Vaccines Not ‘Experimental’ – Houston Judge throws out Anti-Vaxxer Lawsuit from hospital workers

Unvaccinated by "will" deemed a public health risk due to anti-social behavior


Nurse says vaccinations

Daily Beast: A Texas judge has thrown out a lawsuit against a Houston hospital that suspended 178 unvaccinated employees who refused to get anti-COVID-19 jabs.  The issue, according to this nurse is that vaccines cause miscarriages, based on “Doctors” and “Studies” that prove this.  Of last count, 43 people, mostly women, had miscarriages sometime after being vaccinated.  Statistics show that between 15 and 20 percent of all pregnancies in the US end in miscarriages.

Around 170 million Americans have been vaccinated.  Do the math.  We did.  The stats are clear.  You are more likely to be struck by lightning in a submarine than to have a miscarriage due to COVID vaccine.  

Watch this video go to 2:50 as

The lawsuit was filed by 117 of those employees, led by a nurse named Jennifer Bridges. Judge Lynn Hughes ruled that the group had no case and that their arguments were not valid.

“She [Bridges] is refusing to accept inoculation that, in the hospital’s judgement, will make it safer for their workers and patients in Methodist’s care,” Hughes wrote in the decision.

“This is not coercion. Methodist is trying to do their business of saving lives without giving them the COVID-19 virus. It is a choice made to keep staff, patients, and their families safer.”



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    Just love motor cycle people. Make’s me want to buy one.

    Cyclists? Simply insufferable.

  2. If I could talk to the American leadership I would say this as all Military personal need to take 10000 IU’s of Vitamins D and zink and Vitamin K. 10000 IU’s of D and the others? dose’s very.

    All very cheap at Walmart and of course Health Hut.

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  3. All the Coviid vaccines are highly toxic.

    Nobel Laureate Dr. Luc Montagneir states that anyone who is injected ” will die within two years. There is no cure and no hope. No more can be said.”

    I will under no conditions get any of the mandated injections.

  4. The Covid-19 viruses are invented for the vaccines. Just like the Swine Flu, Bird flu and other so-called viruses before.

    No one has managed to isolate any Covid-19 virus or any virus thus far. The so-called coronaviruses are actually the essential spiky-looking spherical vesicles that transport nutrients to and wastes from cells.

    Now the non-existent Covid-19 viruses have been on the news channels and radio stations day and night for the past 18 months and counting.

    With the lockdowns, there are LESS strokes. Clearly the drugs (read poisons) are causing all these strokes and other deadly diseases.

    I remember each time the locums went on strike, there were always LESS deaths in hospitals.

    Revelation 18 v 12-13 states what Babylon traded: Gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, …..chariots, slaves and souls of men”. Notice that souls of men are last in value. That’s how Babylon values your soul – last.

    It’s easy to identify who these vaccine pushers and advocates and politicians are: they are Babylonians. And we know what will happen to Babylonians at end time because all our deeds are written down.

  5. They need to uphold their beliefs and personal accountability and quit their jobs. Plenty of other hospitals to work at. It sucks, but they will be rewarded for standing their ground. Perhaps a career change is in order.

    I was and am fortunate enough to live in an area and have a job that doesn’t require masks or vaccines, and a business owner I work for that feels the same as I do. I have not had to wear a mask once during this BS, and the idea of getting this mRNA injection is laughable to most of us.

    It is unfortunate these nurses’ livelihood is challenged, but this is their test. Their trial. They must stand up for what they believe in, and they will be taken care of.


  6. As the US vaxxes are only authorized for emergency use, and are not otherwise approved via the standard two year minimum process, they are indeed experimental. As to safety, the VAERS database, which is known to capture only 1% of adverse events, already notes over 4,000 deaths in the US alone after taking the vaxx. After only 52 deaths from Swine Flu vaccine years ago, the authorities pulled it from the market. Spike proteins themselves are toxic and dangerous, according to a Salk Institute study. Yet the US vaxxes trick the body’s cells to make those spike proteins internally. This will not end well. Too bad we Americans can’t get Sputnik V, the old-fashioned and much safer Russian vaccine.

    • You are correct…this is a time bomb. As of 4 June the VAERS database has posted over 5,000 deaths related to the mRNA vaccine. It was assumed that the ‘spike protein’ would behave like other vaccines and stay locally in the arm muscles and area lymph nodes. It does not. It travels to organs like the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands and in women…ovaries. Random body tissue as well. It gets around…not an expected outcome based on evidence based medicine. Now it sounds like a ticking 9-11 with (potential) Wiskoff-Aldrich syndrome, Multiple Myeloma and Hepatocarcinoma plus blood clots due to boxing the liver beforehand.
      Hmmm…same insular crowd that pulled that one almost 20 years ago??? 9-11 I mean.

  7. Perhaps VT staff will be held to account for promoting the covid bioweapon in a Nuremberg style court?
    However, VT does very well in other areas so perhaps the truth is that the US Government lies and punishes truth tellers.
    All protected under national security which is the perfect blanket for covering crime.

    My personal opine on the covid jab? If you took it you were warned and there is a concept called personal responsibility.

    Time will show the covid jab to be a rolling disaster!

  8. Of last count, 43 people, “mostly women”, had miscarriages sometime after being vaccinated. Uhh ….wait, what?

    How things have changed. I remember when it was ONLY women that had miscarriages.

  9. And this so-called (corporate owned) judge knows what about vaccines? Nothing. Yet she can make such a judgement. I would trust a nurse before I would trust a doctor. US doctors are possibly the most indoctrinated professionals that exist. They are yet subjecting their patients to statins, even though research shows them to be detrimental. That pain that you get in your muscles after taking statins? That’s your muscle dying. Remember when they touted trans-fats as safe? 30 years later they changed their minds. This judge is what is an example of what’s wrong in America. Will the hospital be liable for any mal effects of the vaccine since it’s being forced? Or will the US gov (us) foot the bill yet again? A vaccine expert says that when previous vaccines hit 25-50 deaths, the vaccine was stopped. Now we are approaching 4,000 deaths and it’s still going on? Funny how they can change the rules at will.

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