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Trump Nose Best: Adderall Use is Nothing to Sniff At


John Kruse

Medium.com: Internet commentators have been nosing into whether Mr. Trump habitually snorts Adderall, a stimulant medication prescribed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Derisive and joking commentary pervades this buzz. However, if true, we should probably applaud the allegations. First, they constitute at least tacit acknowledgement of Mr. Trump’s ADHD. Secondly, they indicate his acting in ways that might actually mitigate some of his ADHD-driven problems.

Several lines of cocaine, I mean investigation, lead to Mr. Trump’s purported history with stimulants. Reports going back decades assert that doctors prescribed Mr. Trump phentermine. The FDA approved the stimulant medication phentermine for weight-control, but physicians also prescribe it off-label to treat ADHD.

Phentermine prescriptions receive less government scrutiny than more tightly controlled stimulants like Ritalin or Adderall. During the presidential campaign two years ago, pundits extensively discussed Mr. Trump’s sniffing, grimacing and hyperactivity, and whether these behaviors indicated a habit of snorting cocaine or other stimulants.

Months ago, individuals who worked on the reality show The Apprentice claimed that Mr. Trump routinely snorted Adderall while on the set. The issue achieved greater prominence following Mr. Trump’s recent Presidential Address, with a flurry on Twitter noting that his frequent sniffing and visibly dilated pupils might both indicate ongoing Adderall snorting.

I examined video footage of the border wall Presidential Address, comparing it to his other presidential performances. Mr. Trump’s pupils are substantially larger during the Address than during other speeches, under what appear to be similar indoor lighting conditions. (Brightness strongly influences pupillary dilation.) However, even more blatant than a change in the size of his pupils, during the Address he made many fewer head and body movements, many fewer hand gestures, twitched less, and uttered more organized sentences, in a calmer cadence, than he displays elsewhere.

read more…https://medium.com/@dockruse/trump-nose-best-4fdefbca82c1

Is Donald Trump on drugs? That’s seriously the wrong question

After the Iran speech, another cascade of Adderall rumors — but amphetamines can’t explain Trump, or America

Salon: So what do you think: Is Donald Trump on drugs? It’s a question that has hovered around this president since well before he took office, and cropped up all over again — at least on the internet — after Trump’s address to the nation following the killing of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani and the subsequent Iranian missile attack on a U.S. base in Iraq.Many observers perceived Trump as sniffling extensively and having difficulty articulating words during that speech, and suggested that his pupils appeared to be dilated. This was taken as more evidence that this obese, 73-year-old man does lines of Adderall all day to remain conscious, or is heavily tranquilized by his handlers to manage him, or perhaps both. (Those observations would indeed tend to pull in different directions, drug-speculation-wise, although that’s hardly the biggest flaw in this whole zone of online paranoia-slash-overconfidence.)

Much of this collective wisdom derives from archly worded “news” posts explaining why “Trump” and “Adderall” are trending on social media, or tweets within the self-reinforcing edifice of #Resistance Twitter that presume, as a widely accepted fact, that the president is a patient of Dr. Feelgood who is being kept marginally alive and functional with massive infusions of pharmaceuticals. Those in turn derive from gossipy years-old reports that people who worked on “The Apprentice” with Trump either saw him snorting Adderall — an amphetamine in tablet form that can easily be crushed, although that’s not the approved delivery method — or pretending to. All of this is taken to explain something, I guess. But what?  read more…


The Highest Office

A former Trump intimate insists that Donald Trump is a known substance abuser. Why is no one listening?

He wasn’t the kind of person you’d imagine delivering the news that the president of the United States is a drug addict.

But shortly before we had learned that the coronavirus was upending American life—and making the president act unhinged—Noel Casler, a stand-up comedian at the American Comedy Institute in New York, made the claim, and he wasn’t joking. Casler, 49, whose material ranges from horse pornography and body parts to aging and dating, makes his experience with the Trump family the centerpiece of his routine. And during the lockdown, he has become an outspoken critic of the president on Twitter, weighing in on Trump’s daily briefings with a type of gallows humor that hews more to tragedy than to comedy. Casler’s take on Monday’s edition:

“I’ve seen Trump snort Adderall, sh*t himself on a TV set and make his 16 year old daughter give him a lap dance. But that was the craziest shit I have ever seen him do.” (Neither the White House nor the Trump Organization would comment on Casler’s claims.)

Casler used to work in live television and spent six seasons as Ivanka Trump’s handler on the finale tapings of The Celebrity Apprentice. In addition to her role as a mentor and judge on the show, Casler says, “she was there to sort of smooth [things] over or make apologies, or jump up and say, ‘Dad has a cold’ or ‘His allergies are acting up.’” Casler describes Ivanka as having a practiced pleasantry that can never be mistaken for genuine kindness. “But she was never rude to me,” he says.

Donald Trump was another story entirely. Casler’s flashing message is the president’s unfitness for office. An excerpt of his material: “The president is a speed freak…. It makes sense if you think about it. Methamphetamine was invented by the Nazis to keep the fighter pilots up all night on bombing runs. Now Trump uses it to hate-tweet from the toilet at four A.M. in a self-centered rage.”  read more…



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  1. Years ago we had an adolescent cheeking his ritalin then crushing it and snorting it. I discovered this and shared with the treatment team; “well, at least he was taking his meds”! Last I heard he was painting houses, not POTUS.

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