s all you need. It seems quite a plausible hypothesis.

    Jim Fetzer: It does indeed and I just want to clear, Chris, about the ingredients. You have the deuterium that is a solution of uranium, or depleted uranium, powder that is diluted with deuterium, and then all you have to do is project it or impose some pressure upon it to cause it to…

    Dr. Busby: That’s right. That’s how it works.

    • This isn’t reading right. We have some nuke primers up. It’s about chain reactions, even in fusion, fission first, fusion second and depleted uranium powder can make a bomb but it takes tons.

  5. Looks like the pretenders didn’t use all those “suitcase” tactical nukes at Fuckupshima Daiaichi power plant. When Mossad was on site placing “cameras.”

    • Is there a source for that other than “Jim Stone” (whose reliability is highly questionable)?

  6. We can only hope that this will finally blow the lid of these skunks’ “poor little Israel” bs, and a world wide boycott is the result.

    It is also time that the scarity cat communities who are so afraid of being called names like ‘anti semite” finally pulls their pants back up and accept that being anti Israel has nothing to do with being anti jews.

    Israel stopped being a true Jewish nation about twenty minutes after the Balfour declaration was issued. It’s history is drenched in blood of innocent people who lived in the area centuries before the “terrorist Jews’ started to fill the area with Jews, who were in retrospect, about as stupid as Trump followers, but at least full of hope (let’s pray that that at least is true).

    Many of them who went in the 50s were people hidden and saved due to efforts of my Grandfather and my Mother, both underground resistance people in the second world war.

    My mother would no longer talk about Israel before she died at 95, but just shake her head and make an ugly face.

    For those who still haven’t recognized the true face of Israel, are you finally effing awake?!

    • So true Jim Allen. I am just so scared for Damascus as my family is from both Beirut and Damascus……very close cities throughout my childhood.

      I wish Israel would leave the Middle East. There is just no reason for it to be there.

  7. I was born in Beirut and this city has seen it all through the years. But this. My God, please not this. Beirut looks like the end of the world.

    In reality, this is the beginning of the END OF THE WORLD.

    Israel. WTF is wrong with you?

    • Thank you Adrian. Israel has been wrong for over a century, I know. Not sure why I thought that nation of Khazarian scum would do anything right.

  8. Who wrote this? “the Shiite terrorist group”, “Syrian infrastructure was hit every time a terrorist attack emanated from Syrian territory. In Gaza, too, Israel targets Hamas when terrorist attacks are carried out by other group.”…this was written from an Israeli point of view. They are the terrorists, and land grabbers, from the West Bank to the Golan.

  9. Review the +80 VT articles on Nuclear Education >

    this has all the hallmarks of the “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” terrorism

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