Disclosure: Duff UFO disclosure confirmed as Underwater Base now likely (not kidding)


VT:  When I agreed to go on network to discuss UFO issues, after years of retirement from (name withheld for reasons of personal safety) I received a bit of a startle soon afterward.

“Please don’t do that again…”

The questions:

  • Is there a secret space program?
  • Do aliens have bases under the Pacific Ocean?
  • Are the Chinese allied with an alien race?
  • How many alien races plague earth?
  • Is Men in Black real?

Hovering ‘Craft’ Swarming US Navy Vessels Possibly ‘Coming from Underwater Base’

by Svetlana Ekimenko

A stunning 18-second clip allegedly from July 2019 of “spherical” unidentified craft swarming a US Navy destroyer, the USS Russell, at night had earlier been sent anonymously to filmmaker Jeremy Corbell. The footage was supposedly part of a classified briefing led by the Pentagon into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell claims that some of the mysterious so-called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) captured in grainy images and shown ostensibly swarming US Navy vessels over the years could be coming from the Earth’s oceans.

Furthermore, the possibility that many of the objects are manifestations of “transmedium” vehicles, which are able to operate both in the air and underwater, has been discussed between US Navy officials, he claimed in an interview for the Daily Star.

“They can move from one medium [air] to the next [sea] with ease,” said the filmmaker, adding:

“As you would have an embassy in a foreign land, it is possible that there’s a congregation or a station or a location underwater, where UFOs could be transiting from once they’re here, wherever they come from. That is a possibility that UFOs are transiting from a localised place underneath the water.”

The Los Angeles-based mixed media artist believes this theory of such a potential underwater base might be true in relation to the now-famous “tic-tac UFOs” and other enigmatic “craft” captured on footage “swarming” US Navy vessels over the years.

The filmmaker, who in 2015 launched his investigative film series titled, “Extraordinary Beliefs presented by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell”, made it into the headlines after releasing the now-famous “pyramid UFO” video, ostensibly taken by the crew of the USS Russell off San Diego in July 2019.

Furthermore, he made public images of an object seemingly hovering above the USS Omaha before “descending into the water” in the same month.

Corbell published the images, confirmed by the Pentagon as genuine, on his website extraordinarybeliefs.com.

The footage echoes similarly authentic videos of encounters by USS Nimitz fighter jets in 2004, as well as sightings of unidentified craft in 2015.

Referred to as the “Pentagon UFO videos”, the visuals are recordings of cockpit instrumentation displays from United States Navy fighter jets based aboard the aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2004, 2014 and 2015, which were leaked to the public.

The three grainy, black and white videos created a furore in the media in 2017.

In September 2019, a Pentagon spokesperson confirmed that the videos were made by naval aviators and were “part of a larger issue of an increased number of training range incursions by unidentified aerial phenomena in recent years.”

Subsequently, the US Department of Defence formally released the videos in 2020.

Seemingly feeding into Jeremy Corbell’s current claims is the fact that all of the leaked UFO videos confirmed as genuine by the Pentagon have occurred over the sea.

The filmmaker refers to the USS Nimitz encounter, where Commander David Fravor, a fighter pilot from the strike group, first witnessed the so-called “tic-tac” shaped object hovering above an “ocean disturbance”, or “boiling water” on 14 November 2004.

“There was an object under the water and it appeared to be cross shaped. And it was right under the water where the tic-tac UFOs were descending to, and they were dropping in from above 80,000 feet, all the way down to sea level in less than a second without a sonic boom,” said Corbell.

He cites witnesses of the encounter as apparently describing the “craft” descending and “docking”.

“They were docking somehow informationally maybe with whatever was happening in the water or under the water,” points out the artist.

According to him, other explanations have also been offered by officials in an attempt to figure out where they are coming from, such as “another planet”.

“That’s one of the options that’s definitely on the table. But importantly, there was this implication that there might be a base or location like an embassy that they could go and maybe fuel up their starships… who knows I’m speculating jokingly, I have no idea,” concluded Corbell.


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  1. There’s nothing new about UFOs being able to come and go from the oceans. They’ve always been able to do that. The only new thing, that I can see, is the reference to “tic tac” UFOs. I don’t think it’s just because of the shape that they are called tic tacs. They must be unusually small. Interesting. But it’s got nothing to do with ETs.

    • There is a page on Wiki, List of Reported UFO Sightings. Some old stories from all over the world in the water. fishermen have regularly returned with “stories”.
      As far as Brazil, I have a lot of problems with the story of Antonio Vilas Boas . It is not a credible account. Sometimes a report, instantly brings money and tourism, just look at Englands crop circles,…. some charging thousands to go on ‘tours” . Miracles were used before, and any report corroborated by the church, was generally known as a fund raising venture. Look at Guadalupe today….. holy ching

  2. So Gordon what you’re saying is that an alien species that is obviously thousands of years more advanced than us made an agreement with us in 45 and 47 to allow them to abduct a set number of humans to EAT. If you had said for testing I would have bought that one but to EAT? Earth is not a snack bar.
    You also said that in 70 years we have caught up with them technologically to the point where we can Annie Oakly their asses right out of the sky. Hmmm.
    I rather doubt an advanced species would give us any technology that could be used as a weapon after seeing what we do with nuclear devices. Seriously Gordon, would you give a baby a loaded gun to play with?
    I kind of like to go with Sitchen. These beings have been around here for a long, long time. If they wanted to enslave us for the purpose of a food source they would have done it by now. I think we can look forward to meeting them when we grow up.
    Personally, if I were an advanced species I wouldn’t let us leave the earth until we learn to act right.
    Maybe they’re just dense.

    • They don’t eat our physical meat, they eat the energy freed by pain and death…

    • Adrian, when a human enters the forest, everything runs for its life. The plants cringe and the mothers hide their babies. Not even the T Rex was more feared.

  3. @Mihail
    One of these days I need to write out an article on the entire true history of Islam!!!
    Oh, really, dumb ass.
    Keep on trying. The Day of Judgement is well nigh!!!

  4. Would have been nice to fish out someone in the comments who knows what time it is.

    • Very expensive. Generosity is a virtue, but so is eating. If the military wants to know what time it is, they can pay.

    • Gordon, your watch is broke ?? Don’t worry and buy a new one, I suggest to you a Hamilton Khaki Field. is a nice watch 🙂

    • Plausible. Researching this ufo topic since 1990’s.
      What bothers me is why the aliens negotiated with Truman and Eisenhower when we couldn’t do anything against them ? Maybe we could trace them then but they preferred to keep it secret ? The disappearance of hundreds of people worlwide without a trace may be due to this. On the other hand, this could be disinfo fed to Gordon to line the pockets of the defense industry just like dr. Greer says. I am of the opinion that there is a certain threat (form Orion ?) but that the S.O.B.’s under the oceans are renegade groups. (like interstellar criminals). Just my take. Hope more hear more disclosure in the near future.

  5. Really, you think the middle east is feminine ? Please provide even a few examples…..

  6. It is an interesting correlation in the timing, between massive global insecticide usage, and the dreams of large eyed aliens performing rectal exams on humans. The grey aliens appeared in our consciousness as we began what we now know as a colossal extinction event across the entire animal kingdom. We are the demons, should be the conclusion in any unbiased examination. “Tread lightly upon the earth”, is such simple and wise advice from the oldest and wisest among us for millenia, ….. and then the zombies came into our consciousness in the 90’s. We are the zombies. Aimlessly pursuing ourselves as a food source with no cognitive awareness.

  7. I wouldn’t say, its time to meet the neighbors. Its more like, do all the neighbors want to meet the rest of us ? The answer is no.
    People generally do not even know their human neighbors. They could care less, as they are busy drinking fermented monkey juice, smoking weed, and going for leisure rides in their monkey buggies to get more fermented juice. The ufo’s may as well be piloted by the Kardashians. The world is full of wonder and magic, and most people will never see it. The game of pretend, has disconnected people from things that have been known for tens of thousands of years.

    • Starting with the X Files and Twin Peaks, then Silent Hill, and back to Twin Peaks the Return, full disclosure has already been made in satisfaction of Karmic Law. Aldebaran and Sirius are here and they did not come here on holiday. To quote another dead guy the: “Futures uncertain but certainly slight…”

  8. Why would apparently superior aliens come here … for voting by Trump of course, what else for??? 😀

  9. In year 2014 a woman in a Coast to Coast AM broadcast who she said be a former NASA employee in 1975’s Viking I program, she said saw humans walking in Mars surface when the landed vehicle camera begins to display images in NASA control room until someone in technical room cuts off the signal.

    • Of course the NASA lady saw humans when they turned on the Mars landers cameras; it was in Mars, New Mexico! 😳

    • Elvin, I can’t say about Mars but already yes exist humans bases builded in the Moon. The Apollo program never was cancelled in 70’s just was turned into a dark program and went on. The “new” Artemis program to carry humans to the Moon in next years just is a whitewash to come clean current human presence to the public. 🙂

  10. Are we loosing our mind? are we going insane? I am afraid that those with power over us common people are cooking up something extremely sinister to depopulate this planet. The fact that they are inventing non-sense like that and have it being broadcasted on mainstream fake news medias like Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc, make me really concern for my well being at the moment.

    • Since people started becoming paranoid of depopulation or end times, the population has increased by 7 billion people. If someone is depopulating us, they really suck at it.
      Life expectancy is also rising as is variety of foods and anything the mind can imagine.
      You can now get on a giant ship with a swimming pool and band playing, holding a cocktail in a recliner, for about a months pay in a common trade. Choosing what cheese and wine to have, is an upgrade from gathering wood for the cave. We are having a giant party, relax.

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