Germany shelves Nord Stream 2 pipeline

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[ Editor’s Note: I read this as a middle-of-the-road move by Germany. It takes credit for doing something but leaves the door open to press the reset button when the huffing and puffing part of this is over.

Germany and the EU had enough gas stored to get through the winter, with Nordstream 1 carrying a good part of that at the lowest price. But the talk of ‘protecting’ itself by lining up LNG sources seemed strange, as the price would be higher, and infrastructure would need to be built to unload the big LNG ships.

Missing of course was Germany saying something like, “Gosh, if we had fulfilled the Minsk Accords years ago we would have had this issue settled.”

It also leaves people like me thinking that France and Germany have just been playing along the whole time, playing the big dealmakers that don’t complete their deals.

But let’s not stop there. While Kiev shafted the Minsk Accords, I suspect with full US support (Obama), the West did nothing to control the borders, where we have seen endless aggressive shelling by Kiev, with NATO footing the bill.

I got a video this morning from Russell Bentley, a Texan in Donbass, with audio of a constant artillery barrage on Donbass by Kiev, goading the Russians to respond, but not in the asymmetrical way that they did respond.

Putin’s rational move to put ‘peacekeepers’ in Donbass to monitor the Kiev attacks was a no-brainer. So that move is today being spun by Western news hucksters as the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine.

This situation could have been settled, but the West decided to keep it like a scab they could always scratch to make it bleed some more, so someone could justify their paychecks. Welcome to that worldJim W. Dean ]

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Russell Bentley from Texas with his Donbas buddies

First published February 22, 2022

Germany is halting the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline in light of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said.

…But at a press conference Tuesday, Scholz said that “the situation today is fundamentally different and therefore, in light of recent events, we must also reassess this situation … also with regard to Nord Stream 2.”

He said he had asked the German economy ministry to withdraw a binding opinion from October last year that stated the pipeline posed no security-of-supply threats.

“This sounds technical, but it is the necessary administrative step so that no certification of the pipeline can now take place,” Scholz added. “And without this certification, Nord Stream 2 cannot go into operation.”

Shortly after, the economy ministry announced it was halting the certification process.

It was a surprise move from Scholz, who had at times avoided even mentioning the pipeline by name in recent days, and came after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops into the self-declared “people’s republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine on Monday night.

“The certification cannot take place now,” he tweeted later, signaling that while Berlin was freezing the project, it might get licensed at a later date. Full cancellation of the pipeline could leave the government vulnerable to lawsuits.


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  1. Ronald Thomas West has a couple guest articles from Russell Bentley. Very good reads, with a Russian viewpoint on this whole BS episode. Basically, Putin is giving the idiots all the rope they will need to hang themselves. Then come the stick options, as the carrots did not work. I have had a couple back and forths with Bentley, he is a very intelligent person who tells it like it is. His run-down of what is likely to occur so far has hit the nail on the head. Russia is playing for keeps, not going for a tit for tat game. The talking is over and so are agreements that the west willy-nilly violates. When Russia moves, that will be it. Putin has not been developing alternatives to western systems for no reason. The west? They have been setting themselves up in the worst way. As Russell said, the ones that will suffer the most will be the people in the west, whether they are seeing it yet or not. When all the trip wires Putin has set up come into play (economic, energy, political, military), the west will really get to know what sanctions are really like. How many know Russia sells the US 7% of our energy needs? For Europe, it’s far worse. The result of their efforts in the Ukraine will pale in comparison to the economic pain that Russia will now be able to inflict. As well, Russia will NOT be alone in this. The west has been wishing for a conflict and now they will get their wish. Then they will be wishing they hadn’t. Us, the people? Well, we’re screwed.

    • Zman, we do not have his email in case we needed to swap some briefings, if you could forward it along to me. Thanks

  2. The EU made Russia take on partners when the pipe was about half built, so it is now owned by Russian and nominally German and Austrian companies. So basically, Germany takes the hit. Russia just sells its gas to China and the US as well, maybe? Then if this continues and Russia does raise the price of gas, all of Europe takes a hit, as we will not have enough gas next winter, and many homes are dependent on gas for heating. You cannot simply double electricity consumption overnight to compensate – people do not have the heaters nor electric cooking hotplates, and the grid will not take the sudden demand. It may be the right time to move closer to the tropics.

    • Add to that list the industrial uses of gas and the picture becomes truly grim for Europe. The decline that we have seen under the inept EU ministrations will become more pronounced with NS2 cancelled/postponed. Power of Siberia2 pipeline to China is being built and Europeans will be left begging. This is how the game is played.
      About the price of gas: Russia doesn’t have to raise prices, in fact the cheap price of Russian gas is the true weapon here, relying on expensive gas from elsewhere (if even possible) is irrational and counterproductive for Europe, as is the constant anti-Russian stance. But this irrationality will continue as long as countries do not reclaim their sovereignty, and keep continuing their slavish existence under EU globalist elites.

  3. Even the Daily Mail, which never misses a chance to attack Biden, is condemning Putin. I think the Zionistas hate Putin. If only he hadn’t called Trump an extraordinary and talented individual.

    • I read that the same way that I read Iranian statements on Trump. They said he was much better at his job than Biden. While some thought they meant they preferred Trump to Biden, what they really meant was that he was a better liar and conman, thus better as Liar-in-Chief…and they still didn’t fall for his shit.

  4. Russia has many alternative gas buyers. So the situation with this project is not a strategic headache. In the end, for the sake of preserving our country, we can do without Nord Stream -2. But what the Europeans will do is an interesting question.
    Greta Thunberg will help them 😁

    • And Ukraine might lose its Russian gas transit fees, as a response to any sanctions. Zelenksy was talking about finding alternative sources of gas, but how is it going to get there. And I think he feels his job is to hook the West into forever subsidizing Ukraine to be a pain in the ass to the Russians.

    • Jim, they have huge problems with gas, electricity, coal. Blocks of nuclear power plants are periodically shut down. The gas pipe and compressor stations are so worn out that a catastrophe, leaks, explosions may threaten. The working pressure in modern gas pipes in Russia is about 100-120 atmospheres and the Ukrainian pipeline will simply burst. If Russia and Belarus break economic ties, Ukraine will simply suffocate. How long will Ukraine be able to buy gas, coal from the USA, Africa at crazy prices? Who will pay for the whims of madmen in Kiev? But the most terrible thing is the rupture of family ties. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians regularly travel to Russia. Legally and illegally.

    • Jim you’re saying that Zelensky take a decision about anything else aside from his lunch ??? and maybe not even that…

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