Playing Baccarat – Learning the Do’s and Don’ts of the Game


If it’s your first time to play the game of Baccarat in the casino, it’s important to learn more about the game to get higher chances of winning. This game involves a lot of wise decisions and proper strategy. It makes sense because it involves money.

But before that, it’s important that as a player, you know the basic mechanics of the game. Understand the rules that lie beneath to avoid penalties and mistakes along the way. Here’s a breakdown of the Dos and Don’ts of the game as part of your Baccarat Strategy.

The Do’s for Playing Baccarat

  1.   You should be a Wise Decision Maker

As some experts would say it, confidence is the key to have a higher chance of winning this game. There’s some big truth from this point of view. If as a player, you’re not confident with your move, have might a low possibility of winning the game.

As a player, it is also quite important to be familiar with the rules of the game. If you’re well adept with the rules, you’ll no longer get confused which one to follow, whether it’s the universal rule or the general rule. It also depends on how the casino runs the rules, so it’s important that you’re familiar with that as well.

Be acquainted with the different kinds of games involving Baccarat as well. You need to stick with the one, with which you are familiar. It’s crucial because when you lose, you’re losing money. When you’re confident with the game, you decide better and have a bigger possibility to win.

  1.   Learn how the Strategy of Betting Works

Another critical part of playing Baccarat is to know the ins and outs of betting. You have to know that some strategies might work for you and some just don’t. It’s a learning process that works overtime. But there’s one proven and tested baccarat strategy that most pro players recommend, the Labouchere strategy.

Applying the Labouchere strategy enhances your capability as a player to be much more organized with your moves and logical with your decision making. Although you can’t rely on this type of strategy 100%, it helps you as a player to play strategically and not by emotion. It helps you plan out your game and avoid losing too much money in the end.

  1.   No luck, no play

This can be hard to do for sure. I mean, who wants to go home a loser? That’s what we always say just to keep playing and win back what we’ve lost. However, this might be a bad move as a player. If you see that your chances of winning the game are quite slim and your baccarat strategy doesn’t seem to work, then just bailout.

Do not play if you’re losing more money instead of winning. Stick to your budgeted amount when going out to play. This is one of the reasons why people are in debt and running for their lives. They can’t afford to stop and call it quits. Remember, gambling is supposed to be a recreational activity and not a career that should be pursued.

The Don’ts of Playing Baccarat

  1.   Do not play when you don’t know the rules

Although this is a common notion to every game, some of us might still forget the standard thinking of knowing the rules. Especially if it’s your first time in the casino and somebody urged you to play the first time because they want to help you win. It will be nice if you don’t.

Understand, especially playing in the casino that gambling involves a good chunk of money. You have a higher chance of losing your money when you don’t know the basic rules of the game. You shouldn’t be tempted by what others are urging you to play. Decide for yourself when you’re ready and familiar with how the game works. If you can, practice at home or find video tutorials online for a start.

  1.   Don’t risk betting on a tie

As a casino player, you should know this rule. Every game will always be on the casino’s side. Yes, you win some, but you have a chance to lose more. You should only bet on one side, and it can be for the banker or on the house. This is where your strategic decision-making skills come in.

It’s just nearly impossible for both the house and banker winning a tie. That’s why you’ll gain more risk when you bet this way. Analyze the game’s flow and see how you move before regretting the wrong bet.

  1.   Don’t risk all your money with one bet

Casinos can get us all too excited especially if there’s a big money pot in store. Learn to control your emotions and play rationally. That’s why it’s called luck in gambling; nothing is fixed or certain, and anything can change in a snap. Always opt for a smaller bet for a start. This is the safest move you can make.

Lower bets are usually offered in casinos to cater to safe players. Also, it’s preferred that the player choose the lowest slot possible. Just in case your luck is not that good in the beginning, you still have a chance to redeem your losses in the next round. This way, you can budget your money on hand better, you won’t play too much, and you can play longer and enjoy your time in the casino with a few losses.

Key takeaways

Truth to be told, there’s nothing wrong about gambling like playing Baccarat in the casino. It’s purely recreational and for fun. If you’re lucky, you win some, if not, then maybe next time. It’s important to keep self-control and to set a limit. One should know how to draw the line when your luck is not in your favour and just stop.

Go back again when you have extra money saved. Don’t get hooked too much, because this type of hobby is not for the financially unstable.


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