Undercover Comedians at the Washington Riot, Seriously


“We thought we were going to be there shooting comedy videos all day, but it’s a lot harder for me to laugh at everything now. It’s way harder, having seen it up close. So much of America has been ignoring these problems for so long, and we have let it fester and we have let it grow. We can’t keep doing that. We have to address these people.”

Walter and J.P. disguised themselves as reporters and spent the whole day interviewing people at the Stop the Steal rally, even as protestors stormed the Capitol and the scene devolved into a riot.

This video may be worth 20 minutes of your time, play at 1.25 speed for most of it.

28.15 minute mark: A Pronouncement from a Trump supporter at the Rally/riot:

“Occasionally the tree of freedom must be watered with the blood of tyrants. And that’s what we have running our government right now, a group of tyrants who steal elections on an industrial scale. Does anyone really believe that Joe Biden got more votes than Donald Trump? Hell, no.”

Other participants sharing their grievances:

6:15. “The only way I’m coming down from this tree is if we start a revolution.”

6:42. “What I want is to defund the [US] Supreme Court. Defund F.B.I. Defund Justice Department. Defund all the RINOs. Unless they’re blind, they know that this election was stolen. They must be blind and stupid. McConnell should retire and go to hell.”

8:07: “We’re the Lumbee Tribe from North Carolina. We’ve been trying to get federally recognized, and Pelosi turned it down.” Trump has promised us to be federally recognized.

10:20: “I think that the mistake that the Democrats have made is not taking the guns before they tried to pull this one off. I think they should have picked up the guns first like they did in Cuba and Venezuela. … And, people like me, we’re doing everything by the book right now. We’re trying to follow the law, we’re doing the court thing, but once that ends, if this is not corrected and goes the way that it should, because they stole this election or are trying to, the next thing is not going to be happy or fun. It’s over.”

11:51. “I’m making a stand with the rest of the patriots here to say this is the end of the Republic as we know it. For all these weak kneed politicians, the 2020 election was stolen. We all know it. They know it. They won’t even look at the evidence. They’ll say there’s no evidence. Even people I used to respect as a Republican senator, such as Tim Scott, Lindsey Graham, those guys sold out the Party to the country. We ‘Deplorables’, we chumps, we get it. We’re not fools. We see things, and we’re making a stand.”

_ _

The undercover comedians had become reluctant reporters. Wrapping up the video, they share their post rally thoughts at the 37:25 minute mark.

“The collective growth in financial incentives for misinformation online is toxic, and it is being pumped into the veins of the American people. I think it is one of the existential problems that our generation is going to have to deal with.”



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  1. So much of it was written with finesse and authority, and the crafty way of making opinions sound like facts was impressive. Entire articles could read like well backed legal judgements without listing a single fact, or using very small examples to sound as if they are pervasive.
    And it worked on a lot of people who never got into politics much. There was a competitive feeling injected into the rhetoric, and suddenly it was social credit to sound like one was more informed than others or the reader was led to believe they were the last hope. Part of this, is simply human nature being exposed to fountains of available knowledge, and then this portal was usurped by the biggest con in US history. Most did not even know how elections work.

  2. You have there as sample a few pronouncements from who were present that day but they are not the only ones and you can multiply those same by dozens of millions that though they weren’t there think the same… and the question is: what you’re doing with all that people in the coming years??

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