Everything You Need to Know about AHCC

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AHCC is called an active hexose correlated compound in its full form. It was created by a Japanese biotechnology company named Amino Up Chemicals Co. LTD in 1989. Since then, this compound is used by patients with weak immunity all around the globe. AHCC offers extra holistic support to the exemption and can even be used by a healthy person as entirely safe supplements.

What is AHCC?  

AHCC is a naturally occurring substance acquired from mycelia that belong to the basidiomycete’s family from shiitake mushrooms. The hack is so useful because the mushrooms contain alpha-glucans, which help in boosting immunity. People widely use AHCC because it can positively influence the immune system and, subsequently, your body.

How is AHCC Made?

AHCC is available in the market in soft and subtle grains packed in capsules and a liquid state. The manufacturing of AHCC uses many ingredients and includes many complicated steps, all done under the highest HAACP-90 quality control.


  • Shiitake mushrooms are grown and harvested under favorable conditions.
  • Basidiomycota species of fungi are carefully selected.
  • The hair-like toot structured called mycelium of fungi is cultured in rice bran to extract to form a colony.
  • The colony is left to culture for 45-60 days.
  • This cultured colony passes through many processes like cultivation, decomposition, enzymes, sterilization, concentration, and freeze-drying.
  • Then they are packed and are ready for distribution and consumption.

Properties of AHCC

There are many properties of AHCC that amaze the mind. AHCC can enhance, improve, and strengthen the immune system, ensuring that your body can fight all harmful foreign invaders, ultimately preventing you from falling prey to any lethal diseases.

  • Anti-Inflammatory

Research has proven that AHCC possesses anti-inflammatory properties. This characteristic of AHCC can also make it a potential addresser for diseases that are characterized by inflammation. AHCC also increases the production of leptin, which is a hormone with anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Anti-oxidant

Oxidants are substances that increase oxygen activity in the body, and this process is called oxidation. AHCC has proved itself a powerful anti-oxidant against many oxidants like chemotherapy drugs, ferric nitrilotriacetate, etc.

  • Immunomodulator

They are substances that can change, suppress, or strengthen the immune system. But AHCC acts better than any other immunomodulator as it does not only support the immune system when it doesn’t give the usual response, but it can also suppress the excessive immune system response. Can See An example of this is how AHCC affects the cancer cells.

How to take AHCC?

It is highly recommended that ACC be taken orally and never be injected directly into the body. If you are a healthy person and want to take AHCC as a preventive measure or sustain your well-being, it is suggested to take 1 to 3 grams. If you are unhealthy, then it is recommended to take 3 to 6 grams daily only during the illness period. Children can also take AHCC in half the amount because of lower body weight.



Although scientists have found many practical uses of AHCC extracted from the shiitake mushrooms, they have still not discovered all the benefits that it can provide to humanity. AHCC is the most remarkable mushroom product that can cure immunodeficiency diseases. These features make it a possible candidate to test for a broader spectrum of health issues, from headache to curing cancer. Still, AHCC has yet to prove that it is an extraordinary and versatile gift to humanity.


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