Introductions by Ian Greenhalgh and Gordon Duff

There is a war going on, one quite possibly more important to the fate of mankind than that other one that is strewing bodies across a third of the globe. What if we can prove there is electricity in the air, not just here on earth but in the vacuum of space – electricity that we can tap and use? can help you with physics homework, but first, we advise you to read our article.

Jeff as a UN nuclear inspector in Iran

What if that secret, yes Tesla’s and now Keshe’s, can run your hairdryer or charge your electric car? A dozen governments are looking at his tech to power their next-century development plans while, and quite contrary to Keshe’s strong anti-war message, a dozen armies look at Keshe tech as a way of powering the superweapons of the next generation and beyond.

Well, the plans are free; they are online, and thousands around the world are doing just that – building their own Magrav units, and some people are very unhappy about it, as you might just guess. This isn’t just lying about history or how many angels dance on the head of a pin.

Physicist Jeff Smith postulates that, since 1880, then perhaps not so great minds whose work now needs to be, just perhaps, relegated to the trash bin of history, decided that burning oil and coal (or the “flavor of the day”) was going to be the only way to power civilization, even if, for no reason whatsoever as we know now, planet earth would eventually look like Mars.

For those of you who don’t know, Mehran T. Keshe is an Oxford-trained physicist, one-time researcher (nuclear weapons researcher our investigations indicate) for the British MOD (Ministry of Defense) who now heads the equivalent of a worldwide cult. Keshe claims his physics, using different laws than are taught today, make free energy and even space travel, real space travel, a possibility.


We sent scientists to meet him; one said he was insane. The problem is this, his devices actually work, even when tested by detractors and skeptics. They are being manufactured and distributed around the world; the plans are available and people are building their own, and all of this is documented.

If this is true, and it is, and we can prove it, and we can, then physics, as taught in our schools, is a lie. Toward that end, VT Science Editor and nuclear physicist Jeff Smith, archivist, and researcher for the US Department of Energy, now has to talk his way out of a corner, using his skills, humor, and the world’s largest scientific library. This is a good read but first, see what Ian Greenhalgh has to say:

If I understand things right, then my suspicions are correct – that the aether was mainstream in physics until the Clark-Maxwell equations, that electricity, gravity, and magnetism are the same thing and powerful people don’t want this to be known.

At some point at the end of the 19th century, as the exploitation of petroleum for profit was getting underway, those who stood to profit acted to suppress the knowledge that electrical potential was everywhere around us and if we could only learn to harness it…

Nikola Tesla

Tesla had figured it out, but he was blocked from developing a workable system because, as the legend goes, he admitted to some rich financiers that you couldn’t put a meter on this power which meant there were no huge profits to be made. So instead of entering an electrical age, we entered a petroleum age that did untold damage to our planet, our environment, our health, and perhaps worst of all, our understanding of the physical universe we inhabit.

We live in an electric universe and the key to controlling gravity is also the key to extracting usable electrical power from the aether. This is the knowledge that the elite doesn’t want to get out as it contains within it the potential to obliterate the petroleum-based economy that their wealth and power has been built on.

Furthermore, it unlocks the barrier to outer space – to leaving the confines of our one small planet without having to ride atop a giant firework that might go bang at any moment and spread your ashes across half the globe.

Anti-gravity propulsion and UFOs

Which brings us to the esoteric subject of anti-gravity propelled craft and UFOs. We know that the British RAF and US Air Force operating over Europe in 1944 and 45, bombing to bits Germany’s towns and cities, reported frequent encounters with ‘foo fighters’ or what we would today call UFOs and suspect were alien craft.

Well, regardless of whether aliens exist or if they have visited us here on Earth, I have always felt that the major, overriding motivating factor behind the immense UFO cover-up that has gone on since 1945 is to hide technologies developed here on Earth by humans; that almost all of the strange craft seen in the skies were not alien, but rather something built by humans using technologies suppressed from the public.

Which brings us to Operation Paperclip and the grabbing of as many German scientists, engineers, and technologies as possible and transporting them to the US to work for Uncle Sam. I think it is a thousand times more likely that the USAF got its advanced anti-gravity propulsion technology not from reverse-engineering something alien that crashed on a ranch in New Mexico but from German scientists and engineers who had developed the technology after studying the work of Maxwell and Hertz.

This also leads us to the uneasy suspicion that NASA, with all its fancy fireworks, is nothing more than an elaborate multi-billion dollar cover op to hide the real space program that rather than using metal tubes trailing smoke and flame to crawl out of the gravity well into orbit has been based on anti-gravity craft, See Gary McKinnon and Solar Warden.

The Battle of Berlin

We all know that Stalin told Zhukov to take Berlin ASAP in May 1945, to spare no efforts to take the city before the Allies could. For this reason, Zhukov went straight on into a frontal attack on the Seelow Heights and bludgeoned his way through and fought his way into the city where he battered his way block by block to the Reichstag to plant the Red Flag.

It cost the Russians immense casualties, over a million men, whereas they could have circled north and south of Berlin to meet up west of the city and taken it with minimum loss of life. All those lives lost purely due to haste and the desire to take physical possession of Berlin.

We have long known that there was no political need for Stalin to seize Berlin – he had already been given Eastern Germany and Berlin by the Allies at Yalta; so why the undue haste to seize the city?

I have long felt that the real reason lay in the southwestern suburbs at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, for here was stored a large stockpile of high-grade uranium ore that had been mined in the Belgian Congo and taken by the Germans after they overran Belgium in 1940. It was this uranium stockpile along with the nuclear research and the scientists who worked on the atomic Waffen project that I thought was the motivation behind Stalin’s undue haste to capture Berlin.

However, given Jeff’s information about the Hertz files stored at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and the groundbreaking research of von Braun and Dornberger based on those files, I have to consider a whole new motivation for the capture of Berlin in May 1945. Perhaps getting their hands on the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and the research done there explains the how and why of the Russian’s early lead in the space race?

Once again, I find myself being reminded that not only is history written by the victors; science and our understanding of the physical world is similarly controlled by those who are at the top of the world’s power structure.

Electricity is Free and Gravity Doesn’t Exist

VT on Maxwell with Keshe and Jeff Smith

by Jeff Smith

I have been busy doing some long deep research into Hertz lab notes on Gravity circa 1888. It’s a most interesting read. Apparently he got his data from Helmholtz who got it from Lord Rayleigh who got it from Maxwell’s original research into light and gravity.

It appears that Maxwell’s first two formulas describe what gravity is, and his second two formulas describe what light or transverse radio waves are. This is according to Hertz’s own notes!!!

This is also confirmed by J.J. Thompson and T.T. Brown’s work on electrostatics.

You have to understand that magnetic and electrostatic fields were well understood and developed during the time of Maxwell but this was well before circuit theory and the discovery of the electron so it was very easily missed by mainstream science.

The part on gravity was dropped by Rayleigh who took over Maxwell’s seat at Cambridge around 1885. Then Maxwell’s notes were passed on to Helmholtz who then gave them to Hertz. It seems that nobody was interested in the gravity part and simply dumped it. Hertz worked on it for a while, then moved on to transverse wave theory after being encouraged by Helmholtz and Faraday to stop playing with the gravity part and focus on the more important transverse wave part.

So the Gravity part of Maxwell’s theory and Hertz’s own work on gravity got shelved until WW2 when Von Braun, Dornberger, and company dusted it off at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute where Hertz’ files were kept and got it to work.

Dornberger then gave it to Larry Bell after the war in 1948 and that led to the NASA weight loss program on Apollo. It’s interesting how funny little quarks in history can have really big effects later on. The data matches what I have on Bell and Dornberger’s work in the 1950s.

Here is the simple science/math part.:

1. Gravity is non-rotational. It has no spin or rotation; therefore it is not a wave of any type and never can be. Only transverse waves have rotation or curl as it is called. Light spins. Gravity is static and does not possess spin. This is because it is a vector force field only. Vector fields do not possess spin, rotation, or curl.

2. Gravity is a static vector field of force. I.E. a flow of current from the sky towards the center of the Earth. You can also say it is a difference in potential or a voltage drop. Therefore it is static and flows in one direction only. It is not scalar and has no spin, rotation, or curl. This is why gravity is always attractive and never repulsive on Earth.

3. It is not Scalar but it is a type of Scalar field. I.E. the field varies from zero in outer space to 100% at sea level but the field always has a constant vector amplitude and direction. I.E. its field intensity or force is always in the same direction and level, everywhere, when measured in a closed space. Like Einstein’s elevator.

4. Its Gradient is negative. Anti-gravity has a positive Gradient or what is called an “Over Gradient”.

5. According to J.J. Thomas and T.T. Brown, electrostatic levitation is a form of anti-gravity because it uses an electrical over-gradient to cancel the effect of gravity by pushing out the magnetic lines of force, creating a form of magnetic buoyancy.

6. J.J. Thompson also states that the presence of air surrounding an object of mass interferes with the ability of an electrostatic charge to deflect it. The effect was heavily researched with vacuum tubes, x-rays, cathode ray tubes, etc. back in the late 1900s by everybody but they missed the gravity part that was right in front of them until the Germans re-discovered the effect in WW2.

There is more to the theory; this is just the frosting on the cake for general info. After looking at some of Keshe’s math this is where he got it from – Maxwell and Hertz’s original notes on gravity.

Keshe is describing the Aether and electrostatic fields of forces and not photons. His so-called “Mag-grav” units are simply Maxwell’s first two formulas combined together to form a new scientific unit.

Actually he is describing a non-rotational vector gradient field of force. This is what gravity really is – a simple difference in voltage between two objects of mass that is always attractive. By simply displacing the magnetic lines of force between the two objects you get a positive form of buoyancy called an-over gradient. This follows with nuclear plasma magnetic buoyancy theory or why heat and flame always repel gravity.

So the quest to figure out what light was preceded gravity research and the government simply sat on it for military reasons due to the cold war. I do believe that this is what Keshe learned when he was working in the UK? His “spinning glass spears” simply are filled with sulfur that, when spun up, creates a very large positive charge on the outside of the glass sphere producing an over-gradient and reversing the Lorentz  F=QVXB formula that is the basic cause of Gravity. If you make the charge on an object of mass positive, it repels the local magnetic field and goes up not down.

The problem is simple; the air is highly resistive and it, therefore, it requires a very very large voltage drop to overcome the effect of gravity. As in lightning. However, in the vacuum of space or on the moon this is not a problem due to the high conductivity of a vacuum.

Even in the vacuum of free space there still remains over 10 billion electrically active particles of all types per cubic inch that will conduct electricity. This is why space is not empty and the aether really does exist. Maxwell’s equations will not work without it. Einstein was wrong, space is not empty. It is very conductive electrically.

The key is in maximizing the current density of the reverse or over the gradient field. Dornberger’s vacuum tank demonstrations at NASA proved this to be true leading to the Apollo space program’s ability to solve how to get off of the moon with limited weight and thrust restrictions.

In the future, this is how we will land and get back off of Mars. It is also how we will travel between the stars and it is the Transporter Beam on Star Trek or how the US government steals cows with black helicopters for covert fallout testing.

More to come…


There is a war going on, one quite possibly more important to the fate of mankind than that other one that is strewing bodies across a third of the globe. What if we can prove there is electricity in the air, not just here on earth but in the vacuum of space – electricity that we can tap and use? can help you with physics homework, but first we advise you to read our article.


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  1. “They” will kill you if you go “too far” with it.
    Eugene Mallove
    Bruce DePalma
    John Bedini
    Bill Muller
    Stanley Meyers
    Nicola Tesla

  2. If we see that the 1947 ‘Roswell UFO crash’ was a gov’t hoax meant to get us to believe in ET UFOs, everything else falls into place. Their hoax provides perfect cover for their continued development of Tesla technology. Gov’t psy-ops meant to instill national belief in ET aliens were likely first implemented in 1938 with the infamous radio broadcast of an ET alien invasion by Orson Welles.

    The book Pentagon Aliens by Wm. Lyne describes Tesla’s application of plasma energy technology in silent propulsion. While much of it is hard to believe, the claims about plasma energy technology line up perfectly with Electric Universe theory. The gov’t’s utilization and showcasing of their UFOs keeps us in fear and awe of what we think of as evidence of real ET aliens. It may also explain the “Non-Terrestrial Officers” list Gary McKinnon saw.

    Dr. Carol Rosin went on record in Dec 2000 with information that appears to tie gov’t suppression of UFO technology in with an orchestrated march toward a New World Order. Rosin testified that von Braun, a vice president with Fairchild before his death in 1977, disclosed to her that the last step in the plan would be an ET alien threat hoax.

  3. If any of this wonderful fantasy worked, the elite would have wrung the knowledge from anyone who knew it, by the first half of the last century and have it under control. They would live in utopias with flying cars and heated and cooled air. Military death squads would hunt for anyone smarter than a chimp. They would be in complete control of the world. Only useful boot lickers would live the good life and they would be known as <<>>.

  4. Sir Isaac Newton (like Keshe) proposed that there are 2 forces. One is gravity which is inward flow and the other is the outward flow which he called strife. (poor naming perhaps? (doubt it)). (Isaac Newton did calculate the return of Nibiru. (Returns 2050) (but he had less accurate measurements))
    If you consider the earth as a single entity…but it isn’t. Each atom (condensed field) has a different ratio of field in and field out.
    Gravitational constant is fudge factor to remove outward field flow. (i.e. gravitational constant only valid here)
    Question: Does this indicate the presence of ‘controllers’ (alien or keepers of ancient knowledge)?

  5. I have long suspected that the air is “filled with electricity.” On many nights during the summer, I would
    go outside to smoke my pipe and would look up into the sky and see faint flashes of lightning filling the sky. This was observed when there were NO clouds in the sky – the sky was filled with stars.

    Also, in regards to my hobby of amateur radio (“ham” radio; my FCC-issued call sign is N9EN), I have gone
    outside and have stood by my tower when an electrical storm was approaching and I could HEAR the electricity in the air being absorbed by my grounded tower and the antennas on top of it.

    Another example that I have observed is when I would attempt to hook back up one of my wire antennas, a “delta loop,” which is an insulated, triangular-shaped length of wire and when the center conductor of the
    coaxial cable feed line for the antenna would be brought into close proximity to the grounded tower, a spark
    would jump to the tower. The antenna had STORED electricity that it had absorbed from the air; it had not been struck by any lightning.

    Brad Anbro, N9EN
    Bluff City, TN

  6. Keshe’s Maxwellian science includes a triad of substances that share and transmute energy through black holes and worm holes…also known as stars…matter and anti-matter interacting with “dark matter”..the transductive inversion performed at the “event horizon” of both black holes and suns…it is at the event horizon that Centrifugal Force vs. Centripetal Force interact in a vortex manner ..that is evocative of a Mobius strip…it’s cool because it is true…as I have shared before…great article!

  7. Hey. I wont pretend i understand any of this, but i find it fascinating.
    It ties in with the work of Dr Joseph p Farrell.
    But what i keep thinking of when i read this kind of stuff is HG Wells’ first men on the moon, and if my memory serves me correctly, cavatite? As a kid reading his stories i new they were stories but always felt that what he was writing was true. Imagine, space travel, genetic engineering, time travel, inter dimensional travel etc written way back when? The mind boggles.

    • Yeah, I recently read Well’s moon story. Fun stuff. Einstein took the Maxwell/Clark experiment concerning the speed of light, twisted it to serve his ends, removed the eather, said space is a vacuum, tweaked something else, and rolled out his theory of relativity. All reinforced by MSM. Tesla laughed at it. Today, Eric Dollard, the electrical genius, will tell you that all honest research into electricity was halted at the university level in the 1920s’, and has ceased to be taught. Gravity doesn’t exist as they theorize, hence no gravity waves. Air pressure keeps things in place here on earth.
      I don’t think anyone can argue that there is more scientific proofs that this earth is flat, than there that it is a globe. Personally I leave this argument to God.

  8. ” Electricity is Free and Gravity Doesn’t Exist,” and carbon dioxide does not control the climate of Earth.
    Why don’t independent builders of Keshe devices succeed when input and output watts are measured?

  9. No observable change in the gravitational constant during a lightning storm? Same goes for cathode ray tubes, or is the effect so small in CRT’s as to be almost undetectable? For the purposes of simply generating electricity, there are other less esoteric means. Tesla’s electrical broadcast tower tended to make the ground all around it “electric”. Radio Frequency induced electrical power is well known to any boy scout who has built and used a crystal radio set. The discovery of radio waves in the marconi days was by observing an object (small gold leaf) in a vacuum bottle attached to a copper rod which in turn was attached to an aerial during a lightning storm (very dangerous that). When a flash was observed in the distance the leaf was seen to move long before the boom of thunder.

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