Blockbuster: New irrefutable proof Lebanon was attacked by Israel, Google and Facebook (new update/English translation)

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If there had been fertilizer in the warehouse, the Israeli jets wouldn’t have needed to attack once they started the fire.  They would have gotten far away.  Israel, as we can see, they dropped a bomb on an empty warehouse with a 6 kiloton bang.  Watch it now, in this Tweet, then again frame by frame to see the planes and hear attack, just like the hundreds did in Beirut now being silenced by Facebook and Google on behalf of their attackers.

At 1:12 the planes dive in, you hear them buzz close by, terrifying those taking the video.  At 1:53 one of them pulls up after releasing the weapon and turns off into the cloud.

Stills below but catch it yourself as well.

And, the last thing you see is a nuclear attack.  Here is another view.

VT: Since the Israeli nuclear attack on Beirut, a ban has been put on the hundreds of videos Lebanese civilians took of the F 16s we now know dropped the tactical nuke on the port of Beirut.  Watch CC tv of pedestrians pointing at the planes, further down you can see the whole attack, get the entire experience, sound, see the planes and enjoy the devastating explosion so many treat as a joke but that devastated Lebanon.

[ Editor’s Note: We need a translation of the Arabic conversation as more evidence. It is very important. Please post in the comments please, or let me know you can do it and I will email you directly.  We need a translation to parallel the video action. VT has always been a team effort of our worldwide network of contributors, our readers and commenters.  Thank you… Jim W. Dean ]

Nuclear modified F 16 as used against Beirut This is how Israel modified F-16s for its unique needs

Were Israel to drop any other weapon, they would use the F15E rather than their fleet of specially modified F 16s which are their choice for nuclear delivery.

Videos are coming into VT now, that and witness statements.  In every case, they were removed from Facebook and Google’s YouTube while both organizations have, from the first moments, pushed conspiracy theories about fertilizer and fireworks.

We have evidence that both Sergei Brin of Google and Zuckerberg are operational assets at the highest level of a rogue CIA-Mossad operation to bring down both the Middle East and the United States.

The same folks who rig the elections now rig the wars as well.  Both banned VT over 5 years ago.  Try posting a VT link on Facebook.  Prove it to yourself.  Our story:

The couple who filmed and submitted this video are brave and lucky.  As the Israeli plane dives in, you can hear them point out the plane and she screams as the missile is released.  Video here and at the Twitter post below.

You can hear them, you can hear the plane and missile and watch them take alarm seconds before anything happened.

The Israeli F 16 you will hear is seen on the video at 1:53 to 1.54 but heard approaching at 1:12 and releases its missile at 1:21

The planes the ‘hasbara’ claimed were birds, now filmed from a rooftop, are F 16s, yes, they are birds, “Fighting Falcons, ” and very noisy ones.

We have some questions now. If we have fake missile videos, they had to have been created by a security agency, Israel for sure, with much of the work done in advance and a network of trolls putting them out.

Here is why I ask this, we have eyewitnesses now of a missile from an Israeli plane and, below, the sound of that plane and missile recorded from a Beirut rooftop. When Meissan said this was a new Israeli weapon, he may have been referring to a plane launched suicide drone type weapon or a hybrid glide bomb.

Same plane, different video (carefully coordinated fakes like claimed by Facebook and YouTube?

What we do hear at 1:21 is an F16 (single-engine/also seen and identified) enter a dive directly over the target, as heard easily from a rooftop in this audio masterpiece.

And then we had these witnesses as well from another location but with no media.

“My dear brother, I was in the church during the time of the explosion praying. The doors and windows were all closed. The number of parishioners was few, but the psalters sang loud. I first heard the sound of two small explosions after which the sound of a launching missile went off.

It was no more than three seconds after that that the ground began to shake and the explosive storm that ensued immediately after that ripped off the doors and the windows and tossed them within the church. Shattered glass was strewn all over the floor.

A huge missile had exposed nearby. According to my estimates, the explosion occurred about 5 kilometers from the church and my home.

We are all still experiencing shock over all of this and that fact that the explosion sent my already sick wife (whose situation has gotten worse) flying within our home with glass everywhere certainly didn’t help. “(original text in Greek below)

Christians in Beirut: We witnessed jets and a missile flying overhead just moments before the explosion

Comments wanted. We have more videos but there is no place we can host them safely thus far.

This video and the Russian (and Lebanese govt, which is in the wrong format), show a smaller missile, or a “glide bomb.”

These are piling up from half of Beirut, the ‘city of video fakers’ and fertilizer hoarders…

And watch a Russian video expert do his thing…


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  1. Maybe it is just coincidence, but 2015 Tianjin explosions, also happened on the 12th of August. There were many theories and speculations. One analyst, maybe VT, came to the conclusion that a nuke type of weapon was used. There was also talk of an attack and not and explosion of Ammonium nitrate or something similar. Also the Norwegian attack by Anders Behring Breivik was said to be a lorry load of fertilizer. It eventually was suspected that it was real explosives that were used. Mr Breivik was known to have visited Mossad a few months earlier. Rather a strange coincidence, I think. Another coincidence is that all three attacks were just before a Jewish happy holiday

  2. The several big pictures of an… ufo in the sky reveals it travels horizontally hence… not a falling object, hence… *not* a missile.

    The ufo travels in front of the smoke plume and in relation to the size of the smoke “buds”… that object is definitively *not* a fighter jet : too small and… too slow.

    So, what is it ? Do you see flapping wings ?

  3. Hello. I pointed out some of the images and info to a normie. They were sceptical and asked why it would be hidden. My thoughts were that Israel would be demonised in the eyes of the world and that the Lebanese people would be so angry that they would demand war with Israel. Is this a correct analysis? Or would or would they be frightened in to submission? And does this have any bearing on the UAE signing a treaty with Israel?

    • The Lebanese people can demand what they want, but the US funded military will do nothing but protect the government. Hezbollah is the only military force, and due to the geography must remain on the defensive, and underground, what allowed it to defeat Israel in the last war. That is why Hezbollah with Iran’s backing built a huge stockpile of missile as a retaliation threat, a political weapon as much as a military one. Who even remembers the Israeli leaders back then? Israel’s payback would be to destroy Lebanon infrastructure by bombing to make Lebanon’s people hate Hezbollah. It did not work in the last war. But this last event may have created that backlash, as you see both a missile factory fake story was put out, and the the fertilizer bomb making facility, ‘hidden’ in the city.

  4. I blame the USA congress, senate and the white house for this mass murder.

    Never will i vote for a republican or democrat again.

  5. As I recall, I saw in an article on VT providing evidence of a big radiation spike in the eastern Mediterranean at the time of the event in Beirut. Based on what what I have read on this site, if it was a minimal residual radiation weapon you would expect radiation to be minimized and for it to rapidly go down in the hours and days after the event. It is very doubtful that any independent people would or will be allowed to test for samples at the actual site and to publish their results. Debunking attempts so far have been clumsy and ineffectual.

  6. I’m trying to track the Doppler Shift of those aircraft but my sound system is not too good. The DS for the first aircraft may be almost simultaneous with the first explosion as I can’t hear it. The DS for the second is I think audible as the aircraft sound changes before the explosion. I’m not an expert but I assume they would be flying on similar flight paths, so this would this imply that the weapon release from the first aircraft was very close to the target whilst the second was released further out or had a delayed fuse. Anyone any thoughts?

    • We have begun a challenging outreach program to Lebanon for witnesses to the planes giving us their street crossing location, to see if a pattern develops, and if there are those who saw it, them, what their direction track was. If we can establish that we can track it backwards to get out of the city where people had longer views and we might find more visual witnesses.

  7. From the video and English translation from the couple viewing near the port, it appears there was a fire in the port area (before the two separate explosions) – that is the reason they were filming. Seems like they had no idea what would later transpire. For some of the other videos it may have been prompted by the noise from the jets flying at low altitude or from the noise/vibration from the first explosion. Just speculation on my part. The better question is how many videos are we not seeing do to the ubiquitous nature of high quality camera phones.

    • Up to 60 have been removed by YouTube and Facebook that we know of, all with planes, missiles and sound


    I hate to keep harping on about the likely nuclear fall-out but if – as seems quite apparent, a nuclear bomb was dropped on Beirut the number of deaths rise exponentially over time directly due to the blast – from cancer especially, and other crippling diseases. To ignore it is to condone it and give the perpetrators carte blanche to do it again ad nauseum. Russia did an official investigation, but will Putin pussy-foot around the slight and shrinking Bibi, denying everything of himself as the world’s premier Diplomat, to be a shirker when justice and action demand truth. Putin the pipsqueak? Once a pipsqueak could explode upon front lines – yes, it was a bomb but now the word describes anyone or anything small or insignificant. With that comparison in mind, will you allow Bibi take a nuclear explosion and have it dismissed contrary to the evidence of experts as raindrop in a bucket? Dismiss it from being lethal to harmless. So, President Putin, time to step up to the plate, time to add a little pique to that silent mystique of yours otherwise we see you as a cardboard figure to the evil Tel Aviv manipulator who keeps you in tow, in your place:
    “Deferential, glad to be of use,
    Politic, cautious, and meticulous;
    Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse;
    At times, indeed, almost ridiculous—
    Almost, at times, the Fool.”
    (TS Eliot: Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock)

    • Speaking of the Beruit , some been handicapped some been injured then some. Will never recover and right now nobody’s counting the deaf and other kinds of health losses, trauma etc , Israel punished them for disrespecting Israel.

    • It’s like the Israeli go *** Okay I’m here now and I like it and thank you for making it and then housesitting for centuries okay now shoo scoot go away you terribly poor scum and god personally told me that all this mine and I like it and thank your god for being obedient ***

    • US. Old bombs only used a fraction of their material in the explosion. Hiroshima was very inefficient and hence all the radiation left over. These newer and especially the mini-nukes have blast radiation that lasts about 72 hours. They were designed to be used for destruction but not long term poisoning so they could be occupied by advancing forces.

  9. This is an even better version of the al Arabiya stamped film taken by the 2 in the Apartment overlooking the site of the blast with their words translated. You can clearly see & hear how there was a primer at 1.14 in the film from a plane overhead causing the warehouse to have a little explosion & fire followed by the missile @ 1.51 when the entire place goes up, There is no doubt whatsoever about the planes passing overhead.
    Everything is crystal clear if you watch and listen to this.×720/IVCp1_PSFoeYHVsM.mp4?tag=13

  10. russians have all sort of evidences from their radars and from the ships they have in the zone, the question is…. WHY NOT GIVING TO THE PUBLIC THAT EVIDENCES?
    Perhaps they have same interests of americans or whoever know very well hoe the terrorist crime happened?
    This is what I think, at certain levels there are many way of behaving which are very different from what moral and ethic asks, in many occasions despite enemy Nato and Varsaw pact acted to cover the true reality, the same of what is happening now

    • If the Russians have the evidence, their S-400 system up in the hills behind Tartous has a range far beyond Beirut, that knowledge is power, blackmail power, the exercising of which we, the peasants, are unlikely to ever hear about.

      Public shaming may well not be in the interests of the knowledge holder.

  11. My apologies if someone has brought this up already, but I wanted to ask about the series of three colour inverted photographs showing the missile just before it hits. Everything is fairly consistent with respect to the static elements but the front end of the missile, which is all that is showing in the first photo, is at an obviously steeper angle than in the second and third photos. Pointing to about 5 o’clock in the first one, but closer to 4 o’clock or a 45-degree angle in the second two. How can something like that change so radically from one frame to the next assuming 30-frames per second?

    • Apparently the originals did not have those funny curved looking missle fuselages according to the guys who took the video. This discussed in comments section of earlier posts on VT and the names of those who took videos and put them up is even posted.
      So the fuselages being curved also means that angle of nosecone would be different too so will suspect some manipulations of videos after they were posted originally to make them appear faked.

    • Timothy, I know you can’t keep up with what goes on here, nobody can but they are colourized infrared.

      We did this, to an extent, to catch trolls and fakes like Baretzky and “Cyberpol.”

      It is impossible for a normal camera to do FLIR photos, Front Looking Infrared. Anyone who calls it ‘inverted’ is a fraud, insane or paid. So, look back to where you found this and we have a fraud and possible terror suspect.

  12. 1) Smoldering smoky fire everyone begins filming it with smartphones. Note no fire trucks or fireboats on scene after 20 minutes….

    2) 1:12 obvious approach of jet

    3) 1:20 jet drops conventional bomb onto smoldering fire. (Why? Is this supposed to be taken as the fireworks exploding by public?)

    4) 1:48 mini nuke goes off.

    Probably both a conventional bomb jet strike and then the large missle strike with mini nuke, 28 seconds later. All proceeded by an arson fire in the warehouse.

    • Just watched euronews here in Belarus, they show only about 5 seconds before he big blast, then the big blast in their cycling news feed on TV.
      So what people see is not the smoldering for 20 minutes warehouse fire, but the results of the conventional bomb strike at 1:20, which is huge plume of greyish smoke, and munitions or something going off in flashes of flame at base of warehouse…. this is the “fireworks” set up that they want people to believe happened.
      So will guess the reason for conventional bomb or missle strike at 1:20 is to establish a believable pre-event to the mini nuke blast that is a “resemblance”of some fireworks in warehouse exploding.
      Perhaps white phosphorus cluster bomblets dropped as well as conventional bomb or missle in that strike at 1:20

    • workable but making sure they were so low, first they wanted to be seen. They wanted to do this so overtly that when the government failed to act against Israel, it would fall.
      Secondly, maybe, they didn’t want to risk missing with a nuke that if it didn’t go off, they wouldn’t be able to recover it. If it didn’t go off, they had backup to destroy it with conventional weapons.
      We, thus far, have zero evidence of any fertilizer though it may have been there but it certainly would have exploded earlier or been blown up by someone else years ago. Beirut has been a combat zone for decades.

  13. Your comment has a hint of agitation. The video you question throws a bit more light onto who and how the explosion happened. No one here on VT, except you maybe, believes the official ‘cover story’ that is been rammed down our throats by the zionist dominated world wide mass media. Even blind freddy can see it was an attack. Even those who have an inkling about how the world is really run can see that this was indeed an attack. Nothing in the MSM makes sense to me. All the evidence points to cover-up and attack. Of course Israel is considered the main perpetrator here because of its history of aggression against Lebanon and Hezbollah. A fact overlooked is that Netenyahu even publicly admitted 5 days before the attack that Israel planned to attack Lebanon’s infrastructure should it feel the need too. This sort of arrogance towards a sovereign state would not be tolerated had the shoe been on the other foot. But Lebanon is weak, militarily and politically and so that makes them an easy target to bully and attack. As for why people are standing around videoing this? Simple. A good 20 minutes had elapsed between the first explosion until the second. It is only natural that people would be standing around filming this. Human nature. No one would have expected what happened except of course the ones who perpetrated the attack.

  14. Google censorship is US government restraint of speech. I am tired of the idea that some federal department or agency violates the First Amendment through entities of their creation and and under their control, protection, or funding while violating the rights of citizens are somehow immune because they are “rogue” or under a leadership that is somehow a disavowable sock puppet. I know of no basis for that immunity in any case law. The acts of censorship are merely the government actors committing the constitutional violations in ways that are unlawful by clearly established precedent. Just like with Epstein, once the government has notice of the conduct and continues to fund, give direction, or protection, the responsible government official is liable. And, the head of the law enforcement agency that failed to protect other citizens from the known conduct is also liable. Read Limone v. USA

  15. FAKE NEWS: That’s not the sound of a plane it’s just pressure releasing from the fire like massive roman candle fireworks going off and your alleged pic of a plane is not a plane you can clearly see in other videos it’s just birds going past but you posted a still pic so nobody can see their wings flapping.

    • Normally I would simply hit this as childish spam but it was too hilarious for us not to allow this Hasbara troll to burn himself down.

  16. Can a radiation signature indicate the source of the radioactive element used in an explosion? Can it be traced to its place of origin?

  17. was any radiation found? has israel nuclear weapons that don’t produce radiation? what if there were fertilizer in the warehouse but it was say wet and took several conventional explosive hits to ignite?

    • yes, modern tactical nuclear weapons are called MRR.This is where things were 40 plus years ago, they have advanced much more:

      .5.4 Minimum Residual Radiation (MRR or “Clean”) Designs

      It has been pointed out elsewhere in this FAQ that ordinary fission-fusion- fission bombs (nominally 50% fission yield) are so dirty that they merit consideration as radiological weapons. Simply using a non-fissile tamper to reduce the fission yield to 5% or so helps considerably, but certainly does not result in an especially clean weapon by itself. If minimization of fallout and other sources of residual radiation is desired then considerably more effort needs to be put into design.

      Minimum residual radiation designs are especially important for “peaceful nuclear explosions” (PNEs). If a nuclear explosive is to be useful for any civilian purpose, all sources of residual radiation must be reduced to the absolute lowest levels technologically possible. This means elimination neutron activation of bomb components, of materials outside the bomb, and reducing the fissile content to the smallest possible level. It may also be desirable to minimize the use of relatively hazardous materials like plutonium.

      The problems of minimizing fissile yield and eliminating neutron activation are the most important. Clearly any MRR, even a small one, must be primarily a fusion device. The “clean” devices tested in the fifties and early sixties were primarily high yield strategic three-stage systems. For most uses (even military ones) these weapons are not suitable. Developing smaller yields with a low fissile content requires considerable design sophistication – small light primaries so that the low yields still produce useful radiation fluxes and high-burnup secondary designs to give a good fusion output.

      Minimizing neutron activation form the abundant fusion neutrons is a serious problem since many materials inside and outside the bomb can produce hazardous activation products. The best way of avoiding this is too prevent the neutrons from getting far from the secondary. This requires using an efficient clean neutron absorber, i.e. boron-10. Ideally this should be incorporated directly into the fuel or as a lining of the fuel capsule to prevent activation of the tamper. Boron shielding of the bomb case, and the primary may be useful also.

      It may be feasible to eliminate the fissile spark plug of a MRR secondary by using a centrally located deuterium-tritium spark plug similar to the way ICF capsules are ignited. Fusion bombs unavoidably produce tritium as a by- product, which can be a nuisance in PNEs.

  18. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of people Lebanese officials or opposition need to be not to release all the available evidence of aggressors and culprits, while every pro et contra analyst in the world agrees on cui bono. Someone would pick it up and publish it, Presstv, Sputniknews, etc. Wth is wrong with Lebanese officials.

    • Yes not even RT, which has been doing well in the past. I wonder who scare them off? They will not even let us write our thoughts without censoring them. What a shame RT. I think Press TV should cover this as they know the truth.. but.. they’re scared like RT to loose their license abroad??

    • Yes Chask, this is a sad reality. To have any influence you have to remain in the game, or you get zeroed out.
      We understand that people, groups, have to pick their battles based on what is already on their plates, and what they feel are their odds of really accomplishing something, versus being shot down in flames to intimidate others.

  19. As we have always said and done with VT. Not matter what we have said and published, if new information comes in that conflicts we are not wedded to the earlier reports. This is standard policy (usually) in all the intel services as early material is all thrown into the funnel, and sorted, and then as new material evolves it is is used to test the earlier stuff. The jet audio on the new video is very convincing. It confirmed yesterday’s Greek Orthodox visual report. And we have now had time to do some still frame work which is above, showing the plane, of planes pulling up from their drops. We are not sure if both dropped bombs or one did and the other a missile. Then ending jet noises are either of the exiting first strike plane, of a blend of that and the 2nd plane coming in. We will be having this reviewed by others now, as it is still a work in progress. The huge anomaly now is countless people in Beirut had to hear and see these planes, and yet not a peep out of Beirut. And then we have the Beirut airport radar, what was it seeing during this? What’s up wid dat? But one thing that will be easy, if we can confirm a plane attack there is only one suspect. Guess who?

    • Jim,

      Great job that you are doing at VT.

      I noticed this in the above report;

      “Comments wanted. We have more videos but there is no place we can host them safely thus far.”

      Is BitChute worth a try, to get the videos posted?

    • The church report says they were 5 km away with windows and doors closed. Not sure how the witness was trained to discern a missile launching sound, I found that peculiar.
      The noise does sound just like an f-16, but the audio is muffled such that, a rapid succession of small explosions may come out like that. My other take is, if that is a jet, and it is that loud , it is close , then tons of people would have seen it. The amount of elevated glass facing the site, is quite peculiar and enormous.

    • Thanks Awakening, Gordon found Brand New Tube, so someone is smart enough to go after the material that others are shutting down. Thanks for the additional option. We will have more work now knowing the Intel agencies have a well greased machine for pulling material down.

  20. I have already pointed out in my previous comments of related articles that multiple people taking cellphone video footage asked themselves out loud, “what is that sound?”. I speak the language and I understand what they say. I also have a video footage given to me from other folks filming at a farther distance, and it shows something black color flying into the building. I have not seen it posted on this website yet. I can forward if interested.
    Now regarding the footage of the missile, I have also commented that you can not convert conventional camera frames into infrared. you need to have an infrared camera to capture it in infra. you do not need to be an expert to know that, but in any case speaking as a computer engineer and working in advanced tech, i know that very well. which leads me to think many of these videos may be doctored, but that does not rule out the “fact” that airplanes/missiles are involved. just be careful of what is real and what is fake on the net. even if social media took it down is no proof that it is genuine.

    • It may well rain piss at noon but claims of doctored videos without rational proof is a problem. Toward that end, we quickly recognized a combination of paid hasbara and simpletons who tried explaining how you could somehow ‘invert’ colors on a camera to show heat signatures.

      This is the level of troll we run into at VT. Anyone who commented on infrared video or embedded images got not just the axe here but got their name in the book as well.

      If you don’t think we have a book to put names in and those who want the book very very badly….ouch.

  21. Not easy to listen to them when you know what’s coming.

    Were the Israelis so sure of the reaction that we have now seen unfold that they risked doing it close in with an F-16 rather than a more invisible missile launched by it over the sea or a ballistic missile? So sure that anyone who perchance filmed it wouldn’t get it their record out?

    That all the parties involved would rather take a relatively small incident on the chin than expose it and potentially start WW3? Again.

    • Gordon, in previous nuke attacks the video CCDs had pixilated artifacts, ‘sparkles’ that were evidence of the atomic nature of the blast. I don’t see them here. Is this a different nature of device?

    • Some of the issue is that nukes can do anything based on their design. I don’t do this judgment, it comes from professionals. We had air bursts in Yemen two of those nukes pixeled like hell. We need an explanation and I suppose I should ask for one, as the question is reasonable.

  22. From the video it appears there was an initial fire (from an unknown origin), then the first blast just after 1:12 and then at the end of the video a second mega blast that blew back the people filming where the video then ends. Is that the same sequence others are seeing? Yes, you can clearly hear aircraft in the background that seem nearby.

  23. Please consider creating a channel and posting all you and your organization’s censored expose’s on Mike Adams’ uncensored free video channel Brighteon. I have been emailing links from VT to family and friends. Thank you. Another older Vietnam vet, Chuck

  24. Sorry I watched the youtube video first. 2:41 is related to that video as I have not watched the Twitter video yet.

    in the twitter video it was in fact at 1:21 (1:12 if you have good speakers)

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