Ain’t Nobody Gonna Like This

The Nag Hamadi Gospels

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

What you think you know about Christianity is a lie.  The gospels we use now are “rehashed” Roman Empire propaganda, not the pure word of Christ.

As much of Christ’s real words as possible were destroyed.

The real Gospels, Nag Hammadi, Thomas, Magdalene, some from the Dead Sea Scrolls, never to be released or translated, kept like nuclear secrets, Christianity today is a game.

The real Christian world is the Middle East.  The first real Christians were from Palestine, all Jews who converted.  Very few Jews left Palestine, there is no record of it, no “exodus” to the remote areas of the Roman Empire to live among the Visigoths in 200AD.

This is cartoon religion and less than cartoon history.

Christianity in the Western Empire, Rome, Britain, and Gaul, disappeared.  It first returned with St. Patrick in Ireland and Irish monks returned Christianity to what we call Britain, France, and even Italy.

There was no pope in Rome. There was no Rome.  Go there.  It had been taken down stone by stone, abandoned, with no water, no food supply, nothing left.

The Visigoths visit Rome to do their thing

Ninety-five percent of the world’s Christians lived in the Middle East, Judea or Palestine, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Persia.  For hundreds of years, there was no Muslim religion.

Another unpleasant secret.  Mohamed the Prophet reformed the Jewish religion, believed Christ to be a primary Prophet of Islam, and established his religion on totally Jewish roots but accepting Christ and his teachings as paramount.

When I tour the Middle East, I visit Mosques but I also visit churches, the oldest in the world.

The real pope was the Bishop of Jerusalem but the power of the church increasingly moved to Constantinople, into the hierarchy of the Roman Empire rewrote religion into politics, threw out holy writings, and created a political religion that was designed to meld easily into the cacophony of Roman and Greek mythology, the many gods.

Didn’t Solomon worship many gods?  When someone says “hold no other gods above me,” they are polytheistic, not monotheistic.  To the Romans, Jupiter was the head god, to Solomon, Yahweh was, to the Greeks it was Jove.

To the Danes it was Odin.

The Twelve Trips

Sorry kids, but these were all polytheistic religions, especially Judaism.  The issue was which god was in charge, not how many gods.

The other issue was “graven images” or worshiping animal shapes and pictures.  Jews and Muslims are iconoclasts, they don’t do photos with god or the prophets.

The issue, of course, is that, when reviewing the holy books, there is mention of a messiah.  Was it Christ?  Christians say yes.  Jews say Christ lives in “piss and shit” while Muslims believe he was a great prophet.

What reality is, we never are told.  There were two Roman empires, one real one, the Eastern one, Greek, Christian after Constantine, somewhat Christian at least.

Constantine would have appointed himself god or at least pope if he had been able to get away with it.  He was one of the great liars of all time.

The west was gone, destroyed by the barbarians, nothing remained.  There were early Jewish settlements in France but Jews worshiped Christ and built churches.  These became the Cathars and were killed in the holocaust of the Albigensian Crusade.  Read about them in something other than the Da Vinci Codes.

Magdalene died in France, according to those there, mother of Christ’s children, wife of Christ, and founder of the Church.  Millions of Catholics believe this and believe she is the real “Mary.”

Go to Spain or Southern France and learn of Christianity where thousands of years are treated as yesterday.

To Americans who call themselves Christians, they could more appropriately be called “Paulists.”  The “Apostle Paul” was never an apostle, nor was “Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.”

Constantine had the real gospels destroyed.  Wonder what he didn’t like about them?

Paul was a “convenience,” he fit the Roman religion well and was chosen to be the founder of the polyglot religion that became the Christianity that Muslims rebelled against.

Oh, they didn’t tell you that?

Then there are Jews.  None were left in the “holy land.”  They didn’t take the bus to Warsaw but converted to Christianity, the official religion of the empire and later, many became Muslims, accepting Mohamed as a Prophet.  We call those Jews, pure Semites, “Palestinians.” 

Some are Jews, very few, some are Christians but were forced to flee the “holy land” by, well, we aren’t allowed to say, and others are Muslims by converting from Christianity to a version of reformed Judaism called Islam which allows Christ to be a great Prophet.

This allows the “messiah” issue to be sidestepped.

There were a few Jews who had settled in Roman cities but those cities were gone, the numbers of Jews we don’t know and the truth about where they settled in Europe is very different from what we are told.

Those that remained, I am guessing, stayed near the Mediterranean, and moved to Persia and Iraq or Morocco.

This is guessing, there is NO history.

None moved to Germany and Poland and became the current “post-holocaust” settlers of Israel.  There is no historical support for that.

Some say that all European Jews were coverts, Khazars who were pushed west by waves of barbarians.  All of this, especially attempts at fictional racist history, is pure fabrication.

There is no real study of any of this, politics took it over 2000 years ago and it only got worse and worse.

Everything is lying now.

I have driven hundreds of thousands of miles, visited Mosques and churches, and synagogues, lit endless candles, filmed where I can, talked to who I could, read what exists, and am still hopelessly ignorant and learning each day.

What is clear is this:  Those who talk of religion with few exceptions are nuts.  Some are great men but very few know the difference and this has made religion a bane of mankind, or this is how I see it.

Religion will survive.  It is said that the Templars intended to join the 3 religions of the Book, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, into one through a great conclave.  Popes have talked about it as have others.

Instead, religion has provided “cover” for terrorism, church bombings, wars between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, and Jews against the world.

I wonder how many actually believe any of it.  In France, only 11% are actually Catholic.  I know many who go to church in America but say it is for “the good of their business.”

Few know their religion and fewer still believe.

The attraction is there, denial of death, eternal life, seeing long-lost dead friends, pets, getting back your old cars, all of this is written into fiction about religion, ghost stories, phony fables, “bible stories” with no basis whatsoever and the books themselves, some of them are pure freakishness.

What is the story today?  The “Holyland” is emptied of Christians, who made up 35% of the population not that long ago.  They left for 2 reasons, one being that they feel pressure from the Muslim majority among their own Semites, and secondly, that they are recognized as “non-Jews” in Israel and subjected to being walled off, apartheid abuses, and even violence.

One point I can be clear about, it is an Israeli policy to foster violence against Christians across the Middle East and blame it on Muslims.

Then again, Christians in Lebanon and elsewhere have been discriminated against by Muslims.  It is very real and continually lied about.  Problem is, it is easy to exploit.

One can see great evil in religions.  One of the great ironies of religion is how well Israel gets along, secretly, with the Wahhabist sect which is the most insane form of Islam.  They teach that Jews and Christians are monkeys, same as Judaism, under the King Torah, which teaches Jews that “goyim” are cattle to be bred and slaughtered.

People who believe this scare the hell out of me.

People who teach these things, all of them, whatever religion, are war criminals and need to be kept away from the public.

There are laws and courts that cover this but only Jews are effective at getting their way.  Problem is, that they also build the car bombs that blow up churches and mosques that keep the wars going and then sell “security and counter-terrorism” equipment to stop their own deeds.

They have been caught so many times, the funniest spraying swastikas on synagogues, a recruiting method of their organizations.

During WW2, Zionists joined with Hitler because they wanted him to expel Jews to Palestine where they could then kill the British occupiers.

This is in every history book, an iota of truth that stands alone.

Who is to blame?  Common men of good will exist in the majority in all religions, and in a greater majority outside all religions entirely.  We call that “enlightenment.”

A few profit from war and hate and love to manipulate, breed fear, and stage phony acts of terrorism and this has been going on forever.   Every peaceful demonstration has “agent provocateurs” ready to throw bombs, always working for the police or that mysterious “New World Order” we hear so much about.

What is the extreme message, what would Christ or Mohamed say, what would a “righteous Jew” say (sic)?

Those who preach hate should die by the sword.

Real international law enforced by real international courts, not the “joke” ICC or the phony United Nations and the gangsters that run well over 100 nations as “elected leaders” will ever take mankind to a world of peace, understanding, and plenty.

This is why oligarchy, now called “the 1%” is never called what it really is, organized crime.

It is how “they” got to choose candidates, run the police, own the courts, control the news, twist entertainment into “hate speech” and breed war and fear.

We let them.

The message, of course, is that we can stop, but only if we become educated, if and when we stop lying when we physically remove those who work to twist our thought, breed hate, and live off our blood.

I suspect that if Jesus were ever to return he would nuke the whole place.  Religion, as Fr. Malachi Martin once told me, proves only one thing, Satan exists.

He said he wished it were otherwise.

Malachi Martin, former Vatican Secretary of State and best-selling author said the fastest growing religion in the world is Satanism.  According to Martin, the most vulnerable populations were Catholic Jesuits, Jews, Evangelical Christians, and certain sects of Islam.  Iran recognizes Satanists, those who worship or consort with “jinns” as a security threat.

Western security organizations come upon continual references to Satanism and Satanic rituals among America’s oldest and most powerful families, within the military academies, and throughout the news and entertainment industry.

Most secret societies are Satanists, the groups talked about in blogs as running the world or cultivating new and more “evil” leaders.  Their rituals are all Satanic, disguised behind phony tradition and “hazing.”  Blood sacrifice, and child murder, are common crimes among the powerful, crimes that surfaced during the Franklin affair.  Pedophiles are not the issue, Satanism is… and child kidnapping and murder in Washington, is known and accepted by all in government.

Does this explain a thing or two?

Almost all Satanists attend regular worship as Christians, Muslims, and Jews, the use of “cover” a key part of their belief system.

Fr. Malachi Martin claims that many, some very powerful, some seemingly ordinary, but in numbers beyond imagination, are inhabited by demons and that religion is in denial of this.

If you meet someone “infested or possessed,” they will tell you, or could if they would, that they are the rational ones, the enlightened, that their “god” is the only real god, and that “that other guy” went on vacation long ago.  This is why so many Jesuits are Satanists, like the coven here in Toledo, look into Father Gerald Miller.  Try to get past the edited versions.

I mention this only in passing.   When I think of Dr. Aafia, kidnapped, raped, tortured, children killed, all done by American military officers, or of the Rodriguez torture policies or the look of Bush and Cheney I have moments when  I fear Martin may be right and that my own rationalism and humanism may be hiding a supernatural world of endless evil that fills our lives every day and can never be described with conventional rational beliefs.


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  1. Remember that in Europe and Northwest Africa and in the mittle East there is but one monotheistic relijion: Isøâm. Those Jewish faithes have a God that is only for them and not all the other “cods” that they craved for. The so-called christians of Europe have opted for thee versions of one god, and are thus believers in three differnet godheads. I am not a Muslim, but give honour to those to whome honour belong!

  2. — Even after he (Snorri Sturlasonr had studied in Paris and Bolognia (and possibly in anothe Venice-controlled university in Mainland Venezia: Snorri still preferrred sciantia to myths fro Rome and maybe Nikea,

  3. Within my own cultural-sphere, we a have Icelandic Snorri Sturlasons (chrisian bishop on Iceland ca. 1200) and his saga abou Egil Skallagrimson (heathen Icelandic chiefthean, ca. 920 AD — also celebbaited bhy Snorri). .
    Interesting fackt: In Snorri’s talesabout Odin , he at times changes the appellation “Vafathir” (Fater of the dead in battle) and at times slip him into “Allfathir”(Everybodies Father”. So he did not subscribe to the Nicean tripattite God, but kept to what he knew from Irish monks.

  4. Mr.Duff, With much respect to you, I must label your phrase “real gospels” as Rubbish ! Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the DEF. of Canonical & non-Canonical. The former means ( lit.) : measures up , the latter NON-C. means: does NOT measure up ie. Apocrypha. The Apocrypha books have zero credibility : Authors unknown ? Dates unknown ? Whereas the Gospels are Canonical . The first Church AD. & its council recognized only two Historians , irenaeus & Tertullian .These 2 historians were contemporaries of the Disciples , first hand they had interviewed the Disciples & in exchange made written record of their discussions. The documented records of These two historians are very much consistent with the accounts/narrative documented by the Disciples in the Gospels. Incidentally, the Catholic church & its MERRIAM edition bible includes 11 of 13 commonly known Apocrypha books which are absent in Protestant bibles and this creates much confusion. I have a collection of more than 30 DIFF. versions of the bible , my research had found the English Standard VER.(ESV.) was best in translation. Mr.Duff, many times I have seen the Apocrypha issue surface & I have failed to comment. Since I have learned very much from your many excellent articles I thought I may include a never mentioned historical perspective. Sadly I discovered your post 2 days late.

    • You assertions of “no credibility” are entirely based on your acceptance of the council of Nicea which had NO credibility but was rather a pagan run scam controlled by Constantine. You totally gloss over Nicea as “the first Church AD and its council”….without explanation or reason or scholarship. I am more than familiar with the apocrypha, in particular, the Gospels of Thomas and Magdalene. One would also note that Magdalene is currently censored with the vatican holding the only complete copy. My experience comes from study and hands on archeology in the region as well. The ‘wild card’ is John. The craziest thing of all was the idea of creating a 3 headed god, pulling it entirely out of ass and nothing else….in response to questions about the divinity of christ. Your approach is pure apologist.

      Nicea created a church that totally abandoned the teachings of jesus…for a hierarchical church that paralleled the roman empire and its pagan roots….and began the process of peddling indulgences…renaming demigods as “saints” and building a financial empire that eventually destroyed christianity

    • The smart man listens to Gordon. Belief in fraud = Belief in an Abrahamic God of Israel. No such thing. That Russian guy banging his shoe heel on the podium long ago should have said “We will bury Zionism”. Know that Russia kicked that crap out. It’s here now.

  5. oh mr duff… it pains me to see you so lost still after givinmg you a first hand account of my christian testimony.

    look… devil wants you to sacrifice others for your own benefit. wants you to destroyu all goodness all decency.. all integrity within you.. become the 666 beast… hey..u got money. power, fame,,, fun in this life where ‘money’ rules over courage, bravery, integruty etc

    god wants you to sacrifice yourself for others… only sacrifice he accepts. Jesus, the King, his example.

    jesus would not nuke us… even while we are sinners God still loves us. He wants to redeeem us. but we must repent of sins. no more materialism. spirituality must become paramount. if you look at the ‘civilization’ these saqtanists created here, its form attacks us spiritually. makes us crazy. money before people. is evil, sir.

    it is impossible for the gospel and Jesus words not to be true. God reigns. i bet my life on them and won. not bush, not rockefeller, not rothschild, none of them could lay a hand on me…lots of witch craft but only works if you sins… i now preach the gospel and testify in buses and public dailly and have my heart on fire.

    • Ferdinand, that’s a good question about what is repentance?
      I’m not sure I fully understand it myself.
      I guess the first step would be in a person recognizing they weren’t just right; that something was wrong; that there was a better way to look at the world and their place in it.
      Take for instance a person on the verge of committing suicide. That would be someone in need of repentance.
      Now if someone came along and intervened in time, and convinced the person there was still a reason to live, and he “changed his mind” and didn’t go through with it, that would be a case of repentance.
      Jesus said “faith comes by hearing and hearing from the word of God.”
      Since we are all born sinners under the sentence of death, we are kinda in a place like the person thinking of committing suicide. Except Jesus offers us eternal life, if we believe and trust in Him.
      Jesus said, he who believes in me shall never die.
      If you ever get to a place in life where you know you need something the world just can’t give, you may be ripe for hearing the word of God.

    • How come USaish commentators ar as supertishious as You? In my nordic lands, we leared the state.supported Lutheran dogmas in grade school. Result: No adult Nordic (or Scandinavian) believes in judeo-cristian hogwash any longer.

    • How come USaish commentators ar as superstishious as You? In my Nordic lands, we learned the state.supported Lutheran dogmas in grade school. Result: No adult Nordic (or Scandinavian) believes in judeo-christian hogwash any longer.

  6. I have fond memories of 1950s Buick Roadmaster that my dad sold to a neighbor when he had the dealership for a while, and my mother eventually bought it from the neighbors later and I got to take it out crusing with the local guys during those quicky passing Jr. and Sr. year high school years.

  7. People in a society crave the masters of ceremony, and intuitively desire the presence of a learned pure hearted person to perform weddings and funerals, and dispense wisdom.
    Selection and recruitment of these people, through religion, automatically damages and muddies the pool of talent to a disastrous degree. The ones I have met who are suited for it, tend to keep the religion in a distant second place to the task, and frankly they wouldn’t care about the differences. Good spiritual guides are born into it. Our divorce rate is high due to priorities and contrivances installed through religion that prevents proper match making and progression of ceremony. They promote breeding for their own selfish interest. The number of people who stay married and are miserable is also way too high, due to this.

  8. The Christian Bible has obviously been heavily altered. That’s obvious to any Christian that keeps their heart turned toward God. The Holy Spirit gives all the knowledge needed. Books and church buildings are not part of all Christians’ faith. Nor is worship. I don’t do it, because it’s not necessary to validate my faith and relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

    Lot of articles today trashing Christianity. I get the point you’re trying to make, but it’s important to point out that we are not all the same.

  9. I am glad that Gordon Duff is raising these issues. Obviously it is extremely difficult to find authentic material about Christianity. A modern source that provides detailed answers to questions about “final things” is the writings of German spiritual master Bô Yin Râ, born Joseph Anton Schneiderfranken, who lived from 1876 to 1943, and who produced a 32-volume collection of spiritual guidance called “Hortus Conclusus” (“The Gated Garden”). His works are starting to become available in English through the publishing program of Kober Press in Berkeley, California. Bô Yin Râ characterized himself as a Luminary, a member of the order of enlightened beings who have guided all spirituality on earth from the beginning of mankind. Some Luminaries live in physical form on the planet. O
    thers dwell in the spiritual dimension that interpenetrates the physical. He says that Jesus was a Luminary and that Jesus composed letters that have yet to be discovered. Some of the content of these letters found its way into the Gospel of John.
    I strongly recommend that readers of VT who have been following the writings of Gordon Duff delve into the writings of Bô Yin Râ.

  10. I liked it, Gordon.
    In heaven I will get back the 56 two door Plymouth Suburban with the 440 that I foolishly gave to a nephew.

  11. This is exactly why the First Amendment to the US Constitution specifically prohibits the formation of a state church. Millions of Europeans came to this continent on the run from the Inquisition, the Thirty Years War, and all the pogroms that happened in every European nation at one time or another. Dominionists and US Christian Zionists would have it otherwise. We can’t let them turn the USA into some kind of Zionist theocracy.

    • tommy apeiron, you have it all backwards… the us constitution was written by satanists of the hellfire club attendees like the federalists and benjamin franklkin in whose house they recently found 6 dismembered babies. dr preston james told us that george washington warned that the fremasons had been infltrated by the illuminati. of course washington was a slaver and the biggest land speculator in murka so he was an extremely materialistiuc and selfish man. see, your mistake is taking narcissism fed to you by stanists about your civilization as gospel. the founders of this copuntry were no better and no worse than nany other men throughout history in every other place in the worlkd. youre not special.

      as to the inquisition… haha.. they really were chasing satanist sacrificing babies. mr duff knows that in the jewsih communities sephardic and ashkenazi there has been an ancient tradition of satanism and human sacrifice. the pogroms weren’t for no reason. of course, the majority of jews in america today are not aware of any of this.. but a group of them is. bnai brith.

      i’m not going to educate you but you see the enlightenment was another satanic ploy… nietszche, voltaire, darwin, freud.. all scams. you think you’re special because you put all men as equal…. as if that was kind some of revelation.

  12. Ya know once you step out of the box we’ve been put in from birth the entire BELIEF is more and more like a cheap comic book.
    I’m not sure people know the difference between empirical fact and belief.
    Fear, cognitive dissidence and belief perseverance keep us locked away tight in the box we were imprisoned in.
    I’m pagan. I live on mother earth that’s ruled by mother nature and . . .Lucifer. Yes, Christians the “Morning light” or literally “Morning Star.” And no it’s not Venus it’s the sun. Pagans thank you for worshiping Lucifer (our Morning Star) with us on SUN DAY. And you tried ow hard to demonize him. (Think Goddess and God, duality creating balance and harmony between the masculine and the feminine.A much healthier concept that is based i fact, not fiction.
    You stole Christmas from us and Easter but we (pagans) know the truth. You’re a bunch of thieving, murdering psychopaths.
    Does anyone wish to debate that one? Hint: You’ll lose from the word boo. Why? BECAUSE IT’S A BELIEF STUPID. There’s no one up there nor is there anyone down there and Santa does not come down the chimney no matter what you believed when you were 6. (Corrintians 13:11)

  13. I find it more than interesting that the leaders of the three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, despite the antipathy between them, have always put their differences aside and locked arms to persecute and annihilate the Gnostics while trying to eradicate every trace of their teachings. Some Gnostics are Christian like the Cathars, others are not, but they all believe that the material realm was created by and is ruled by demons and that one should go by direct experience, not faith, eliminating the need for priests, rabbis, and imams. As Richard Stanley put it so well and succinctly in his masterpiece, “Dust Devil”, “There is no good or evil. Only spirit and matter.”

  14. Go easy on poor old Constantine! He ruled the most religion-crazed population on earth, which is saying something.
    Visitors to Constantinople at the time marveled at the eagerness with which ‘baker, porters, and common folk’ engaged them in theological disputes and the passion they displayed about obscure doctrinal matters. Half his time was devoted to trying to reconcile their fanaticisms and the other half to avoiding assassination for so doing.

  15. I did read about Father Gerald Miller. Like many other monsters, he got custody of teen boys by using a Home for Wayward Boys. Later on, he left the priesthood and married. I haven’t seen anything about him practicing Satanism, not yet.

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