Netanyahu admits to Nuke Attack on Beirut, the Google-Facebook video schmear fakery useless


Ammonium nitrate burns, it can’t explode. Those who say different are paid liars easily proven by not just experts but anyone who farms or owns a garden.

This has gone too far.



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  1. All US aid payments to Israel should be diverted to Lebanon to rebuild Beirut and for monetary compensation to victims and survivors. It will not cost the US any money that was not already committed and Israel will feel some pain for their brutal attack on Beirut.

  2. “Ammonium nitrate burns, it can’t explode.”

    YES INDEED ! hence the OKC bombing wasn’t the fact of Timothy McVeigh the patsy, but of US special ops as of the account of Cody Snodgress who was asked and refused to do the misdeed, and the analysis of the exploded ruins as of late Brig. Gen. Ben Partin, a military weapon expert. That’s why the personal of the ATF force having their office in the Murray building have been warned the day prior to the explosion NOT to come to work the next day.

  3. Splitting hairs like 911 (thermite vs nuke). At this point most of us all agree…this WAS an attack by another country, Israel is suspected due to motive and history, so let’s focus on this point. Let’s not get bogged down by semantics. Investigate who did this then apply an appropriate response to the culprit.

    • “Thermite sniffers” are paid disinformationists offering fakery for personal profit…

      This is what VT believes after a long investigation finding that no such thing as nanothermite exists nor has it ever existed.


    • Oh I agree with you Mr Duff in the 911 nukes. Im fully convinced that nukes were used to bring down the WTC’s. The point I was making is that people need to get beyond the splitting hairs and lets all agree that it was an attack and not an accident. It’s a divide and conquer game amongst the seekers of truth. Sorry if you got confused by my comments.

  4. To those of you around the world, some Government Officials, perhaps even Presidents and Prime Ministers, reading and watching the ongoing investigation conducted by VETERANS TODAY on this outrageous and evil deed… …consider this…

    A civil defence organisation, the Home Guard of Lebanon, predominantly the Dads Army of the Shia, have stood up to an occupation by Israel and removed them, prevented a further invasion of Lebanon by Israel, helped to thwart a nefarious campaign to destroy an elected and established Government in Syria.

    Israel, having become so impotent, frustrated and angry, even with $ Billions of weaponry, that they have resorted to creating front companies and a scenario using a ship to carry alleged bags of ‘explosive substances’, that ‘just happen’ to be there, when a plane(s) launch missile(s) and destroy both the Port and vital food stores. Killing hundreds, maiming 10s of hundreds, with countless thousands emotionally and physically affected, is mere collateral damage…

    A civil defence organisation, the Home Guard of Lebanon, predominantly the Dads Army of the Shia, have stood up to Israel and continue to do so. Even after this, there has been no announcement by the Dads Army of the Shia to disband, after the ‘olive branch’ extended by Israel’s missile(s) attack(s)…

    So what is Israel going to do next, to win friends and influence people, now that they have become so impotent?

  5. The comparison to how the controlled MSM handled the 9/11 attacks is striking. Then, the “official” narrative emerged within hours of the events, with pictures of the so-called hijackers and Osama bin Laden plastered all over the front pages of newspapers, way before any evidence-based investigation could possibly have been done.

    Now, with absurd claims like that a 43-meter crater was blasted out of solid rock and contrary videos all over internet, the Zionist spinmeisters are still trying to bamboozle us, confident that no bought-off US politician will ever challenge the official narrative. If Americans are that brainwashed into believing what they’re told to believe rather than their lying eyes, there’s no hope for them. They’ll be totally screwed when the next shoe drops.

  6. The video upload is on You Tube. Even there a poster is stating the obvious;

    “Please remember to upload everything to bitchute or somewhere. These videos are at risk of taking down….”

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