Case Closed: Infrared Video Reveals Details of Israeli Nuclear Missile (6 missile videos/3 of them new)

    The video and stills are far better than any evidence accepted by the 9/11 Commission.


    By Gordon Duff

    Absurdity squared: YouTube and Facebook “Fact Checkers,” employed by the people VT claims staged the attack are wiping the evidence from the internet…who would have guessed it.

    6 videos showing an Israeli nuclear-tipped missile, from two separate infrared sources.  But long before any videos showed up on Twitter or Facebook, all being quick “fact check” banned, we had this frame of the same missile, same angle, proving all the videos which are strangely alike to be absolutely true.

    If 9/11 happened today, Facebook would ban the planes and insist the buildings were still standing.

    The original video frame that proves everything banned by YouTube and Facebook is real

    YouTube killed the video based on a complaint from the Israeli government.  However, we still have it on Twitter and you can see the missile come in.  However, below you can also see stills of exacting detail, showing enough of the missile itself to clearly identify it.

    Censorship of the video by YouTube is taken as evidence, not that the video is genuine, of course it is, you can’t fake infrared, but that Israel is terrified for the first time in a very long time.

    At 6 seconds into the 30-second video, the detailed outline of an Israeli nuclear missile is seen.  The video clearly shows the trajectory, the missile itself, and the impact.

    This is the proof that was being kept from you…

    The next frame knocked the camera down.

    Set 2

    Frame 1 Beirut
    Frame 2 Beirut (nose cone glowing white from heat, major proof of video authenticity)
    Frame 3 Beirut
    Thermal image of the nose cone, proof of authenticity
    The nose cone of the missile, hot from reentry as a thermal image (proof 2)
    The LORA at 33 feet, nuclear capable, sea launched, one possibility
    Or it might be a large, single stage MD620, which are still in use, but updated dozens of times with increased range and accuracy

    Case closed.


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    1. Syria sank with old russian tecnic one of these dolphins, best thing to do with, so Israel counted the remaining boats with corona style statistic until Merkel gave them two new ones, half price. The US Navy stopped another Israeli shot in the Mediterranean. That was 2013? Israel has its own site at Diego Garcia.

      And what about 9/11 at pentagon ? Might have been a SS-19 shipwreck, taken from the Kursk by a modified dolphin and controlled by the russian gear delivered by the Estonia ?

      And now Israel is applying its rockets ‘WITH’ in bright daylight at a capital .

      • Incapable of making peace, but only pieces, and craters of the heads of children, and on the moon, the primitives occupying Palestine are doomed

      • Lebanon should threaten to take Israel to the ICC over the holocaust of Beirut, then follow through on it. Put the spotlight on the vampires, they cannot stand the light.

    2. I guess that you must be Israel apologist troll and you could be a Tel Aviv Housewife paid for each misleading comments

    3. Condolences to ALL those who have suffered in Lebanon.

      THE TRUTH, that has been uncovered by VT, WILL IMHO, be a turning point…

      Henry Kissinger: “In 10 Years, There Will Be No More Israel”

      Henry Kissinger: “In 10 Years, There Will Be No More Israel”
      October 24, 2012/by News Editor
      By Alexander Maistrovoy

      “Henry Kissinger’s recent statement, that in 10 years Israel will cease to exist, borders on senile. Although one of his staff members denied it, Cindy Adams from New York Post insisted: “Reported to me, Henry Kissinger has stated — and I quote the statement word for word: ‘In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.’”

      Kissinger is a controversial figure. He can hardly be suspected of excessive sympathy for Israel. He perhaps, inclines to the “syndrome of self-hatred” so fashionable nowadays in the Jewish elite. At the same time, Kissinger is not an exalted pop-diva, cheap populist or rebellious professor. He is an experienced, prudent politician who takes responsibility for his utterance.

      What drove him to such a dramatic conclusion? Is there a real and grave threat to Israel?”

      WHO in their right minds in Israel, thought this to be a good idea?

      This EVIL act, is an act of desperation, by Israel. It shows how weak Israel really is…

    4. I am NOT surprised by these events, BUT I am SHOCKED that the confirmed Israeli missile strike, was even planned…

      WHO in their right minds in Israel, thought this to be a good idea?

      ALL the efforts to try and cover this up, WILL BE undone…

      VT have done a FANTASTIC job, for HUMANITY, in exposing this.

      The ‘official’ narrative WILL fall apart like a pack of cards.

    5. such things are quickly quashed and classified, in yemen also and Iraq where they arrested out teams taking soil samples

    6. such weapons are capable of minor damage in comparison, very little actual blast, they are antipersonnel

    7. “It’s not every day that the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff lands in Israel. It’s even rarer for such a visit to occur during a global pandemic, and even stranger when Israel seems to be the only stop on the trip.”

      “US Army general and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley arrived on Friday (July 24) at Nevatim Air Base in southern Israel and met with IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi and other senior defense officials, like Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz, and the head of the Mossad Yossi Cohen.”

      “”Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday ( July 30 ) instructed the IDF to bomb Lebanese infrastructure if Hezbollah harms Israeli soldiers or civilians.”

      “If [Hezbollah] tries perpetrating another attack, we will see an unusual response from the IDF against [the organization] and the country of Lebanon,” the official said.””

      I’m not inferring anything, as Milley could have just as easily been there to walk the op back.
      Either way, proximity in time.

      • This year Tisha B’av starts on July 29 – 30.
        This means while Gantz was making the announcement, followers were on a 25 hour fast, and the book of Lamentations was being read in the synagogue.
        August 4 2020, also was the day of 5 A’qab’al (Quiche Maya) in the 20 days, in the trecena of sacred expression. This is meaningless to most, but not all. It is suggestive of foreknowledge and involvement when combined with the series of events. When religions are mixed with militaries, the “small” have a harder time concealing.

    8. I found this 9/11 image curious so I adjusted the gamma and saturation and behold the explosion inside the tower appears below the collapse zone. I know of no other image that actually shows it.
      Note the ejected debris and halo.
      Adjustments are not photo shop.

    9. enhanced colorized infrared. Charles…please think. A regular camera can’t see heat.

    10. In the Set 1 Still 1 photo the trajectory of the missile seems steeper than in the others, with an impact point further to the left.

      Anyone comment on why?

    11. The Israeli are ” Land Their , They will come into Your Motherland and then beg to be let into Your Motherland And Then They beg you to overlook and Ignore their Evil Activities and once they get legitimiesed they. Use nasty tricks to blackmail and subdue the Goyim While the Whole Tribe rapes pillages and plunders Your Motherland

    12. You dumbfuk Israel wants to expand from the Medtrain To be from the Tigris to the Nile so Israel needs to destroy every thing so the Israeli can move in to expand Israel.

    13. An analysis of the video :

      Sequence #1
      Do you see that when the missile appears, the background freezes until the missile hits ground ? No smoke movement ? Can you estimate the length of the said missile according to the distance ?

      Sequence #2
      This sequence looks like it is very close to the base of the smoke chimney. But this don’t seems right since the second bomb explosion was so large that this camera and people would be destroyed. So its hard to estimate the distance from the base and I am really unsure in making an estimate. But I am almost sure they are four time (at least) closer than in the first video shot. Can you estimate the length of the missile ?

      Are your two estimates consistent ? Do you see a problem somewhere ?

      • Conclusion : a real PHOTOSHOPED video ! a FAKE ! Errare humanum est sed… perseverare diabolicum.

        So, it seems that somebody managed to make a fake video to discredit those who felt into it in order to discredit their conclusion that Israel did it. A devious scheme of confusion made and brought to you by your favorite clothes whitening soap. Whiter than white !

      • after my comments below i re-examined the videos and yes i picked up on that pause also. very suspect. And the missiles size looks disproportionate to the other video showing an object. Forensic analysis of other videos may show an object but yes this particular one is very suspect.

      • BUT I still believe it was a nuke missile. It’s just that most of the videos are of so low resolution, bad angles etc that they cant pick up the object as clearly as say a professional HD/4k camera would. Israel still did it.

    14. Remember how the country looks like if the “Saviour” comes into your country and saved you from whatever

    15. To attempt to answer my own question : the ONLY scenario I can imagine is dissident elements inside the Israeli deep state that managed to film the event with the right equipment in order to decapitate the snake within.

    16. Something bothers me : How come somebody manage, by happenstance, to have an infrared camera, and a high speed one on top of that, ready at the right spot to film the event ?

      If true, then the filmaker had to be in the know to film the event. A bit like the dancing israelis at 911. But then, the person “in the know”, why bring an infrared camera ? and a high speed one that is ? Yes a high speed : the time interval and unblurred pics between the two shots of the missile downing near the white silhouette of the man implies a high speed camera (IMHO).

      Or can we make an infrared movie out of an ordinary one ? Doubt it… Real thermal images can’t be inferred from a regular film.

      I am convinced anyway of the reality of this missile attack.

    17. and again, no nuclear fallout…

      iran should have given them some nuke dust and told them to drop from a helicopter and spread around the city or something…

      • new nukes don’t do fallout, fall out is unburned fuel…they do just ionizing rad at site

    18. that would have to be one incredibly awesome camera (VERY high frame speed AND resolution in a country that doesnt even have the budget for electricity at night) that just happened to be looking at a perfect shot of an incoming nuke and miraculously lived to tell the tale… but i dunno… haha

      so youre saying the missle landed, caused a small fire, then waited around for about 20 minutes and THEN did the telltale characteristic nuke thing for all the world to see?

      was it taking a break first and getting everything set up before doing the nuclear dance?? or was it hesitating before jumping off the WW3 cliff??

    19. Is that really infrared in the video it just looks like it’s been inverted with a video filter? I understand that would make black objects white and easier to spot.

    20. Israel did it because they announced they were going to do it 5 days before in retaliation for Hezbollah attacking Golan, Benny Gantz said it and it was published prettymuch everywhere but the US. Look it up.

    21. I’ve noticed how not only the MSM but all of the other so-called “alternative” media sites are dancing around the truth, just like they did with 9/11 truth so long ago. This time, however, it’s getting harder and harder to suppress the comments sections. Seems like too many commenters are now inclined to believe their own eyes rather than believe what they’re told to believe. That gives me hope that the gatekeepers will eventually have to concede that this was an attack and not an accident.

      • My experience with this mostly has been that Americans don’t give a shit about what goes on outside the US. Vitchek recently wrote a piece about this that was featured here and, anecdotally, he’s absolutely right.

      • This American has been skeptical of “official” narratives ever since I noticed the the official narrative of 9/11 emerged fully-formed within hours of that horrible event, way before any evidence-based investigation could possibly have been done. Remember, there were pics of the 19 highjacks plastered over the newspapers the next day? That was the clue that we were being fed a line of bull about 9/11.

        Same with this horrible attack on Beirut, the official story from the get-go involved tons of fertilizer instead of immediately sealing off the crime scene and actually looking at the evidence, like residual radiation, size of the crater, etc. The gatekeeper MSM is going out of its way to say that it couldn’t have possibly been a nuke and are suppressing all evidence to the contrary. That tells me there is much to hide.

      • Oh, I’m with you on that whole 9/11 fable. If that detail about pristine Saudi passports found in the debris field wasn’t just urban legend, then, as Mr. Dean like to say, “you just can’t make this shit up”. With respect to Beirut, trying to enlighten Americans, and hoping they’ll care, I suspect will prove to be a lot like that “casting pearls before swine” proverb.

      • Another thing about the 9/11 false-flag attack is that it was used to justify all the wars of this century. I’m holding my breath as to how this false-flag attack will be used. Both Trump and Netanyahu need a “national emergency” to stay out of prison and it would have to happen sooner rather than later.

    22. As soon as I heard the news I knew exactly that it was a nuke ans that it was fired by the Fakerland in Palestine. Thankyou DF for exposing the Crime with such fine details. The Main Criminals are not the degenerates in that Fakeland but France First and then UK and USA. They have been not only supplying all WMD to the Gang but they have encouraging the Filth to carry on with the violence . I can assure you that these countries gave their blessings before the action took place. France’s President’s visit to Beirut confirms that he was there to cover up his part in this Crime.

    23. This is great work Mr. Duff! I admire your moral tenacity in the face of untold hiddend dangers by despicable and slanderous souls who would stoop to whatever level to suppress the TRUTH. Let the truth reign free from hereinafter! By the way, I have an intel drop (pardon the copyright infringement) for you, just last night I dreamt I put vile world leaders out of their misery sending them to their creator. Unfortunately, for the identity of the first, the serotonin released by my brain after REM sleep cancelled this out, but the regarding the identity of the second I will reveal it to you now. I essentially thrust a knife into the heart of no other than that Anatolian ghoul and Ottoman wannabe sultan. Hence, do not be surprised if we hear of a fatal myocardial infraction that affects this ever so heinous individual in the coming days and weeks. I wish all Souls of Light, Love and Courage!

    24. The Israel state construct has again showed the world, that it is not capable to meet with international peace and standards. Therefore it is now necessary to let United Nations reign
      the state of Irael.


    25. If this goes under the global media radar then there are no doubts, all countries of the world are being governed by pure human scum. And more so cynical, at memorizing the anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    26. Will the Lebanese leadership have the balls to state that this was a missile strike from Israel? Or will they play along and ‘scapegoat’ port officials? Several people I know from there have said that they heard the sound of a missile flying by just before the explosion.

      • Lebanon has no real leadership but Hezbollah..which fails to represent key factions. Hezbollah is quite IMPERFECT if you get my point. Know that ‘up front and personal.’

    27. If only it would be possible to drag those bastards who launched the rocket into the international crimes court..

    28. OMG! MSM already calling the above video as fake and doctored. I think this deserves a frame by frame analysis for any artifacts that appear around the missile to see if it really has been doctored or if it’s the PTB are trying to suppress this I see YouTube has already pulled the video off.

      • Very easy to test this just download the raw video from the many video shots from multiple persons in multiple directions and run them through filters to see if it appears on them too. If it does then it’s genuine.

    29. Well done. I dabble a bit in video editing Anand I know that by adding filters and inverting colors you can sometimes see better detail. This is a perfect example. Undeniable proof! Now would someone PLEASE pass this on to the MSM puppet outlets.

    30. Is even Hezbollah going to sit on their hands and do nothing? While I expected nothing from Putin, the reports that Hezbollah are cooperating with the cover-up are disappointing. (At least Assad has the excuse of having his hands full.)

      Where will the next Israeli nuclear bomb land if no one says anything? Damascus, Cairo, Amman, Baghdad, Tehran?

      • It could be also a case of people at this point not wanting to believe or be confronted with the fact that Israel would such a despicable thing.

    31. Is there a connection between this Bombing, the ongoing bio-warfare, and the push for a paperless currency? Problem, Reaction, Solution, eh! Or is this just uncoordinated criminal action. If no push back how many more incidences of destruction? Samson Option .?

    32. What is the source for the video being removed at the request of the Israeli government (or does the source have to be protected)?

      Of course, it is completely unsurprising that this was an Israeli attack, and even less surprising that Israel file the complaint with YouTube (as this video is even more damaging to their interests than Gordon Duff videoing his dog watching some deer).

    33. Gordon, I did save a copy of the video on my PC earlier. Let me know if you need a copy to re-post.

    34. It’s beyond any doubt that Israel runs the entire media in the JUSA. Disgusting! Land of the free, my ass!

    35. I hope people saved other versions of the video. I just kept watching what happened at the 6 second mark about 5 times in a row and it’s clear as a bell. Can you please put the video up from some other site or other link? I clicked on the video and it’s been removed on y tube as GD states in his updated headline.

    36. Facebook has scrubbed the video too. I shared it with everyone. Now it just says “removed for violating community guidelines”.

    37. YouTube scrubbed this video about half an hour ago. Strong circumstantial evidence that it was genuine.

    38. Thanks for this. People need this info right now. Now, where & when might the hammer of justice fall?

    39. The original piece of film was reduced to 500 frames. According to Rachid Khallouf with Okram Emil and Mirwaise Abdul Qayyum on Facebook the video was captured in thermal imaging and two lightning-fast missiles were observed targeting the port of Beirut. The length of this video is 29 seconds, and the two missiles did not appear until after the video was converted to 500 images.
      Rachid says on Facebook that “this picture (film) was taken by my friend Hammoudi (Mohammad) in Beirut. He then looked at his own picture in thermal imaging mode and there are two rockets clearly visible, hitting from the sea side.”

    40. You should all look at what’s been posted on Facebook by this evening Beirut time. He together with Rachid Khallouf posted the following 4-5 hours ago:
      “In this video, captured in thermal imaging, two lightning-fast missiles were observed targeting the port of Beirut. The length of this video is 29 seconds, and the two missiles did not appear until after the video was converted to 500 images, i.e. the time of the image is 0.058 seconds and the result was as is below”
      AP have done a “fact-check” and declared that the video is doctored but Rachid has posted the following in relation to the AP claim:
      “Rachid Khallouf Fact-checking says. That the missile disappeared after 8 seconds before it hit anything and says that it was curved in the middle and seems to be talking about another video because the two missiles shown in this video are not quite that.
      The first missile is not curved and appeared and hit the target in a time of 0.058 seconds
      And if the second missile was added, part of it would not have disappeared in front of one of the blast photographers and would have appeared completely behind the photographer.”
      In a separate & earlier Facebook post when posting the vidieo, he says (translation)
      This picture (film) was taken by my friend Hammoudi (Mohammad) in Beirut. He then looked at his own picture in thermal imaging mode and there are two rockets clearly visible, hitting from the sea side.
      Watch and see what you all think. As far as I am concerned, this is genuine.
      Moreover and what you will NOT be told by our goddamned media in either Europe or America, this man in Beirut says the following in a Facebook post that can be found here: Screenshot it before it is taken down!!*NK-R
      Via #Okram Emil
      “Everyone knew WHERE the ammonium nitrate was stored . The ammonium nitrate was confiscated in 2014, supplied by Saudi Arabia to be handed to the “rebels” in Syria. It had remained safe for six years!
      A number of videos clearly show a flying object and testimonies confirm this. This camp was deliberately blown up! You can see on all videos how shortly before the explosion an object hits and afterwards the explosion took place.
      There is speculation in the local media and Israel is suspected.”
      FASCINATING IS CLAIM THAT Ammonium Nitrate was confiscated in 2014, supplied by Sauds to b funneled to “Rebels” in Syria. It had remained safe for 6 years!! ………. and now, all of a sudden, it blows up! Leaving a Crater that is so deep as described by you here on VT.
      I hope this is of some assistance to you all
      Gregory from Ireland

      • Original source is a guy named Hammoudi (Mohammad) in Beirut He shared it with his friend Rachid Khallouf who posted it on Facebook with Okram Emil and Mirwaise Abdul Qayyum. From there it was shared to France & Germany at about the time that AP made the claim it was doctored. Rachid’s response to AP’s claim is as follows: Rachid Khallouf Fact-checking says. That the missile disappeared after 8 seconds before it hit anything and says that it was curved in the middle and seems to be talking about another video because the two missiles shown in this video are not quite that.
        The first missile is not curved and appeared and hit the target in a time of 0.058 seconds
        And if the second missile was added, part of it would not have disappeared in front of one of the blast photographers and would have appeared completely behind the photographer.

        In other words, the claim that it was doctored is a heap of Shxt

      • Thanks for that, xRasputinish. No doubt this video will be suppressed, just like most of the evidence at the WTC on 9/11, and probably by the same people. Just like with 9/11, there will never be an evidence-based investigation. In this case, though, all of the major players already know exactly what happened, including the USA, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and of course, Israel. The next few days should be very telling…

      • Gordon, great work. Only if this can be officially presented to Lebanese intelligence or the president himself but I doubt it’ll make headlines.
        Then again, I believe that they already know but regional politics could be overwhelming.
        Merci Ktir ya kbir. I always follow your work.

    41. OMG! These lying media and governments are all caught lying with their pants down. Excellent find! They have to make this disappear.

    42. I love you Gordon Duff. Thank you.

      Shukran ktir from the people of Lebanon.

      Thank you from the children of Beirut.

      Thank you from the children of the world who now know who stole their future.

    43. So which is it ?

      The glide bomb described yesterday?

      Or a missile that looks fake. Note how the camera pulls out moments before the “missile” hits

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