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The victory of the Conservative Shiite Habrahim Raisi’s  in the recent presidential elections in Iran has aroused different international political reactions. A few days after its official investment to president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, American sanctions overwhelm the freedom of press, censoring Tehran world network.

While the renewal of the nuclear treaty between Iran and US (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) still seems to be in high seas for the pressure of Israel that opposes the concession to Tehran of the use of nuclear power plants (where the enrichment of uranium for atomic weapons It takes place in violation of international regulations) the Press TV domain in English and other Iranian sites has been blocked by the administration of Joseph Biden who continues on the same line as that of Donald Trump against the Middle Eastern country by a Shiite, and therefore disagreeable to the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf that have signed with Israel, thanks to the mediation of Washington, Abraham’s Deal.

Ebrahim Raeisi, new president of Islamic Republic of Iran

Sayyid Ebrahim Raisol-Sadati, simply known as Ebrahim Raisi (Persian: ابراهیم رئئسی “Ibrāhīm raīsī”; Mashhad, 14 December 1960), is an Iranian politician and magistrate. He achieved a degree in Islamic law at the Motahari University of Tehran.

He started studying in the Qom seminar, where one of Iran’s most important mosques arises a short distance from an impregnable underground nuclear fortress, at the age of 15, and later started attending the Ayatollah Sayyed School Muhammad Mousavi Nezhad first and the school of Ayatollah Borujerdi in Qom in 1976 then; He was a student of Seyyed Hossein Borujerdi, Mortahhari, Abolghasem Khazali, Hossein Hamedani Noori, Ali Meshkini and Morteza Pasandideh. He was one of Khomeini’s young revolutionaries.

Iran’s revenge starts from Qom. Thanks to Fordow’s nuclear bunker plant

It becomes really difficult to think that his appointment has nothing to do with the application of censorship to the most important Iranian network in a view that confirms the guidance of the West, and of the Masonic Deep State that supported Biden, has cancel every different thought above all if it comes from the Shiite Muslim minority that in Iran, as in Syria and Lebanon (other countries affected by the US sanctions), controls political power.

by Press Tv

In what seems to be a coordinated action, a similar message has appeared on the websites of a series of Iranian and regional television networks that claims their domains have been “seized by the United States Government.”

The notice, which appeared late Tuesday on the website of English-language television news network Press TV as well as a number of other Iranian and regional news channels, cited US sanctions laws for the seizure and was accompanied by the seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US Department of Commerce.

US: Biden & Deep State’s Masons Win! Supreme Court refused to investigate on alleged Electoral Frauds

“The domain has been seized by the United States Government in accordance with a seizure warrant…as part of a law enforcement action by the Bureau of Industry and Security, Office of Export Enforcement and Federal Bureau of Investigation,” the message read.

The websites of Iran’s Arabic-language Al Alam television news network, Yemen’s al-Masirah TV channel and Bahrain’s Lualua television network were also among the targeted outlets. The US government has not officially commented on the matter, but some reports said the websites might have been hacked.

Press TV has announced that its website will be available on .ir domain. Over the past years, the United States has for several times taken similar measures against Iranian media outlets.

Google renews attack on YouTube account of Iran’s Press TV. Google has for the seventh time targeted Iranian broadcaster Press TV, blocking the English-language news network’s access to its official YouTube account without any prior notice.

The US tech giant Google has recurrently taken on Press TV more than any other Iranian outlet given the expanse of its viewership and readership.

In March, Google for the seventh time blocked the English-language news network’s access to its official YouTube account without any prior notice, citing “violations of community guidelines.”

Leading Iranian News Agency’s Website Blocked by Us “illegal move”. Cyber-war going on…

The US-based social media giant Facebook also informed Press TV in the same month that its account had been shut down for what it claimed to be the Iranian news channel’s failure to “follow our Community Standards.” The page was reinstated a few days later.

The Tehran-based English-language news network has repeatedly fallen victim to censorship on multiple fronts, including Twitter and Instagram besides Google and its services.

Syria Again under Fire! Another alleged attack by Israel which opened New Secret Nuclear Factory



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  1. When I was in Iraq / Kurdistan every once in a while I spent some time in Erbil and in the evenings I’d watch TV and Press TV was one of the news sites that appeared to have the best credibility. This is also when I found VT since PressTV did reference on newscasts etc. This made more sense than Al Jazeera, that I had on satellite in my home in Jakarta. Amazing the idiot USSA is stopping their broadcasts, but then you always have the net. But this will be censored soon and blacked out and all you’ll be able to watch is ABCNNBCBSFoXX and get brainwashed before the Vaxx.

  2. Well, at least the Biden admin has shown it’s true face openly. This looks like just the beginning of a new anti-Iran push, while unleashing ‘the truth’ upon the gullible. At least it has achieved one result, Iran has decided not to meet with EU reps over JCPOA. Israel is ecstatic. It almost looks like they are playing for time. For what is what worries me, especially now when there are so many NATO ships in the Black Sea. Something smells. Funny how Biden seems to be following the same path as the last shill. Not to mention is applying more sanctions on Russia? After a supposedly good (short) meeting with Putin? The Russians were taken aback by the duplicity. I’m not.

  3. I guess next time somebody says… the leader of the free world… probably he is going to be talking about Putin, Xi Jinping or Kim Jong-un

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