The Obama Conspiracy

Michael Shrimpton explains where President Obama was born and queries how Joe Biden could not have known the damaging truth.


VT: In early 2014, a team from Adamas, headed by Gordon Duff, was sent to Nairobi to aid in security efforts after a terror attack in September 2013.  During meetings with the Minister of Interior, Gordon Duff asked about Obama being born there and how one team member, a former FBI agent (senior official), was a ‘birther.’

When the laughing stopped this was the reply: ‘The whole thing is a scam.’

By Michael Shrimpton for VT

Parts of the MSM, at long last, are finally picking up on the deals done by Hunter Biden when his with respect sleazy father was Vice-President. There is however a bigger conspiracy involving the Democratic nominee – Barack Hussein Obama, President when Joe Biden was Vice-President, wasn’t entitled to hold the office and Joe must have known it. How could he be that close to ‘von’ Obama for that long and not know?

This isn’t an ‘October Surprise’. I’ve known that Obama was born in or near Mombasa in what is now Kenya for over 20 years, learning it first from old Africa hands. ‘Von’ Obama’s father ran guns for the Mau Mau terrorist organization, which had some odd ideas, no offense intended, about the benefits of British rule in Kenya, wanting to replace it with German rule.

So far as I can tell Mr O was born on April 8th (reversing the date order of his official birthday) 1960. Since Mombasa was then part of the Coastal Protectorate that made him a Subject of His Highness the Sultan of Zanzibar and a British Protected Person at birth. On the creation of the Republic of Kenya in December 1963, when the Protectorate was merged with Kenya Colony, Mr O became a Kenyan Citizen.

Interestingly he also became a British Subject, as in strict constitutional law all citizens of Commonwealth countries are subjects of Her Majesty, even if they are not usually referred to as such. (Since that wonderful actor Sidney Poitier KBE is a dual American/Bahamian national he also remains a British Subject, and a valued one – unless there is some specific Bahamian objection I see no reason at all why he should not be referred to as ‘Sir Sidney’.) Mr. O thus became the first British Subject to become an American President, George Washington arguably having thrown his British Subject status over by waging war on that nice man King George III, who by the way was no more a tyrant than Woodrow Wilson.

Sir Sidney Poitier KBE

All this is set out in my book Spyhunter. The MSM have never seriously engaged with the arguments against Mr O having been born as claimed in Honolulu on August 4th 1961. Those arguments are actually quite powerful, hence the resort to hysterical ‘birther’ abuse.

First and foremost the DNA test carried out, on my advice, by the CIA ruled out the relationship between Mr. O and his claimed maternal grandmother, Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham. She was an interesting person in her own right, being the subject of a sealed FBI file dating from 1944 in connection with sabotage of the B-29 line at the Boeing plant in Wichita, Kansas.

Since there is no reason to doubt that Madelyn Dunham was Ann Dunham’s mother the DNA test effectively ruled out Mr. O’s claim to have been born, like Bruce Springsteen, in the USA. Since Barack Obama Senior’s ‘marriage’ to Ann Dunham was bigamous (he was already married to Kezia Obama), Ann Dunham was too young in 1961 to have transmitted US nationality in any event, that is to say even on the Democratic Party’s own version of events their man was not a US Citizen. American citizenship is more than an advantage for a candidate for the office of President – it’s a requirement.

There are other reasons for rejecting Mr O’s claims to have been born in one of two claimed hospitals in Honolulu in 1961. For one thing, Ann Dunham wasn’t pregnant in or about July 1961. I’ve heard of miracle babies, but as I have observed before a four week gestation period is a bit short, even for a Democrat. The CIA had some fun with that one, and they’re still hanging on to the photographs. (Hint – where would 18-year-old students go on a hot summer’s day in Hawaii in 1961?)

The two purported birth certificates posted by the Obama White House are not only forgeries, they’re not even good forgeries. If Mr O had genuinely been born in one of the two hospitals in Honolulu he has at various times claimed to have been born in, why would he need to back up his case with crude forgeries? Why not go to the Hawaiian Government, who are quite nice people, and ask for a certified copy? And why would anyone need to murder a Hawaiian official querying the short-form certificate in an air-crash?

For that matter why would the Obama Administration need to get involved in the reckless prosecution of me in 2014 and take the risk of forcing the FBI in 2015 to abandon their investigation of untrue prosecution claims about my relationship with them? That was obstruction of justice and risked embroiling both the Administration and the FBI in a scandal – they couldn’t have known in 2015 that it would be too hot a topic for the MSM to touch.

The Honolulu birth claim is not backed up by medical records from either of the alleged hospitals, nor the alleged attending physician, Dr David Sinclair, nor have the original Hawaiian registers been released. Mr O’s Indonesian records have also not been released.

Interestingly there are no known photographs showing Mr. O in the US prior to the age of about two. I don’t believe that he was taken to the States until about 1962, when he was aged about two.

The MSM has never explained how Mr. O, as a US Citizen, was eligible for a Fulbright Scholarship at Occidental College, nor on what passport he traveled to Pakistan on at a time when US passports were not valid for travel to that country. Clearly, it wasn’t a US passport, indeed it was probably an Indonesian passport giving his correct date and place of birth.

The claim that Mr O was born in Honolulu in 1961 is in fact hopeless. It is unsupported by reliable, verified documentation and has been backed up by two very obvious forgeries. How could Joe Biden, as Vice-President, not have known about this? Indeed why didn’t he support efforts to have Mr O removed from office, which would have made him President? Put another way, what does Mr O have on him? The various payoffs now being alleged by the media should be seen in that context.

Harry Beckhough

Here’s the link to my intelligence briefing to the Marlborough Group, chaired by that lovely man the late Lt-Col Harry Beckhough MBE, where the Obama birth issue came up:

After a bust-up with the Administration, the CIA arranged a link to one of their unofficial websites – I’m told it had eight million hits in three days! The Pentagon also made good use of their copy of the DNA report, courtesy of the DIA, although there was a slight snag when a traitor named Edward Snowden used his stolen copy to negotiate a deal with Moscow. Boomps-a-daisy, as we say in the trade!

The Osama Conspiracy

The MSM have been infantilized to such a degree by the DVD’s Propaganda Section that I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised to learn that journalists have taken to sleeping in Bunny Rabbit onesies. Didn’t they smell a rat when the White House finally confirmed that the infamous 2011 Situation Room photo was staged?

Thankfully someone else, quite independently of me, has told the truth. I’m referring of course to ‘Q’, who has reported that bin Laden, known affectionately in the UK as ‘binliner’, was not taken out in 2011. Indeed not. As I explain in Spyhunter the other Mr O was taken out by his own side, the DVD, in Waziristan in 2009, pursuant to a deal cut by the late George Bush Senior, aka ‘41’, a very senior DVD officer, who never quite forgave the Allies for their victory in World War II.

This followed a long-running intelligence operation to track ‘binliner’, in which I was involved, indeed I shopped his first safe house in Pakistan to those nice people the NSA. When my late friend Brian English had lunch with bin Laden in early 2005 the infamous terrorist had shaved off his beard and was wearing a business suit – he liked his comforts. (So do I, but I don’t dash about mountainsides dressed like a terrorist!) The CIA were still running around Tora Bora chasing shadows.

Brian of course knew Osama from his MI6 days in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation. The NSA seemed to be pretty chuffed with the information. (The conversation went something along the lines of, “hey are you guys still looking for Osama? Are you kidding? I never kid the National Security Agency”.)

I hold no brief for Q and we haven’t been in contact, as far as I know. However he/they clearly has high-level access. The latest intel dump, very sensibly supported by President Trump, may yet affect the US election.

How’s the President doing?

I’m not sure now that he’s going to win by a landslide, but I still predict that he’s going to win and win big. TIPWNOI (‘That Idiot Pelosi Woman, No Offense Intended’) would scarcely be in such a panic if Democrat internal polling was predicting a win for Sleepy Joe.

Whilst polling organisations lack the competence, objectivity and integrity to be able to accurately predict election results where a conservative candidate is standing, they can predict trends. The polls in the battleground states appear to be tightening, which in reality probably means that the President is increasing his lead.

The Democrats’ unwillingness to rule out packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices is undoubtedly costing them votes. Voters do not like politicians messing with the courts, not least when they’re swamp creatures, no offense intended, like Biden and TIPWNOI.

I am not overlooking the creditable performance of the polls in New Zealand. Newshub-Reid Research, in the last published poll before election day, picked up the collapse in the National Party vote. However New Zealand doesn’t really have a conservative party. No offense to the promising Judith Collins intended, but New Zealand doesn’t have a dynamic conservative leader like President Trump. (Judith only became leader in July and had little chance to build a following before the election.)

New Zealand First, led by Winston Peters, became an irrelevance when it backed Labour. Why vote NZF when you can have a genuine socialist? Not that Jacinda Ardern is particularly left-wing – she’s more of a centrist machine politician in the style of Tony Blair, albeit nicer.

The Brexit Negotiations

As predicted on these pages the Anglo-European trade talks have finally collapsed. We should never have embarked upon them in the first place –the EU doesn’t believe in free trade and was only ever interested in punishing us for leaving. They are not our friends, any more than our community partners Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were in the 1930s. (Brian English met both by the way.)

This is good news for Britain’s manufacturing industry, especially our car industry, which will now be protected from predatory European imports by a tariff wall. Given Germany’s use of sabotage and strikes to undermine our car industry their manufacturers can hardly be heard to complain. They’ve had it their own way for far too long. All we need to do now is to stop banging on about global warming, scrap silly subsidies for electric cars, bring back low-lead fuel and raise the fuel duty on diesel to encourage a switch to petrol.

European carmakers will continue to be hampered by daft EU environmental policies. Freed of control from Brussels we can adopt sane, rational policies. There’s no law against the rational government! Stupid government is the practice, but it’s not a constitutional requirement.

Steve Gallant, left, with Jack Merritt, murdered by Islamic terrorist Usman Khan.

Steven Gallant

I applaud the Royal Pardon for the eponymous Steve Gallant, the convicted murderer who helped save lives in the terrorist attack on London Bridge last November. His sentence is being reduced by 10 months and rightly so.

Steven Gallant once took a human life wrongly. He has shown genuine remorse, however, done his time and risked his life to save others. He deserves his pardon. It’s not a complete pardon, of course, only time off the sentence. (Hopefully, I’ll be next!) Incidentally, when I intervened in HMP Wandsworth to cut down my South Korean cellmate, who was trying to hang himself, nobody even thanked me, officially at any rate. (He was a Catholic and the Catholic chaplaincy said some kind words.) Human life is not that valued by the Civil Service, sadly.

If you get the opportunity to save a life, take it – you’ll feel good about yourself afterward. That’s not the reason for doing it, of course, but you’ll still feel good! It’s one reason I got through prison relatively unscathed. If you save a life in prison word gets around.

Press TV

Slightly to my surprise, I got a call from Teheran on Friday morning asking if I could go live on Press TV at 11 am! A row had blown up overnight about a perfectly sensible bill to regularise criminal conduct by covert human intelligence sources.


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  1. I mis-spoke! Obama’s mother was ARAB, not Asian! Less haste, more speed!

    I have never asserted that Ann Dunham was Obama’s mother. She clearly wasn’t.

  2. Seems like Gordon’s name is being taken in vain! I’m sure he knows how to spell ‘dumbfuck’!

    Granted it would have taken 4 days to reach Mombasa from Honolulu in 1961, but who is saying anything about Ann Dunham flying to Mombasa? She wasn’t Obama’s mother, having been ruled out conclusively by the DNA test, the absence of medical records confirming pregnancy and hospital admission and the July 61 photos showing that she wasn’t pregnant.

    Ian, assuming it’s you : can I respectfully suggest you read my column and the section on the Obama birth issue in my book? Obama’s mother was an Asian mistress of Barack Obama Snr. Dunham simply doesn’t enter into it. She never went to the Coastal Protectorate, so far as I know, and never met Obama’s mother.
    She of course was under British surveillance (MI6), as the mistress of a Mau-Mau terrorist.

    In point of fact there was very little terrorist activity in the Protectorate – the Mau-Mau rebellion was centred in the Aberdare Mountains and had largely been defeated by 1961.

    Since Obama was born in 1960, what Ann Dunham was doing in 1961 becomes even less relevant.

  3. Mr Shrimpton, about Obama Conspiracy you said, “And why would anyone need to murder an Hawaiian official querying the short-form certificate in an air-crash?” Good question. I was initially favorably disposed to Obama the Presidential candidate. In fact, when I accidentally ran into his Iowa guy very early in 2007, I gave him 2 pieces of advice, both of which were used by him to very good effect. (I regretted that, after I found out about the Kenya birth problem.) I remember the murder of Hawaiian official Loretta Fuddy, on Dec 11, 2013. There is NO statute of limitations on murder! The small plane crash took place in shallow water, and everyone else survived except her. Was she killed in or out of the water?

    • Loretta Fuddy was, of course, the acting Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, in charge of the birth certificates. We are supposed to believe in the amazing coincidence that she was the only person who died in the crash. She also had an interesting connection to Obama and his stepfather Soetoro, as well as Obama’s babysitters, in Indonesia. Fuddy was a practitioner of Subud spiritualist movement (Indonesian movement or cult), and she was the chairwoman of Subud USA’s National Committee from 2006 to 2008. This movement believed in, among other things, changing names, moving kids around. Again, we are supposed to believe this is just an extraordinary coincidence. This poor woman deserves justice. No statute of limitations on murder.

    • Hilarious. Here is why you are such a dubmfuck: Imagine a white woman, extremely pregnant, taking what was then a $10k 4 day flight to Kenya to deliver a child at a British colonial hospital in the middle of the Mau Mau rebellion. The second the head showed, mother and child would have been butchered by hospital personnel. Tell me if I am lying? Then apologize for being fucking stupid.

    • Intel people and pols can fight all they want about Obama. I actually don’t care, as I don’t have dog in that fight. However, I will add 1 small thing about my conversation with Obama’s Iowa guy. I gave the info to 2 people long ago, and I also have Iowa guy’s contact info on LinkedIn. And no, I don’t plan to tell you guys about the conversation, other than it can be proven to have taken place. And that’s it.

  4. Dear Erica,

    Thanks for your comment. I’m afraid that someone has been blowing smoke in Nairobi! In fact every major player in Kenya knows about ‘von’ Obama’s birth in Mombasa, I think one even admitted it to the Daily Telegraph. I’ve known about the non-US birth for over 20 years, some of my sources being colleagues on the Immigration Appeal Tribunal, which had significant Africa expertise.

    DNA doesn’t lie – the CIA and DIA have been covering up the DNA report for over a decade, but it blows Obama’s claim to have been born to Ann Dunham out of the water. In turn that blows his claim to US citizenship out of the water, since he never naturalized. The July 1961 photos of a non-pregnant Ann Dunham in her bikini are the clincher, but of course the CIA won’t release them.

    The lack of credible medical records ought to have put the MSM on notice – no medical notes, no hospital admission records, no nothing, as the saying goes!

    No one has ever engaged with my detailed arguments in Spyhunter and it’s a bit late for people to start now. No American judge ever looked at the case in detail – without exception they retreated into arcane procedural arguments to nonsuit plaintiffs. The court-martial of one brave officer who stood for the truth was a complete farce, with respect, with the court preventing him from mounting an effective defence, a serious stain on American military justice.

  5. Sorry, Highlander, I like to cover the week’s events!

    Erica – as you know, with respect, I don’t do hoaxes! I leave them to the UN and global warming nutters. I hold no brief for Q and am not part of that group. it just so happens that their latest intel dump is correct. So far as I know their sources are entirely independent of mine.

  6. Interesting, if not a fractured article. When I entered this story, I was looking for some detailed information about the obama usurpation and found none. Then the article drifted into several other areas which, while being interesting, belonged perhaps in articles of their own. When doing my own research, I like to focus on one subject at a time. so, for me, this article was not very helpful. And the YT link to the intelligence briefing to the Marlborough Group, was likewise, not very helpful.

  7. Wow, for a sex and drug addict he didn’t do a bad job. It’s taking more than four years for mango Mussolini to undo everything he did all the while brag about it as being a successful presidency.

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