The focus this week is on the strange goings on in Scotland. As I observed many years ago in a briefing for the Military Commentators Circle, the splitting up of the UK would have strategic implications. A so-called ‘independent’ Scotland in reality would be a German client state. Deployment of Luftwaffe staffeln in former RAF bases and the appearance of the German fleet at Scapa Flow (not flying white flags this time) would mean war, probably involving France as well as Germany.

Surrendered High Sea Fleet in Scapa Flow

Desperate to break up the UK and plunge Britain into chaos, the Scottish National Party, a.k.a. the Scotch Nats, has been a German front since it was established in 1934 in the wake of Adolf Hitler’s installation as Führer.

Douglas Young

It was not for nothing that SNP leader Douglas Young was imprisoned during World War II. He claimed to be a conscientious objector but in reality was only opposed to fighting for the British – I daresay he would happily have joined the Wehrmacht or Waffen-SS if given the chance.

One of Young’s successors as SNP leader, Arthur Donaldson, was very properly detained in 1941 on the advice of MI5 under the Defence Regulations. He was released, but that was probably on the orders of his fellow Abwehr agent Sir Edward Bridges, then Cabinet Secretary.

Arthur Donaldson

‘Von’ Donaldson had ambitions to be Scotland’s answer to Vidkun Quisling, the notorious Norwegian traitor, so notorious that he would have supported Norwegian entry into the EEC. Sadly, unlike Quisling, Donaldson wasn’t shot by firing squad, although with every respect he should have been. Not content with supporting the Nazis Donaldson went on to support British entry into the EEC. He probably believed in global warming as well!

The SNP have been bank-rolled by Germany for years, using offshore high-yield trading programs. Obviously they raise some money onshore  by rattling tins in front of the famously generous locals, but I suspect that the majority of their earnings are offshore, laundered as fake loans and so on. (It’s marvellous what you do when your money-launderer is a bank!) Only a small cadre inside the SNP are aware of the German connection of course. Most SNP members regard Donaldson’s detention as unfair, indeed many of them still think that it was right not to shoot him.

Vidkun Quisling

The SNP’s support for Germany in World War II was not limited to political sympathy or plans for a Quisling-style government. There are grounds for supposing that SNP members provided safe houses to the Abwehr team which sabotaged the mighty battlecruiser HMS Hood in the Home Fleet anchorage at Scapa Flow in May 1941. No fewer than 1,415 brave men died when Hood was blown up by an IED in her starboard 4” magazine, detonated by radio signal from KMS Bismarck.

The sinking was delayed of course, both in order to protect the SNP and create the impression that Hood had been sunk by Bismarck in a gunnery duel. The Abwehr’s intent of course was to remove British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the planned Hess coup two weeks earlier having been foiled after Hess’s capture and Michael Foot’s warning to Churchill of the plan to assassinate him at Ditchley Park.

HMS Hood

My old friend Michael, was who was gay, had been installed in a flat in London by his lover Lord Beaverbrook, who wanted to succeed Churchill and accept ‘peace’ on German terms, being those incorporated into the surrender document Hess brought with him, helpfully drafted by the German Foreign Office.

If you have ever wondered about Michael Foot’s comparatively soft treatment by the British Establishment now you know the reason why. He did more for this country by passing on pillow talk from Beaverbrook than he could ever have done in the front line, nor was it a soft billet. He would have faced certain torture and death had Britain lost and his role as an MI5 source been uncovered, as it would have been.

You can forget the German theory about ‘plunging fire’. Hood was the world’s fastest capital ship and Vice-Admiral Sir Lancelot Holland, a fine fighting admiral, charged Lutjens’ squadron at full speed in order to close the range and get within Hood’s immunity zone. The range was closed to a little over 18,000 yards by the end.

The only extant photos of Bismarck firing at Hood show Bruno (B) turret firing a low elevation, possibly only 15 deg. Anton (A) turret is trained fore and aft – Lutjens knew that Hood was about to be blown up and hadn’t even bothered engaging her with Bismarck’s full main armament. Prinz Eugen was instructed to switch her fire to HMS Prince of Wales before Hood blew up! The SNP have British blood on their hands. Hood was based at Scapa Flow and many of her crew was Scottish, by the way.

Sturgeon v. Salmond

Talking of people who need shooting, no offense intended, Nicola Sturgeon is the current leader of the Nats, having taken over from Alex Salmond in 2014 following the referendum victory for the Good Guys (that’s us!). Unusually for an SNP leader she hasn’t been detained on national security grounds, despite being a Eurofanatic.

Alex Salmond

In August 2018 Salmond was accused, somewhat dubiously, of sexual assaults on several female Scottish civil servants. He was charged the following January and triumphantly acquitted by a jury in March last year. The charges look to have been politically motivated.

Nicola Sturgeon has just been cleared by an independent inquiry. Well, when I say ‘cleared’ I mean found not to have breached the Scottish ministerial code by former Irish DPP. It is standard practice on these occasions to draft in a Person of Unimpeachable Integrity (PUI) to clear a pro-EU politician under fire. In short the Establishment Stooge, sorry PUI, is expected to produce a whitewash, sorry exhaustive inquiry report.

Since Sturgeon is nothing if not an obsessive master of detail not many of us wee Sassenachs are buying the theory that she ‘forgot’ the key meeting when she was first informed of the allegations against Salmond. The whole Sturgeon affair has a fishy smell to it, indeed I’ve been aboard a Peterhead trawler which smelt less fishy, no offense intended.

The SNP has now split, with Salmond forming a new party, the Alba Party. Unusually for a new political party in Britain it’s not a front for German intelligence.

The SNP’s lies

SNP support has always been based on lies. The first is that they want an independent Scotland. No they don’t – they want to join the EU! The last thing that Germany wants is a genuinely independent Scotland. The independence lie harks back to the myth that Scotland was an independent kingdom prior to 1707.

In reality the Scottish kings (and queens) were French vassals. French strategy in olden times was the same as Germany’s is now – to turn the British Isles into a killing ground. Both countries have always seen the poor old Scots as cannon fodder. The SNP aren’t saying so, but their long-term plan is to base Franco-German air and naval forces north of the Border, triggering war with Britain, in which they hope we will be defeated.

The second lie, pushed since the mid-60s, is that North Sea oil would belong to Scotland should the UK be broken up. In fact the Anglo-Scottish border runs in a north-easterly direction on the east coast. It is a settled rule of international law that a maritime boundary will follow the line of a land boundary. At least half of North Sea oil would remain with the UK, and even that’s assuming that the Orkney and Shetland islanders elect to throw in their lot with Edinburgh.

The third lie is that the majority of Scots want independence. Many Scots in fact live south of the border or in Northern Ireland. Their views on the break-up of the UK are never sought. In practice support for ‘independence’ is not as great as the SNP maintain. They certainly don’t want a two-thirds requirement in any referendum.

The fourth lie is that the Scottish electorate were not aware in 2014 that the UK might leave the EU. In fact the Tories were already committed to a referendum on independence and Brexit was very much on the cards. Only ignorant fools, such as MPs or journalists, no offense intended, could possibly have labored under the delusion in 2014 that British membership of the EU was a permanent phenomenon.

Since Scotland ‘exports’ more to the rest of the UK than she does to Europe leaving the UK and joining the EU would be an economic disaster for the Jocks. There would have to be a hard border between Scotland and England, with tariffs and passport controls. Moreover as a new applicant Scotland would have to join the euro. As Scotland moved into Germany’s orbit tensions would increase, impacting trade and investment. No one wants to build a new factory which would be going straight onto the RAF’s master target list.

Piper Alpha

Piper Alpha

Whilst the scandal over the politically motivated prosecution of Alex Salmond has burst into the open Piper Alpha is simmering away in the background. As Edinburgh well knows German intelligence (GO2) were behind the devastating explosion on the Piper Alpha oil and gas facility in the North Sea in July 1988, in the course of which no fewer than 167 good men were murdered.

Closing down North Sea oil and gas production would have suited the SNP nicely of course. Their long-term plan was to keep the oil and gas under the sea until they could get their hands on it. If that meant mass murder so be it. As I have sought to explain the SNP has always had its darker side. God knows what would have happened to Scotland’s Jews had Donaldson become Gauleiter of Scotland.

The second Suez crisis

There’s another crisis in Suez. Since it’s been 65 years since the last one I suppose it was about due. As all ya’ll will recall the last one was resolved  by the sensible British, French and Israeli decision to liberate the Suez Canal Zone and bomb Cairo. Germany’s ‘von’ Dulles then pulled the plug on the pound and GO2 pulled the plug on the late great Sir Anthony Eden, who hadn’t in fact realised that the Egyptian dictator, Abdul Nasser, was a German agent.

Sadly this time the RAF have not been ordered to bomb Cairo, so things might take a bit longer to resolve. The crisis came about when the skipper of the giant container ship MV Ever Given, Panama flagged but Taiwanese owned and operated, decided to ram the canal banks. Since his ship was longer than the canal was wide this had the effect of closing the canal and backing traffic up into the Red Sea and the Med. Think the Beltway at 8 am on a Monday!

MV Ever Given

I’ve always had my doubts about the controllability of these huge container ships in any sort of wind. Since the containers are stacked high on deck they have a large sail area. As they need to be stable they don’t have particularly large rudders or powerful pods (large modern ships use more than rudders to steer of course). These big ships are no easier to turn round than the Cabinet Office.

However this incident looks so fishy the ship could have been Scottish, no offense intended. One of my sources have suggested that a rather annoyed arms dealer, B, who is dead but only officially (like Canaris and Hitler in ‘45), may have set the whole thing up in order to get certain gold-colored assets unfrozen. (They are currently frozen and not because they’re on Spitzbergen.)

Since the ‘gust’ of wind appears to have been rather less windy than a Biden speech the whole episode is assuming shall we say more of a planned character. They’ve got her off, thankfully, or at least partially off, but the Canal is still blocked and the British government still hasn’t announced plans to bomb Cairo, indeed it’s not convinced that the RAF needs bombers at all, even small ones. (We’ve got nothing like as big as the dear old Valiant in service.)

Vickers Valiant



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  1. Michael doesn’t mention the German Occupation of Windsor Palace in his ravings. Proof that he is a shill for The City of London.
    Much to do about nothing, for Our Diversion, with respect.

    • Jim, you are behind the times. Actually, those relatives who were outright traitors (or Axis sympathizers) were disposed of long ago. The king who was forced to abdicate was sent to the Caribbean to count paper clips. And old Louis was blown up by the IRA, and good riddance to him. Etc. Both of those guys, btw, have been discussed in Shrimpton’s column several times, as well as in his book Spyhunter.

    • The female relatives who were on the wrong side are long gone too. A good example is the Empress Alexandra, wife of Tsar Nicholas II. The whole family was killed in the Russian Revolution of 1917. Too bad, as she was the only troublemaker; her and Rasputin.

    • You miss the point, Jim: Irony… Everything about Michael Shrimpton on VT is put out with a big smile from Gordon. He’s the counterpoint to everything VT is about: The USA nuked by Israel on 9/11, all the wars of this century for Israel… That’s why Shrimpton will never, ever reply to comments. He knows that he’s being kept around for the fun of it. He must be financed by Mossad as he’s been disbarred in the UK.

    • Not much for Ad Hominem attacks, but this is one of the Barristers better reads. Especially the HMS Hood being destroyed by treachery. Many brave souls deserve a reprieve, do they not.

  2. First off, nothing about this article is any stranger than the “official” version of 9/11, a fable Michael has bought into hook line and sinker. I once got into it with him over how Israel nuked the USA on that day and he came back with… Well, his response was not cordial, with respect, as he always says.

    Sadly, he is a Zionist shill who blames the Germans for everything that is wrong with the world, much like the Ashkenazim do to this very day, 6 million dead and Hitler did it. It has to be 6 million because that is a cabalist number so it can’t be more just as it can’t be less, just like how the Christian Zionists say Trump “won” the election no matter how many votes he actually got.

    • Tommy, one thing that some of you guys keep forgetting is that VT writers who are US citizens/permanent residents have the benefit of the 1st Amendment. Shrimpton does not, and the UK has very strict libel laws, so he can’t say everything he would like to. US writers can bash the living, but he cannot. Regarding the guilty, he must normally wait until the person is dead before he can properly comment, unless that person has already been convicted in a court. A perfect example of him holding back is his info about Bush 41. Shrimpton did not reveal much about him until AFTER he had died on Nov 30, 2018. Go back to some columns from around that time and you will see what I mean.

  3. More German/Scottish connections-
    “Johanna Bertha Julie Jenny Edle von Westphalen (12 February 1814 – 2 December 1881) was a German theatre critic and political activist. She was married to the philosopher and political theorist Karl Marx.
    Her paternal grandmother, Jeanie Wishart (1742–1811), was a Scottish noble: her father, the Very Rev Dr George Wishart, (son of William Wishart Principal of Edinburgh University) a descendant of the 9th Earl of Angus, and the 3rd Earl of Marischal, the latter in turn a direct descendant of King James I, of the House of Stuart,while her mother Anne Campbell was the daughter of John Campbell (both a grandson of Sir James Campbell and of Sir Robert Campbell 4th Earl of Atholl), heir of the Ardkinglas branch of the Clan Campbell, and part of the family of the Dukes of Argyll”.(wiki).

    “The Melungeons are a people who have been dwelling in the Appalachian Mountains of the south-eastern United States for between 300 and 500 years”.
    “What if the Scots-Irish,Scottish and English surnames carried by Melungeons had not been altered?What if their ancestral surnames really were Caldwell, Kennedy, Fraser, Bruce, Campbell and Skene?What if these purportedly Scottish and Scots-Irish and English settlers were technically from those countries of origin,but were ethnically of SephardicJ ewish and Moorish ancestry?”
    Extract from
    When Scotland Was Je wish by Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman and Donald N.Yates.

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