NWO’s Plot vs Italy (X-file 2). New IT Minister among Bilderberg, McKinsey, Gates & CIA for Artificial Intelligence in Vaccines too


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

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In a previous prophetic article we defined the Task Force wanted by the former premier Giuseppe Conte and by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella a “shadow government” which in fact represented a duplicate of the national executive, precisely for this reason subsequently frozen by the President of the Council.

«The question is dramatically simple: if 21 ministers and 42 undersecretaries of the official government are not enough to manage the relaunch of the country, the super-commissioner with extraordinary powers is welcome together with 16 ministers for different areas of competence, but only with the contextual convocation of immediate elections for the democratic renewal of Parliament and a new executive».

We wrote it on April 17, 2020 highlighting the qualified and sparkling profile of globalism of Professor Vittorio Colao who has now been called to be one of the spearheads of the new government of former ECB President Mario Draghi (confirmed by the confidence of the Senate with 262 votes in favor, 40 against and 2 abstentions), for a clear “plot of the New World Order against Italy” fomented by the Deep International State as a hidden expression of the financial, Masonic, political and military potentates.

Colao (Brescia, October 3, 1961) is an Italian company executive, CEO of Vodafone from 2008 to 2018 and from February 13, 2021 Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition in the Draghi Government.

«The digital transition ministry seems tailor-made for Colao, a great supporter of the digital revolution, when in Italy the majority of people were trying to resist change. Colao, on the other hand, has always preached “digital first”, out of training and conviction. The manager, born in Brescia 59 years ago, former carabiniere, has built most of his career at Vodafone, which he drove first in Italy and then globally until May 2018. In between a brief experience driving Rcs MediaGroup, editor of the “Corriere della Sera”. First Bocconi University, an MBA from Harvard and a working debut at McKinsey “wrote the newspaper  Corriere, which obviously knows him well.

Vittorio Colao with his friend Mario Monti, both of the Bilderberg Club

What obviously the colleagues of the Italian Mainstream Media forgot to remember is that Colao is also one of the reference managers of the well-known supra-massive lobbyist group Bilderberg. But they also failed to report that among the top financiers of McKinsey, recently stolen in the US by a Big Pharma consulting conviction on the lethal opioid scandal, is the usual Bill Gates, IT guru and big promoter. of artificial intelligence which in North America is already projected into two strategic and extremely delicate sectors: health care and military.

“The super-commissioner Colao and his collaborators were taken by that ruthless world of business as happened in 2012 for the technical government of the bankers Mario Monti (former premier and member of the Advisory Council of Goldman Sachs), Alessandro Profumo and Corrado Passera which brought the public debt from 1,900 to 2,000 billion euros despite the sacrifices of “tears and blood” by the Italians, among which, however, the extraordinary maneuver of 30 billion donated to the banks to avoid its collapse stood out “we noted last spring in relation the choice of the members of the Task Force.

NWO’s Plot against Italy (X-file 1). Four Puppeteers behind New Draghi Govt & Technical Ministers

From 2012 to 2018, thanks to the different governments of the Democratic Party set up by the presidents of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano and Sergio Mattarella, of that same party, the Italian debt reached 2,400 billion. In the first reportage of the series “NWO conspiracy against Italy” we recalled how Italy’s financial fortunes were marked by the extremely unfavorable lira-euro exchange rate established in 1996 with the advice of Draghi himself (then director of the Treasury Ministry) who now should save the country and that through the bazooka Quantitative Easing allowed the wretched PD governments of Matteo Renzi and Paolo Gentiloni to bring the state debt up to those colossal figures, shifting a large part of it into the belly of the European Central Bank (a spa participated by national banks, privatized, and by private credit institutions).

Precisely this, together with the further indebtedness with the ECB, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, appears the objective of the Democratic rulers to hand over the keys of the country with its treasure chest in the hands of the pro-European-globalist technocrats in perfect line with the route already mapped out for Greece.

FIAT-FCA, 111 years under trial: since Italian bribes until Us UAW’s labor unions corruptions and ties with brasilian military dictators

Colao, after graduating from Bocconi University in Milan and a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard University, had a brief stint at the Morgan Stanley investment bank in London before making a career in McKinsey & Company, a leading international management company. We will see later the importance of his role there … In 1996 at Omnitel when the largest shareholder is Carlo De Benedetti’s Olivetti, card no. 1 in the future Democratic Party, publisher of the GEDI Group of the L’Espresso-Repubblica-La Stampa newspapers in which the Agnelli-Elkann family of the FIAT-FCA group, known throughout the world for 111 years of trials for various allegations of corruption.


And here the first intrigues begin. John Elkann, president of Fiat Crysler Automobile, with administrative headquarters in the Netherlands and fiscal headquarters in the United Kingdom but under investigation in the US by the administration of Donald Trump, is a member of the Standing Committee of Bilderberg together with Lilli Gruber, journalist of TG LA7 led by Enrico Mentana, founder of the online newspaper Open and fans of George Soros. Club Bilderberg’s annual private meetings between lobbyists from around the world were inaugurated in 1954 by David Rockefeller, brother of the politician Nelson, who became famous in secular-globalist history for having imposed the abortion law when he was Governor of the State of New York.

St. Pio’ Prophecy on Christians’ homelands, NWO Rockefeller’s abortion law and Masons war

As reported by BlastingNews, that of 2018 was held from 7 to 10 June in Turin and, together with the two Italians already mentioned, also Vittorio Colao, Elena Cattaneo, director of the Stem Cell Biology Laboratory at the University of Milan, was appointed senator for life by President Napolitano, and the Roman economist Mariana Mazzucato, director and founder of the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose at University College London where she teaches.

Mazzuccato has a double passport having grown up in the United States, she is a member of the Council for the Future of Growth and Competitiveness of the World Economic Forum in Davos, she became Conte’s economic advisor before being appointed to the Colao Emergency Task Force.


The academic lecturer, in her acclaimed book The Value of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy, revealed the “secret of Pulcinella”: that companies from Silicon Valley to the financial sector to Big Pharma have used nebulous notions of value to create confusion between rents and profits, describing themselves as creators of values but ending up destroying them, as noted in an essay article by former judge and economist Paolo Maddalena, emeritus vice president of the Constitutional Court. But to present his publication Mazzuccato was a distinguished guest at George Soros’ Open Society Foundation in New York.

The Hungarian-American plutarch, known for the Soros list of friendly MEPs and his meeting in 2017 at Palazzo Chigi with the former Italian premier Paolo Gentiloni (Democratic Party) today EU commissioner, in 2011 was one of the major investors of Verizon Communication ( $ 64.954 million in the first quarter, given US Securities and Exchange Commission OMB # 3235-0006 dated 8/31/12) where Colao worked in Cellco Partnership before becoming independent director in 2019.


However, the health blogger Giovanni Angelo Cianti not only underlines the brilliant career of the new commissioner at Vodafone, from CEO in Europe in 2001 to CEO of the group in 2008, but also focuses on business with the pandemic prophet Bill Gates, historical financial backer of the US DEM like Soros.

Colao «in 2012 he created the partnership Vodafone – GAVI Vaccine Alliance (WHO, UNICEF, Gates Foundation, World Bank) to computerize the vaccinations of children in sub-Saharan Africa – writes Cianti on his Facebook profile – In 2015 he was non-executive director in UNILEVER (food corp, 400 brands, 53 billion turnover in the hands of the usual well-known Vanguards, Black Rock, Wellington Management, etc. ..). But in 2018, Vodafone turnover collapsed to 2.8 billion with 6.1 billion in losses and Colao was kicked out with a liquidation in shares of over 33 million dollars. It is on this occasion that he turns to Bill Gates with whom he entertains for dinner in Seattle».


The new head of the Task Force can therefore well consider himself a foreign manager as he resides with his wife and two children in South Kensington, Greater London (UK). And it is precisely in the talked about world-wide management consulting group McKinsey & Company of New York (also based in Rome and all over the world) that he made a career from 1986 to 1996.

The scandals concerning this company are such and so many that as soon as possible we will dedicate a complete reportage to them for now we focus on some recent reports of the webmedia in English Politico and Vox in which the imprinting promoted within national and international bodies has been highlighted.

WUHAN-GATES – 25. At Us Intelligence’s Top the Prophetess of Pandemic & NWO. Biden rewards ex CIA Haines: led Gates’ Drill Event 201

Management consulting, with consequent conditioning of objectives, also took place in the social and health sectors as for the English National Health Service and in the World Health Organization in Geneva, thanks also to the contribution of two partner-customers of excellence: the now inevitable Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Central Intelligence Agency.

We analyzed in many WuhanGates reports the role of the CIA in the field of bacteriological weapons and that of Gates in the search for viruses to build lucrative vaccines. Now let’s see what they have to do with McKinsey

CoronaVirus: Italy Emergency in the Claws of McKinsey’s Lobby with Bilderberg, BCG, Gates & CIA

«The CIA, which hired McKinsey in 2015, went through similar changes that irked many at the agency, according to current and former employees – wrote Politico – A former senior intelligence official who witnessed CIA’s reorganization, for example, said the changes there affected turnaround time for intelligence reports, which is a critical factor in decision-making. He also complained about the newly created “mission centers,” saying that, ironically, he had “greater connectivity” to analysts before they were forced to share a room». But the role of the New York company that churned out American presidents and Wall Street gurus has also spread to other US agencies.

«For the past four years, the powerhouse firm McKinsey and Co., has helped restructure the country’s spying bureaucracy, aiming to improve response time and smooth communication. Instead, according to nearly a dozen current and former officials who either witnessed the restructuring firsthand or are familiar with the project, the multimillion dollar overhaul has left many within the country’s intelligence agencies demoralized and less effective. These insiders said the efforts have hindered decision-making at key agencies — including the CIA, National Security Agency and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence» told reporter Natasha Bertrand and Daniel Lippman.

Bill Gates’ funding to McKinsey

Vox, on the other hand, highlights how the company has turned into a think-tank financed by powerful billionaires to influence the directions of world management. It publishes some graphs showing the huge funding invested in McKinsey since the foundation of Bill Gates who, as we have seen in a previous article, collaborated with a former CIA deputy director for the simulated exercise on the pandemic Event 201, held in New York in October 2019 when SARS-Cov-2 had not even been officially discovered yet


The former executive of the American counter-espionage Central Intelligence Agency in Langley (Virginia) to which we refer is the lawyer Avril Haines, who later became National Security Advisor of the White House during the Obama-Biden administration (2015-2017) and in January was awarded by Joseph Biden, the new president of the USA, with the role never assigned to a woman of Director of National Intelligence to which all the civilian and military 007 of the nation belong.

Pandemic’s Prophetess, former CIA Avril Haines, becomes Us Intelligence Community Director. First Goal Kashoggi’s murder

Haines, formerly Biden’s advisor to Congress, is also an expert on biological weapons in the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), a non-profit organization that claims to be bi-partisan but was founded by former Senator Dem Sam Nunn, former president of the Committee on the US Senate Armed Forces, and funded by Warren Buffet, Gates partner in Microsoft Coroporation, of which Emma Natasha Walmsley, CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, the vaccine giant that controls Pfizer’s commercial sector, is executive director.

NTI and Haines herself, with their pandemic prophecies emphasized by Event 201, allowed Biden, funded in the election campaign by Pfizer, to predict the devastating spread of the COVID-19 contagion in September even before the highly infectious and lethal disease ( if badly treated) was discovered, in order to de-legitimize incumbent President Donald Trump for blocking funding for coronavirus experiments from Chinese horseshoe bats conducted in China and the US in a collaboration between Wuhan Institute of Virology, the American government agency USAID (financial instrument CIA), Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and EcoHealthAlliance of Peter Daszak, the first denier on the theory of the SARS-Cov-2 virus built in the laboratory.

WUHAN-GATES – 26. SARS-2 Bio-Weapon & Gold Vaccines. From CIA-WHO Tests funded by Gates to EU Summit with Pfizer, Biden’s sponsor, before Pandemic!

In October 2020, however, Haines herself published a study for a very famous American Think-Tank company close to the Department of Defense, to support the need for an enhancement of Artificial Intelligence in the military field, where the bacteriological sector is so important to have justified the creation of the Biological Technologies Office of DARPA, the Pentagon’s Advanced Defense Projects Research agency that works alongside DTRA, the other agency focused on Defense Threat Reduction committed to monitoring at least 25 bio-labs in the countries of the former Soviet Union and in other Asian and European countries.

WUHAN-GATES – 7. Bio-Weapons Dossier. Pentagon & Fauci 28 Us Labs’ Secrets. Dangerous Tests with CoronaVirus

It is therefore evident that on the table of the new Italian Ministry of Technological Innovation, created especially by Draghi for Colao, there will not only be ordinary administrative issues such as the implementation of national digitization and 5G (on which we will shortly publish a dossier exclusive) but certainly also the use of Artificial Intellogenca already successfully tested in the health sector despite a thousand bio-ethical questions still unanswered …

“In the not too distant future, artificial intelligence will compete with humans in carrying out many work activities. Even the doctor will have to adapt, leaving ample space for the virtual contender. The mathematical algorithms could compete with the doctor in the interpretation of the radiological images or in the reading of the pathological anatomy slides or in the choice of the best therapy for each single patient ».

It is written in the press release with which the Turin Academy of Medicine announces the organization for next Friday 26 February (5.30 pm) of an online scientific session (www.accademiadimedicina.unito.it) entitled “Artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis: opportunities and dangers”.


But news arrives from the USA that could even appear science fiction precisely on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the extremely delicate and controversial field of anti-Covid vaccines, considered at risk of pulmonary immunopathology by a Chinese scientific research published in Nature and reported exclusively by Gospa News.

Exclusive – “With Covid Vaccines Risks of Pulmonary’s Serious Injuries”. Shocking Research on Nature Journal, ignored by Scientific Community, Big Pharma and Media

Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) have unveiled an incredibly powerful, AI-powered method for producing new potential Covid-19 vaccine candidates in a matter of minutes or even seconds.” Russia Today unveiled in recent days. The new process, developed at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, could mark a major turning point in the information war against the coronavirus and its many, increasingly virulent mutations which are taxing an already challenging worldwide vaccine rollout… (read more)


WUHAN-GATES – 31. SARS-2: Lies & Ties among Us-China Scientists in Gates’ Shade disclosed by Daily Mail and Die Welt



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