The Chutzpah! YouTube Just Froze My Channel Using Spurious Charge of “Impersonation”


YouTube just nuked False Flag Weekly News, but you can still watch it HERE

By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

In the middle of today’s live webcast of False Flag Weekly News, YouTube nuked the broadcast, issued a strike, and froze my channel for a week. They absurdly claimed that I violated their policy against “impersonation.” I immediately appealed:

YouTube’s determination is obviously mistaken. There has been no impersonation. This has been my channel, and I have been doing False Flag Weekly News, for more than a decade! I use my own name in all my work, and my guests always use their real names too. We are certainly not impersonating anyone or any channel, nor are we selling any products. Please fix this mistake ASAP. It is hurting my business and costing me money.
Additionally, you owe me an explanation of how this egregious mistake was made, and by whom. If someone deliberately filed a false report of impersonation in order to damage my business, they are liable for civil and perhaps criminal damages. A reasonable explanation would save me the trouble of lawyering up and sending a process server to YouTube headquarters.

I cannot imagine what a reasonable explanation could possibly be. We were almost halfway through the live broadcast at 10:25 Central Time, close to the 25 minute mark in the archived video, when YouTube pulled the plug on the live broadcast and on my whole channel. Why would they suddenly imagine that I was impersonating some other Kevin Barrett doing some other False Flag Weekly News on somebody else’s Truth Jihad channel?!

What must have happened, I surmise, is that somebody arrogant enough to think they don’t need to follow the rules decided to nuke the broadcast and my channel on the most spurious imaginable pretext, as a form of gaslighting and general harassment, because they don’t like the political views expressed on the show.

Fortunately we have raised a small but steady trickle of income through our weekly Fundrazrs and now have the resources to back up the broadcast on Twitch. Free speech isn’t exactly free any more. But it won’t go down without a fight.



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  1. YouTube has become such crap! Excessive ads are annoying. They are ripping off content creators by de-monetizing videos and keeping the money. And then they give a bunch of lame excuses on why they take these actions….mostly because they can.. It’s just a profit move. The only way to get them to listen for users to stop using their platform. So far, that’s not happening.

  2. I have always been very clear that Jerish people were the heart and sole of the antiwar movement during the Vietnam wartimes. I believe without their work & courage the movement would have been a hollowed out husk. Not an overpowering conscience against military evil that took down the best laid plans the perpetra9tors of that false flag war. You can go on youtube right now and hear then secetary of Defence MaNamara say that there really was no attack on the Maddox, just sonar blips that resembled incoming torpedos. The ship was never hit, and noone died or was wounded I believe. But the U.S. soon after began bombing the North and eventually killed several million Viernames people.

  3. Many channels are being censored under the charge or spurious claim of ‘impersonation’. What impersonation means to jew-tube is anyone’s guess. The only thing that comes to my mind is if a broadcaster speaks of someone, or quotes someone, the powers don’t want talked of or quoted. Does that make sense? Community Guide Lines, silly.

  4. They can probably ban you for stuff not done on youtube, such as making a satirical post where Trump says for the dead to vote early and often.

  5. TLAV (The Last American Vagabond) also had his account flagged for a few days for “impersonation”. What you guys have in common: the audacity to question Israel. FYI: Wikipedia smears the heck out of this website. they also smear Eva Bartlett, an honest, honorable, independent reporter & person w/integrity. financially it can be inconvenient but to be smeared by Wikipedia (MSM) should be considered an honor.

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