Why Believe in Conspiracy Theory?


Why People Fall for the ‘Big Lie’

Health Editor’s Note: Why would someone believe that coronavirus was designed and released to destroy the human race? Why would someone believe that the CDC is trying to politically ruin Trump? These beliefs would fall under the auspices of conspiracy theory. The belief in conspiracy theories offers a sense of control for those who feel threatened by their environment. What better time, now during the COVID-19 pandemic, to try to gain control as the numbers of cases and deaths from coronavirus mount daily. 

Laying the blame on political parties has led to compromising agencies such as the CDC which has led hundreds of thousands or more to ignore public health advice, even to their own demise. False beliefs abound about how the coronavirus entered our lives, how to cure it, how to prevent contracting it and ramp up as the numbers of cases and deaths soar. Fear of getting sick, fear of dying…fear in general does not make for accurate interpretations of facts. ‘Vitamin C cures COVID-19’, or ‘COVID-19 is just a hoax’ thoughts need to go away as they are not reality based and cannot help, even the least bit….Carol




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  1. Carol, don’t pull the rug under your feet and paint yourself into a corner ! You are discrediting yourself…

    You know that Gordon, Dean, Greenhalgh and Barrett “RKM” discourse IS conspiracy theory ! SO… are they mentally disturbed as you suggest ?

    A theory is based on observations, probable causes producing observable effects, period. And if the effects are anti-social, then, uprooting probable causes is… heroic ! And of course the targeted perpetrators will always accuse you of baseless accusations for lack of proofs and label you as… “Conspiracy Theorists” ! or worse: “Antisemits” ! sounds like “TheRorists” isn’t it ? Therorists minus an “R” !!!

  2. How about the readers of criminal codes (were they written as a kind of phantasy-fiction? or by some folks suffering from bouts of fear after watching George Carlin “Life is Worth Losing”?), past records and sentences of judiciary trials, more inquisitive students of history, and some revisionist historians? How about those who studied American prisons’ statistics? Were they taken under consideration?

  3. Trump.

    A monster created of myth building like that of now repentant Tony Schwartz.

    But also, Americans can’t even handle self-evident truths about themselves.
    Like that…

    #OpenBorders #MadeAmericaGreat

    #WhenAmericaWasGreat, noncitizens could vote…

  4. I guess I’ll wait until humans stop conspiring against each other.

    Medicine has made excessive claims, and promises beyond their capabilities to enhance their status and financial standing. The blow back will be ongoing.

    At the top of any scientific institution, politics take over, and ‘what to say” is decided on things, other than science. Medicine is perhaps better than most, but still way short.

  5. Myth building.
    Tony Schwartz talked about this tonight on Arie Melber.

    Tony’s repenting, and you could see it painfully hitting home in real time: he helped create people like Scaramucci & Cohen (both present in interview) with “The Art of the Deal”.

    People don’t fathom how corrupt, especially in finance – white collar crime – USA is.

    It takes A LOT of… conspiring.

    USA world-record prison population may be warranted…

    We needed a forensic, nerdy President like Ralph Nader* long ago.

    Better yet, a system not desperately
    reliant on a… Savior.

    * Ironically, many Trumptards see Trump an honest reformer. The most honest, reformiest ever!!!

    • Also ironic how #DrainTheSwamp was revelatory.

      Water is the cleanest thing in a swamp.
      Draining it only leaves the sludge.


      Listen to the symbolism, if nothing else.

      Like that video of the “symbol of America” eagle warning Trump.

      And the fact daddy’s franchise casino brat Prez doesn’t understand USA is #PlayingWithHouseMoney.

    • When USA loses that “House Money”, we’ll all understand.

      If you think this place is an oligarchy now, just wait…

    • Hoops, Trump is not about honest anything. He has reformed nothing. How he ends this presidency is to have to date killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and with his continuation in interfering in the medical/scientific process that is trying desperately to deal with this virus on all levels, he is guaranteed to kill many more. These coronavirus deaths are needless and not at all acceptable.

  6. Thanks to our good friend from Melbourne, Australia. Someone who should stay well as the reality of illness is not survivable for some.

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