Kirschner: Day One for Biden, Jailing the Trump Family and Friends



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  1. btw,….if any of US had killed a capitol police officer and incited an insurrection we would be in Jail already. What is the delay ? See, when you take out a bully, you do not do it with emotions and feel good poems.
    Our nasty mug shot, would be all over the papers of the world. Trump is by the pool with tax payer security. There is no law. Just so we are clear.
    So, two choices, arrest the idiot, or shut up about how great it’s all going to be. You have 24 hours.

    • ““I still think it would be better for this country if we move past a fallen and corrupt president, and turned off the television lights on him, which in some ways, would be the greatest punishment he could imagine,” Comey said. ”

      Great Idea, I would like to see more courts ignoring the crimes of people, because you know,. it’s the worst punishment in many ways. Does this include dropping charges and ‘ignoring” is a new universal creative law enforcement tactic ?

  2. I anticipate a lot of emotional apologies in lieu of flat no’s.

    There is a corner, and in that corner, is a government that relies on overly prosecuting petty crimes and paying police departments and courts with massive funds by wielding a dragnet on the poor. They are cornered and have been for many decades.
    Will they call off the police state that protects wealth and institutions over people ? It will take much more than words, to convert JustUs to justice. Currently most courts are operating out of the public eye. We are not allowed to witness.

  3. Tommy A:
    I always enjoy your posts.
    My guess is:
    The entire Trump Crime Family will flee to Israel to avoid prosecution.
    Bibi, the Crime Minister of Israel has already said .
    Trump was the best thing that ever happened to Israel
    Jared and Ivanka should feel Right at home with the Ashkenazi Parasites.

    • Maybe they’ll settle up in Trump Heights on the Golan. Bibi can build a golf course there and provide Trump with little boys and girls to molest until he croaks. He will be in Heaven until he goes to Hell.

  4. Jailing the Trump family….. we will see, I have serious doubts about it, I think that’s not going to happen and if I’ve right, in a near future Kirchner maybe he should start his address on video saying….. because justice, not matters anymore. Welcome to 21st century jungle.

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