Dire Prediction for Winter Weather Patterns For Most of U.S.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's U.S. Drought Outlook map for November 2020 through January 2021. Brown represents the areas where drought is expected to continue or worsen. (NOAA)

Lack of Precipitation and Higher Temperatures Predicted

Health Editor’s Note: Warmer winter temperatures, lack of rain, and COVID-19 pandemic….what will the U.S. be after this? Nearly half of the U.S. is experiencing drought and it seems that winter will bring no relief. The majority of the continent will be warmer than usual and the winter of 2020 has a good chance of taking the 2016 record of warmest year on record for the entire planet.  Climate change deniers, what do you think about this?  Not a hopeful winter prediction for most of the U.S…….Carol 



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  1. nexus, The cooling I was referencing goes to pattern, warming/cooling cycles. Given most of what we’re fed is false would question those claiming anything added to Antarctic. Nine eleven had lots of supposed authorities including university whoevers pushing false, proving phd’s don’t mean anything. That said may agree there could be a cooling stretch, though whether drought or frost same problem of food supply.

  2. You are correct. The Sun drives climate change on the Earth and this can be plotted against the extensive historical climate record we have. The current ‘kinking’ of the Jet Stream is strongly correlated with reduced solar output and this causes localised heat or cold events -hence the Arctic sea ice melt or intense heat in California. But what they don’t tell you is that the Greenland ice sheet (and Antarctic) has increased by 350 billion tons of ice (source: Danish Meteorological Institute).

    Dr. Mototaka Nakamura who received a PhD from the MIT has come out and stated that climate models are Micky Mouse. Nakamura explains this in detail in his recent book as to why the data foundation underpinning global warming science is “untrustworthy” and cannot be relied on.

    Climate change is forever but not what the MSM wants us to believe. The future is tending to cold.

  3. i do believe that large corporations and governments have greatly polluted the earth for profit. not so much the average human, although government run school system has created a culture of disrespect. we disrespect everything, even one another. the weather ” climate ” changes constantly. i find it ridiculous that people believe their actions have any real impact on the weather. there are a number of things here on earth that affect the weather, however, the one thing that controls the weather on this planet above all else is not on this planet. the true controller of this planets weather is the sun ! that great glowing circle in the sky. there has been nearly no sunspots the last few years and the sun is falling into a solar minimum stage. not an ordinary minimum, but a grand minimum that suggest we will be living through a mini ice age. it is the sun and not Humans that is responsible for our changing climate….

  4. One situation which is mulitiply proven and provable is the matter of the Arctic that will soon be no more. The cycle of glacial ice sheets advancing and receding has occurred over eons, and since last term of advance and withdrawl there has been equilibrium as to the Arctic. Now, in only last seventy years, it has gone from a static to melt at rate that is exponential, keyword exponential, and relative to explosion of car and industrial polution and air activity including mass commercial airline travel such that recently it’s been estimated it will be gone entirely by 2035. That section of earth and the ice served as critical cooling and per affect of weather patterns worldwide and also per the oceans which factor heavily. It’s not ok.

  5. The impact man has had on earth can be seen from space. If aliens exist they know all about our impacts. I wounder what a Republican does when he shits the bed. Oh yeah he just rolls around in it, it’s as god intended. I apologize to the 1% of republicans who believe man has been contributing to climate change. We all acknowledge that nature on it’s own goes through climactic changes as well. Pollution is real and corporations are primarily concerned about $ not people,animals or the environment unless they can be exploited. There is no moral constitution for corporations. Unfortunately climate change is a political problem and will require political solutions, obviously I am no politician. Hopefully those who are less offensive than I, can work this out.

  6. The science is real and bountiful. Your material, paper thin, comes from coal industry hoaxes.

  7. Climate Change has been the norm since our ‘GAYA’ has been created! Nothing new or unusual! Our activities have, nothing to do with it! Wars, Forest Fires, burning coal, fossil fuels, are just miniscule, temporary, effects on the overall picture of Climate Change! Live with it! Adjust!

    • Imre Tihanyi, If you do not see that humans have set up a scenario that is destroying our earth, well, I do not know what to say about that. Denialism is not going to make this better and if you want to slide into oblivion with the ‘live with it, adjust’ attitude that is your concern. However, I will not go without some kicking and screaming….thanks very much.

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