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Philip Giraldi has done it again. The former intelligence officer for the CIA has unapologetically stated what politicians from across political lines have consistently failed to say. In order to bring back foreign and domestic policy to the practical world—a world in which responsible people behave according to the moral and political order—Israel needs to be removed from American politics.

In order to bring back the economy to reality, Andrew Jackson essentially killed the banksters of his day. Jackson developed a simple political principle which turned out to be true: You either kill the monster that is destroying the national economy, or the monster will eventually kill you. There is no other way. For Jackson, the monster was none other than the people who were manipulating the money supply for their own political and personal gain, not for the good of the nation. They were the usurious and rapacious bankers.

Jackson obviously did not want the bankers to kill both the economy and the nation, therefore he went on a quest to drive the money changers out of the diabolical temple. . “Vote Andrew Jackson,” the slogan went, and you will have “no bank” manipulating the system.

Jackson noted: “If the American people only understood the rank injustice of our banking and money system—there would be a revolution before morning.” Jackson was hardly alone in his critique of the banking system.

Because they often engaged in usurious activity, bankers were hated. In 1829, New York City passed a resolution denouncing bankers as “the greatest knaves, imposters and paupers of the age.”[1] During that time, “there was hardly a banker in the country who was not constantly and criminally violating the law by committing some species of fraud or other. Year after year the courts were full of lawsuits in which this or that banker was charged with fraudulent transactions.”[2]

During the same time, Nicholas Biddle, president of the Second Bank of the United States—and a vigorous opponent of Andrew Jackson’s policy with respect to the usurious bankers—was charged with theft and embezzlement.[3]

Earlier Biddle had made an alliance with the Rothschild family. James Rothschild likened this to “a financial marriage made in heaven.” Although the alliance did not bear much fruit,[4] Biddle’s banking system was clearly congruent with the Rothschilds’.

The men who put Biddle in charge of the Second Bank of the United States were none other than “his cronies…whose interests were equally at odds with those of ordinary men and women.”[5] Jackson knew that the rich and powerful were using their power to oppress the weak. They declared that “the mass of the people have more to fear from combinations of the wealthy and professional classes—from an aristocracy which through the influence of riches and talents, insidiously employed, sometimes succeeded in preventing political institutions, however well adjusted, from securing the freedom of the citizen.”[6]

Jackson continued, “The Bank has by degrees obtained almost entire dominion over the circulating medium, and with it, power to increase or diminish the price of property and to levy taxes on the people in the shape of premiums and interest to an amount only limited by the quantity of paper currency it is enabled to issue.”[7]

Jackson was probably the most intrepid man of his era to vigorously oppose a privately-owned central bank because he foresaw that eventually usurers would end up cheating the common people.[8] Jackson knew that fractional reserve banking was a sophisticated way of cheating that always ends up killing the economy. Jackson wanted to restore the economy, and he actually did by simply killing the monster.

The Jacksonians were not against all banking systems but against usurious bankers; Jackson called them “hydra-headed” monsters “eating the flesh of the common man.”[9] Speaking like a fire-and-brimstone preacher, Jackson wrote that such bankers “are a den of vipers and thieves” who will eventually destroy families if no one stops them. “I have determined to rout you out and, by the Eternal, I will rout you out,” he said.[10]

We need an Andrew Jackson when it comes to foreign policy. The “hydra-headed” monster that is essentially killing virtually everything it touches in the United States is the Israeli regime. The sooner we can take care of that monster, the better decent Americans will be.

Philip Giraldi

There has been one good thing about the COVID-19 virus – for the first time many among the general public are beginning to ask why a rich country like Israel should be getting billions of dollars from the United States taxpayer at a time when many Americans are struggling. Inevitably, of course, the press coverage of the questions being asked about the cash flow failed to discuss the real magnitude of the “aid,” trade concessions, co-production projects and dicey charitable contributions that our federal and many state governments shower on the Jewish state, which easily exceed $10 billion per year.

During his 2016 campaign Donald Trump swore that he would be the best friend that Israel has ever had in the White House, a pledge that some of us viewed skeptically as Trump was also committed to bringing the troops home from “useless wars” in Asia, most of whom were in the Middle East supporting Israeli interests. More recently Trump admitted that America was in the Middle East to “protect Israel” and he has indeed proven to be the great benefactor he promised to be in responding fully to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wish list. Trump has increased tension dramatically with Iran, moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, has recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Syrian Golan Heights, and has basically given Israel the green light to do whatever it wants on the Palestinian West Bank, including getting rid of the Palestinians. And as all that has played out the Israelis have attacked and killed thousands of civilians in Gaza, Syria and the West Bank with impunity, protected by the U.S. veto in the U.N. Security Council against any consequences for their actions while a subservient Congress gives Netanyahu twenty-eight standing ovations and bleats that “Israel has a right to defend itself.” Trump has made the United States completely complicit in Israeli war crimes and has committed a few of its own to include the widely condemned assassination of the senior Iranian official Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad one year ago.

Israel more-or-less openly admits that it controls the actions of the United States in its region, its leaders having boasted how the U.S. federal government is “easily moved” when it comes up against the Israeli Lobby. Nor is there any real secret to how the Lobby uses money to buy access and then exploits that access to obtain real power, which is then used to employ all the resources of the U.S. government in support of the Jewish state. The top donor to the Democratic Party, Israeli-American Haim Saban has stated that he is a one issue guy and that issue is Israel. This single-minded focus to promote Israel’s interests at the expense of those of the United States makes the Israel Lobby the most formidable foreign policy lobby in Washington and it recalls the warning once issued by George Washington in his Farewell Address, where he stated that “permanent, inveterate antipathies against particular nations and passionate attachments for others should be excluded, and that in place of them just and amicable feelings toward all should be cultivated. The nation which indulges toward another a habitual hatred or a habitual fondness is in some degree a slave.”

The complete contempt that the Israelis and Israeli supporters in the U.S. have for other Americans and their interests was on full display last week when convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard flew “home,” meeting Netanyahu as he disembarked from a private plane that had departed from Newark New Jersey before being given a hero’s welcome.

Pollard is the most damaging spy in American history, having stolen the keys to accessing U.S. communications and information gathering systems. He was an unlikely candidate to become a U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, and one review board determined that he had been hired in the first place under pressure from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). A month after Pollard’s arrest in 1985, C.I.A director William Casey stated: “The Israelis used Pollard to obtain our war plans against the USSR – all of it: the co-ordinates, the firing locations, the sequences, and Israel sold that information to Moscow for more exit visas for Soviet Jews.” According to a C.I.A. after-the fact-damage assessment “Pollard’s operation has few parallels among known U.S. espionage cases…. his first and possibly largest delivery occurred on 23 January [1984] and consisted of five suitcases-full of classified material.”

Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger wrote a forty-six page review of the case that remains largely classified and redacted to this day, detailing what incredible damage Pollard had done. Part of the document states: “In this case, the defendant has admitted passing to his Israeli contacts an incredibly large quantity of classified information. At the outset I must state that the defendant’s disclosures far exceed the limits of any official exchange of intelligence information with Israel. That being the case, the damage to national security was complete the moment the classified information was given over. Ideally, I would detail…all the information passed by the defendant to his Israeli contacts: unfortunately, the volume of .data we know to have been passed is too great to permit that. · Moreover, the defendant admits to having passed to his Israeli handlers a quantity of documents great enough to occupy a space six feet by ten feet… The defendant has substantially harmed the United States, and in my view, his crimes demand severe punishment… My foregoing comments will, I hope, dispel any presumption that disclosures to an ally are insignificant; to the contrary, substantial and irrevocable damage has been done to this nation. Punishment, of course, must be appropriate to the crime, and in my opinion, no crime is more deserving of severe punishment than conducting espionage activities against one’s own country.”

The Pollard trip to his “home” occurred because Donald Trump had obligingly lifted the travel restrictions on him the week before, one more favor to Israel. At the airport, Pollard and his wife knelt to kiss the Israeli soil before Netanyahu handed him an Israeli citizen ID and welcomed him. The 737 luxury-fitted executive jet Pollard and his wife flew on belongs to Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, chief donor to the Republicans and to Donald Trump. Adelson is married to an Israeli and famously has said that he regrets having worn a U.S. Army uniform when he was drafted, much preferring instead that he might have done military service in the Israel Defense Force.

I should point out that permitting dual nationals with singular loyalty to a foreign nation to have such significant influence over the two leading political parties in the U.S. by virtue of money alone is a recipe for disaster, and so it has proven. What were Trump and Hillary Clinton thinking when they tied themselves to Adelson and Saban? Or were they thinking at all?

The Israeli boosters in the United States have flat out corrupted our political process to get where they are. They have bought or intimidated every politician that matters to include presidents, congressmen and even those in state and local governments. Anyone who criticizes Israel or Jewish collective behavior in support of the Israeli state is subject to character assassination and blacklisting a la Mel Gibson and Rick Sanchez. Those who persist are denounced as anti-Semites, a label that is used liberally by Zionist groups.

Anyone who is bold enough to either criticize the Israelis or defend the Palestinians is targeted, and if they happen to be in Congress like Cynthia McKinney, Pete McCloskey, Paul Findlay, James Traficant, William Fulbright and Chuck Percy they are first vilified in the media and then set up against a very well-funded candidate to drive them from office. The end result is that when Israel kills civilians and rampaging armed settlers destroy their livelihoods the United States government chooses to look the other way and shower the rogue state with money so it can continue to do its dirty work.

The corruption extends to the state level, where twenty-six governments have passed Israel lobby-promoted legislation that limits free speech rights if anyone seeks to criticize Israel. This sometimes includes forcing employees, under threat of dismissal, to sign a pro-Israel oath and promise not to support any boycott of the Jewish state. The massive interference in the internal governance of the United States by Israel and its U.S. born lackeys far exceeds that of any other country, including inappropriately vilified Russia or China.

It is well past time to get rid of the Israel parasite that feeds on the American government and people. The special relationship with Israel, sanctified in the halls of Congress and by a Jewish dominated media, does nothing good for the United States and for the American people. Israel’s constant interference in the U.S. political system and economy comes at a huge cost, both in dollars and in terms of actual American interests.

And then there are the hot buttons which, if the U.S. actually had a functional government that is responsive to the people, should have been pushed long ago. Israel is ranked by the FBI as the number one “friendly” country in terms of its spying against the United States. Pollard is an exception, but Israeli spies are routinely slapped on the wrist when caught and never face prosecution. The Mossad agents who were the “Dancing Shlomos,” celebrating while the twin towers went down on 9/11, were allowed to go home. And Israel has never truly paid any price for the horrific bombing and torpedoing of the U.S.S. Liberty fifty-three years ago, which killed 34 Americans and injured over one hundred more. The completely unprovoked attack took place in international waters and was later covered-up by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and Congress. May they burn in hell. The surviving crew members are still waiting for justice.

So, let’s all resolve for 2021 to do whatever we can to pull the plug on Israel. Let Israel pay its own bills and take care of its own defense. American citizens who prefer the Jewish ethno-religious state to our constitutional republic should feel free to emigrate. Lacking Washington’s backing, Israel will also be free to commit atrocities and war crimes against all of its neighbors but without the U.S. United Nations veto it will have to begin facing the consequences for its actions. But most of all, as Americans, we will no longer have to continue to carry the burden of a country that manipulates and uses us and also has a certain contempt for us while doing so. And maybe just maybe freeing the United States from Israel could lead to an end to all the wars in the Middle East that Washington has been waging in spite of the fact that we Americans are threatened by no one in the region and have no real interest whatsoever in prolonging the agony of staying there.

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  1. so Girardi was a cia agent who killed hundreds of Muslims in wars for Israel but now that he retired he is “friendly” to the downtrodden?
    kind of like gordon duff, who killed hundreds of Vietnamese and now says it was wrong.
    will it bring back the dead? appease the widows? rebuild the country?
    White men, if you have testicles get your country back, but you wont because your politicians, even you, if you become one, need the money so that their daughters and wives and sisters can go shopping and buy a new, bigger house, boat, i phone.

    • “I didn’t kill hundreds of vietnamese. You are watching too much TV.” – GD

      So the Rambo movies were not documentaries?

    • Gordon Duff you need to get your veterans to storm aipac instead of the capitol; the capitol is basically serving the same master but in order to save time they should go for aipac because thats where you will find all the ‘cabrones’ celebrating the beauty of hannukah.
      if you need testicles we Palestinians can lend you some of our kids.

  2. You aren’t going to remove Israel from US politics because you aren’t going to remove Christian Zionism from the USA, millions and millions of so-called Christians who according to Pastor John Hagee, all read their Scofield Reference Bible and all stand with Israel… And, who undoubtedly all voted for Trump. They are Trump’s rock-solid base and he is their ticket to the Rapture.

    • Indeed, very hard to do so. Maccabean myths of invincibility and virtous vigilance, talmudic thoughts of preemptive attack neccessity, they all basically sit at the core of US values and are therefore easily manipulated into wars all over the globe, and US veterans know all about it. Perhaps different sources of power might push US into different types of governance, but the old school government is still very heavily present. What if US were to use their territory in another fashion, like the USSR did? They could easily give land to Israelis for use lets say a 100 year lease, somewhere Wyoming or Idaho or wherever underpopulated, like Anglos did all over Middle East Asia etc. Israelis are limited by their fondness of Israeli mythical land and are failing themselves by not using other ways with superpowers, since they are so capable of controlling, why they don’t use it in another fashion, there are many abundant territories out there especially in the Anglo sphere. Screw Adam Smith and others, why cannot there be other hebrew countries or enclaves, the Israeli way is pretty much self destructive.

    • The same “chosenness” that brought Europeans to this continent to displace the indigenous is what brought the Ashkenazim to Palestine to do the same thing. Manifest Destiny = Zionism = racism.

  3. I am so pleased that Jonas has the courage and the talent to mount such a well articulated attack against America’s greatest modern enemy. In fact, I can’t remember seeing or reading an article from Jonas with which I have disagreed. Thank you Jonas.

    Today, January 6, may be one of the most important days for this country in 2021, and in some respects, it really doesn’t matter which candidate gets into office – they both are bad in so many ways. As Jonas points out generically, we Americans seem to be getting israel’s choice of candidates for our next POTUS. If Trump wins, maybe he will do the right thing, but he has a faulty track record so far. Time will tell about him. With Biden and his non-NBC VP selection, we will almost assuredly become a full blown communist state. Russia in 1917 keeps coming up to the front of my mind, and no one in their right mind wants that to happen. Only the terrorists want that.

    “We can not state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But: without Jews there would have been no Bolshevism. For a Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.” — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    “First of all, we have to understand what communism is. I mean, to me, real communism, the Soviet communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for Judaism.” — Bobby Fischer

  4. I appreciate your text. I just allow myself to modify one of your sentences , with all respect :

    I can say with 99.9% certainty that the USMC is the world’s hardest headed people and nearly all of them will love and march off a cliff for Israel until the day they die.

    ….. march off a cliff for Israel until the day WE die.
    That’s all , sorry .

  5. I am afraid that we have not much he time left , before the next Jewish war will be irreversible . WWI and it’s Nbr 2 sister, have taught us nothing , since the Rotschild war industry is once more on the verge of leading all Occident to a new major slaughter . The current political chaos is a clue long anticipated by Rtschild teories ,as a means of breaking democracies!
    This family is now the owner of the most dangerous ” country ” on this planet .
    Israel is not a ” country ” with a nation and a peacefull goal like rising happy kids . It is the mean – for a bankster family – to own an army ! Which was impossible when they were only a conspirator’s family owning the richest Bank-Holding ever seen (1945) . Within ALL the states of Europ and of the USA , (*) all the smallest means of deceit like medias , and almost all the men of power (**) belong to this sneak army : the jewish army for final war and the triumph of so called ” World jewish-dictatorship ” …. who is anything but jewish !
    (*) except GB , thank to Brexit .
    (**) Except Trump !

    • * + **
      UK & the sTrumpet?
      Are you overwhelmed by delusion?
      Boris and the British sTory Party are overwhelmed by Zion while Jeremy Corbyn who, if elected to lead Britain was going to fomrally recognize the State of Palestine had to be removed from office and replaced at the head of the UK Labour Party by the snivelling Zionist, Starmer who considers every issue through the prism of Israel and it’s rabid expansionism into the Occupied Territories of Palestine.
      #sTrumpet has proven himself to be in thrall to Zion, no doubt fortified by fear of publication of film and photographic evidence of his rape of children. The Casino in Las Vegas will retain the evidence in it’s custody for so long as sTrumpet can be of use and benefit to Israel and once his Presidential power has sputtered to a halt, that evidence will be released to the world.
      Donny has no future in America ….. nor anywhere else either for that matter. Far better for him to shoot himself tonight while Washington burns

  6. Jonas, you are worth your weight in gold and more. If only the average American was half as smart as you this world would have been a different place – much better.

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