Breathtaking: ‘Trump Shits His Pants,’ called ‘Diaper Don’ on the Apprentice

#DiaperDon is trending number 2 across Twitter


Note: VT held this story until after not just the election but as Trump has made even a bigger ass of himself.

World leaders, Putin, Erdogan, Netanyahu over and over, have all had Don “go anal” on them.

VT: According to Noel, it was Keith Schiller who was assigned to play “wet wipe” when Don shit himself.  Listen to the video, all of it.

Imagine a White House assistant whose job it is to rush Trump off stage, clean him up and reload him with a clean diaper.

We might also add that hundreds of thousands of older Americans have bowel and bladder control problems and that this criticism is in no way intended to cause them discomfort or embarrassment.

It is simply that Trump has spent 4 years doing things like this:

Keith Schiller (born c. 1959)[1] is an American former law enforcement official and security consultant who served as Deputy Assistant to U.S. President Donald Trump and Director of Oval Office Operations. Prior to his appointment in the Trump administration, Schiller served as the Director of Security for The Trump Organization, In this capacity, he was the personal bodyguard to Trump. He has been described as “one of Trump’s most loyal and trusted aides” and “a constant presence at Trump’s side for nearly two decades.”[2]

WWF ‘Depends’ Shot


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  1. I have followed this guy on social media for the last 2 months or so. My assessment is that he is serious and credible. His father had intel/state dept background. If interested in more detail watch some of his video interviews on you tube. Search for Noel Castler. You will get a lot more interesting inform. Would recommend his twitter feed (put his name in your search). Lots of interesting gems there.

    For example, he alludes (including in person direct observations) to serious habitual substance abuse. If accurate, this cannot be a secret for those in the know. If true, the public would be shocked and stunned; they would demand accountability as those at or near the top could not not know.

    • Then again, this may give Trump a reason to believe most of his troubles are ‘behind him’

  2. It is easy to be conned if you don’t understand fundamentals of voting.
    Voting for Donald , was like trying to fix the broken dishwasher with dynamite.
    And afterward, actually putting the dishes in what is left, thinking it worked.
    Load the dishes, it should work great ! Someone find the button.

  3. And that’s the client, the lawyer has it oozing from his scalp. The faculties of the Fecal facilitators of feces, coming out of their wherever.
    A continuous barrage of exposure is coming. We are now at that moment where the rising levels are nearing the rim of the golden bowl, and the cascading filth hitting the floor is clearly irreversible, so the instinct is to back away.

  4. Moron. Watch the video. This is a statement from an eyewitness who was close to Trump for years. AS is so often the case, people make decisions without fact and when they are given fact, they don’t bother to either read or watch videos, which we supply expecting non readers.

    Well, you have it all, names named, people, places, all right there just as you forgot to bother to look at or if you did…maybe your mind was elsewhere.

  5. Lord, what a dirt …
    Of course, as for Russian, it is not my business. But this is more suitable for the “yellow” tabloid press. Who’s wiping whose ass in the White House – normal people are not interested. Over the past 4 years of Trump’s presidency, I have become even more convinced that the closure of insane asylums in the United States was a fatal mistake. Mass idiocy has become the norm in the United States…

    • Oh Andy, how utterly wrong you are. All the while so many of his adherents were comfortable with the shit that poured out of his mouth, now they know it came from both ends. Perhaps this explains some of his behaviors.

      Without shitting his pants, would he have killed so many in Yemen?

    • Mr.Duff, i just regret that your country have changed a lot to the negative side. Frankly, i’ve never seen the USA as it is now… And everything started 4 years ago. This is why i love your articles a la nostalgia about old good times in the US more. Probably, 40-50 years ago.

    • When I write about such things, my own government takes offense it seems. If only I were kidding. As with everyone, I see the world through my own eyes but have lived, as much as possible, as varied a life as possible. Careers, intel, government, are stifling. Banking and oil are much more real world.

      AS for the other stuff, living here. I spent a decade at university (s). Few of those friends, and there were so many, are still around. Was talking to my daughter today, if this were back in East Lansing so long ago, Turkey DAy would involve a dozen or more folks, mostly grad and ‘gradual’ students who had known each other through heading off to other schools, failed marriages, some within the group. We were ‘throwaways’ and built families where we could find them. Little did I know that this damaged social group would be, along with my platoon in Vietnam, the only family experiences I would ever have.

    • Jeez Andy, If only you all could invade! Help Us! Our situation is a sick joke. If folks got more stupid over here they would have to be watered twice a week. Steve Z.

    • @ Gordon Duff: thank you, Sir. I get what you’re talking about. And you have the full right to say. When everything is back to normal in the USA, I will come on my business and will definitely find you, Mr. Duff. I would like to meet the legend, without any exaggeration and flattery!

      @Harry Haller: Harry, my friend, to be honest – sometimes I think about it. After yesterday’s story about different kinds of freaks, blm, LGBT gangs and the total degradation of the moral compass, stuffing all kinds of shit into the heads of children from an early age, I think it’s time to save America. Yesterday we had a TV program. Even Megan Kelly ran away from New York.
      So… Harry, I can suggest a battalion of the Russian marines (they had a professional holiday yesterday – 305 years). They are real brutal severe beasts. I recommend. With their bare hands and sapper shovels, they will clear the Washington swamp and the “Ministry of Truth” very quickly. Be patient a little, Harry! )))

    • Andy, I believe everything started even much longer than 4 years ago, what happens in last 4 years is that tiny paint coat which hidden the rust under was sanded by Trump an now all can see the car was putrid under…

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