The Green Light Innovations’ Guide to using Signs to Make Your Small Business Stand Out



While driving through your town or city, you have no doubt seen a plethora of retail business signage. In other words, there is no shortage of signs, which can make it difficult for customers to point out yours from the crowd. So how do you make your business signs to stand out from the competition?

Whether you design a simple Neon open sign or a complicated one, there is some psychology involved. Also, you need to take time and think through your message that you are willing to convey. You should put yourself in the situation of the customer and work with a top-notch sign manufacturing company like Green Light Innovations. This is the surest way to guarantee that your sign will stand out from the competition and attract massive attention from the public. In this article, we discuss tips to make your business sign to stand out from the sea of competitors.

 Consider Your Message

You might think that because you are just designing an LED Open Sign, you don’t need to think about the messaging. Nothing can be further from the truth. Before you start working on the design of your sign, the first thing you need to do is to carefully consider the message that you want to convey to your audience. To guide you, you need to think about the kind of business that you run. Do you have a restaurant that caters to families that have young children, or are you involved in crafting and selling handmade jewelry? One of the main traits of a successful business sign is its ability to clearly and concisely convey your business and what you offer.

Other than the business name, it’s also important that the colors and graphics of your sign are done correctly. This will help to reinforce the message that you are attempting to communicate. Some tips you could use include playing with different colors, visuals, fonts, and negative space.

Keep Things Simple

The average attention span of consumers is painfully short, and if you consider the huge number of competitors vying for the same attention of the potential customers, it makes sense to keep the messaging on your signage short and to the point. Avoid putting too much or too little detail as this can be damaging. Find a way of keeping the balance right while also ensuring that you have included all the vital information.

Equally important when designing your sign is the font type that you want to use in displaying your text. While a handwritten font gives the impression of an extravagant feel, it’s not easy to read especially from a distance. When choosing fonts, you want to give great emphasis on readability and shun anything too complex or intricate.

Use Shape to Reinforce Meaning

Most designs use shapes, and this is important in creating a subconscious impact on the way your brand is perceived. Different shapes tend to convey different meanings and can trigger diverse emotions. For example, circles resonate better with end consumers compared to squares or triangles. At times, a sign isn’t initially evident. For instance, a solid text block naturally forms a rectangular shape. Be careful not to choose a shape just because it is convenient for you. You could be associating your brand with an emotion you know nothing about.

Use Colours Purposefully

The color you choose for your storefront sign plays a big role in whether your sign will be successful or not. Color affects the behavior of people and how they make decisions. Indeed, research shows that a whopping 93 percent of consumers are uninfluenced by visual appearance. Additionally, nearly 85% of these cite color as the main reason why they make purchases. Different colors tend to evoke different emotions from people.

  • Red: Red color stimulates the body and increases your blood pressure as well as heart rate. The color is known to generate a feeling of urgency which is why many businesses use it for promotional activities. Red is also associated with hunger, and it’s why you see it mostly associated with fast-food restaurants.
  • Blue: Blue is the color for men. It is associated with security, peace, and reliability. If your brand is conservative, you should use the color blue to inspire trust in your products.


  • Green: Green is a relaxing color that’s often used to advertise environmental products. This color gives a feeling of tranquility, harmony, nature, and health.


  • Orange and Yellow: They are associated witha feeling of optimism. While orange color gives a feeling of caution, it also tends to create anxiety that can make people buy impulsively.


  • Black: You should use black sparinglysince it can be overwhelming. But, if you find the right balance, you can send the message of intelligence, power, authority, and stability.

Align Your Sign with your Style

One of the hallmarks of successful storefront design is its ability to reflect what the business stands for as quickly as possible. Your business isn’t like any other business, and you can use signage to show how unique you are. When choosing a business sign, make sure your sign represents your business as much as possible. A low-quality and poorly designed sign can even turn people away so it’s important to invest in a quality sign.

Call Green Light Innovations for Top-Notch Signs

At Green Light Innovations, we provide much more than printing affordable and high-quality signs. Boasting some of the fastest TAT (turnaround time), we never cut corners when it comes to producing high-quality signs. Even if it’s just a simple Neon Open Sign, we will put the best designers to your project to ensure that it is unique and drives the customers through your door.

We understand that potential customers have just a few minutes to glance at your sign. For this reason, we ensure the legibility and attractiveness of signs so your customers get the message loud and clear. Our signs are attractive, easy to read, and memorable, and customers will not spend a lot of time trying to make sense of your message. If your signs aren’t bringing in the customers, you just need to hook up with us.


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