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Hey Mr Gordon,

You remember a man by the name of Carlos Hathcock?

About 5 years ago I spent a month doing what it took to keep one of his good friends alive when he was out here in Apache Jct, AZ.

An old man by the name of Willard Randall. If you fought in Vietnam, chances are you’ve heard his name before also.

I’ll give you Mr. Wills phone # at the bottom, and hopefully you can contact him and understand that I’m on your side, so to say. I’m sure you have to be precautious about communicating with random strangers, and the other two emails I sent in contain some extremely powerful information concerning our history and what the fact that everything we believe in is based upon a decietful manifestation designed to pursue our enemies long term agenda to seduce this nation straight to hell before the first goy MOOo’s.

I looked at your website a little bit last night, so I know I dont have to waste time explaininga bunch of mostly unkown shit concerning our reality. Obviously you’ve got a massive amount of inside information and details that I’m unaware of, but I’ve been looking at all of thks shit with a similar interest as you, just from a much broader perspective.

I’ve been focused on solving the problem of my family being drug straight to hell on the fast train since the second tower fell on 9/11. By the time it dawned on me that we are already in hell, it wasnt like I could go back to sleep and tune everything out.

I’m running into people with boiling frog syndrome every where I turn looking for ANYONE who can step up and address this ignorant shit happening to all of us before they unleash their final strike and seal the deal on their great reset.

We’re all fucking dead when the $$ goes to zero. Considering how much the fed has dumped into the system since the false flag  CV-19 biological attack, that wont be long from now.

This government knows me, and those demons damn sure know who I am. I’m not gonna get into turning this into a resume, I’ll just attach 2 links to past post on my fkbook wall that will explain a lot.

I’ve been scoping these mongrels out since I realized that our food supply is being intentionally poisoned back in 2005.

Something you may not know, is that the contents of RoundUp are approx 1200x more toxic than the only active ingredient on the label.  Considering that glyphosate alone causes birth defects and mutates frog embryos, you multiply that by 1200x and I’m honestly surprised anyone in this country is still alive. On average Americans consume 1 puond of the residue of the RoundUp herbicide thats sprayed on 90% of our food supply.

You can Google- NIH POEA- , 1200x is a conservative estimate.
The shit the USDA certified as safe for “organic” crops is about 20x worse than that.

That’s how these rotten mother fuckers roll jack. Im sure you understand how brazen and obnoxious they are. The tinge of being mocked set in about 2 years ago, and just that “fresh kills” landfill alone is enough to make me have some evil desires.

I try to avoid that and keep a positive attitude because the situation is overwhelming to say the least, but I’m pretty sure this suggestion of mine is just the ticket to flip the script on these mongrels.

Ha,,, I gave then a pet name last year, Aryan Gooooze, but thats too human, so now I just call them walrus or self mutilating walrus.

I sent this in about 2 or so weeks ago after I found this intel and was unable to get anyone to dismiss what Pfister and Kammeier have determined about the origin of written language being only 400 years old. No one at the numerous sites based on history and evolution professionals had anything to show that would dismiss their position either.
This wolf-dragon-hyena looking critter,,, it definitely fits the description of my pet Aryan Gooooze.

I understand its hard to believe, but to me its the foundation that made all of the pieces of the puzzle come together and it all makes sense now.

Like I said, I shopped around prior to my first email I sent to VT about that, and have continued to do so randomly just to make double dog damn sure,, and nobody has anything to offer that would dismiss what they determine as the origin of written language, so I think its responsible to proceed as if if thats been confirmed.

Considering their intentions were to make it impossible for anyone who ever went down the rabbit hole to be certain about anything they came up with,, thats the exact certainty I was needing.

I’ve been trying to get a pastor to confront the fact that our foods being intentionally poisoned in a peaceful legal way for over a decade, but they all say “turn it over to God, Jesus has already solved all of these problems”,, same old shit, as if they know everything about life & death, but dont have a clue what planet they live on, or else their asses wouldn’t be living in Babylon.

This is what I’m looking for someone with a people to step up and do for themselves. A medium sized garden club with old ladies could do it, but none of the people Ive approached including a couple of Marines from back home know what planet they are on either.

25 or more people, armed or unarmed, pick any major intersection in the U.S. , approach the scene with several American flags mounted upside down, and shut down traffic going in all 4 directions, and dont fkn dare leave until the MSM has to cover the scene, and expose the fact that we are under attack.

I’m sure you know a million x more informed than me about the missile that struck the Pentagon and that huge ass hole about 25ft below  Ground Zero, so stopping traffic to I guess, seek help?, from our enemies embedded throughout this country, is definitely not violent, nor an act of terrorism, and should not in any way be opposed by any law enforcement agency “openly”.

Once that position is established, to make it as all encompassing as I can come up with,,included with indicating we are under attack…have a big sign and broadcast

 “Adrenachrome Junkie RoundUp”.

Once you understand that the RoundUp is approx 1200x more toxic than labelled, you not only aim for those fkn animals who are hooked on adrenachrome, you aim for “the science” also. The EPA doesnt even claim POEA exist, but the NIH does.

I sure wish I had heard about adrenachrome months earlier. As soon as I had an understanding of how they harvest that drug, I can pretty much see exactly what their heaven on Earth will be like if they are able to finish us off, go to the digital currency and man, or the reptilians, well I recon it will be both ,

They wont have a fear in the world and they can have adrenachrome harvesting music & arts & crafts & spirit cooking & fecal fairies all dolled up having orgies with animal’s…with a young child as the center piece for them to rip their bodies apart & traumatize the hell out of them to whip up a good dose of that pineal gland fluid they cant live without.

The eye of horus, the pinecone present in many places at the Vatican, the all seeing eye, all of those entertainment stars with posing with one eye covered, the black eye’s on world leaders, Freemasons, Jesuits, Luciferians, black pope, all of em. Its all one big joint coalition working towards the achieving the same Georgia Guidestones agenda.

You obviously are aware of some if not all of those connections since you were a big part of exposing the Khazarian mafia. It all pretty much ties in with that grotesque fkn Babylonian Talmud.

And I’m not sure if the royal Saudis are the real “kings” or who exactly is the HNIC, I’m just hoping that you’re not part of the good old boys club and can appreciate my simple peaceful legal approach to aiming for the root cause of all of this catastrophic shit.

Like I said about not submitting a resume,, those fucking demons know who I am. One of the two post I’ll include explains when I first became a target of this bastardized judicial system, and I’ll bet a fat rat to a barefooted roach that my “honorable” judge,, Jay C Zainey,, that rotten pos is definitely in the good old boys club.

Appointed by skull & bones Jr, Jesuit, and when they attacked my ass in 06 for a ? mark in the email I sent explaining how bad we’ve been getting poisoned and had plans to go introduce Monsanto’s aspartame & posilac’s little crack factory on Lovers Ln in Augusta to a D8T running wide open,, the words formaldehyde & extra infected pus going into our dairy supply,,, for a ? in that huge explanatory email, Zainey & AG Mike Magner pretty much treated me like the devil for being so close to scraping Monsanto’s two “golden childs” poisons off the map.

Anyway,,, it wont surprise me at all if I never hear from you, nobody has ever had the gumption to respond to the truth yet, but at least its been somewhat of a luxury explaining how damn simple, peaceful, effective and necessary it is to stop those demons without having to explain everything to you.

In case you didn’t already know this, our bodies generates a unique electromagnetic frequency that I’m 98% certain this stupid phone has been transmitting every vital sign, an infrared image of me wherever Im at, and theres at least a 50/50 chance that they can also detect and read my thoughts also.

None of that shit bothers me honestly. I was born & raised in a Catholic home and attended 8 years of Catholic school, and until I was about 8 or 9 yrs old God was my best friend. Every single move I made and decision throughout the day I lived as if each move I made was being tallied on a “pass or fail” score card that would determine if I would burn in hell for eternity or not.

If my Creator has that ability, then Im good to go considering I despise whatever or wherever that creature is, and couldn’t care less whatever man is capable of monitoring my choices in life for.

I’m not sure if I’m experiencing life with a hologram being projected in front of my eyes, if this is a virtual reality experience, if reptilian shape shifters already rule the world and my mind is attached to some kind of wtf ever Matrix type existence. This is who I am, this is obviously where I’m supposed to be, I know that however horrible people revere the truth or stigma thats caused me,,, every step of the way has been led by pure emotion , responding to certain things that inspire a reaction, just me doing me.

I’ve been saying I can stop drop & roll this planet since before I was aware that we’ve been living on a stationary object, so basically regardless what they do to me or however this shit plays out whenever I find a man with enough support whose built right to take a stand on their own and nail those underground terrorist right between the eyes with those 3 words,, I have no way to influence that outcome yet.

If you agree that this is an awesome idea and would save a few hundred million lives and choose to pursue my suggestion without blaming it on me, I’d prefer if you let me handle whatever fallourt comes afterwards, but I’ve learned that I cant even inspire anyone to crave life over death anymore, so theres no words that will inspire you to step up and save your own country and let me handle the triage/rescue my way.

I don’t think about it often, but whoever sits around the main table and calls all the shots on this planet, like a global lockdown over that false flag Fauci spawned personally, it might be 12 families heads or 33 people, but theres a source, a root source of everything going on in this world.

One www
One UN, WHO, Central military intelligence.

You understand,, thats who needs to be addressed and replaced with human beings who dont have the mental disposition of these self mutilating Aryan Gooooze.

I gotta get, one of my two gangster grannies is here visiting. I dont associate with any group or anyone besided the two old ladies who have been the only people who can communicate on my level,  and mama & my soul mate still tolerate my unproductive ass.

I’ll include a link to Mr. Will’s fkbook page, and basically all I’m hoping you will do is give him a call & let him tell you if I’m a good friend to have and a good hearted man. I think he must be worried about me or scared,, fk if I know…I’m pretty damn sure the people of the book wasn’t supposed to produce a true spirit like this, nor ever had a chance to survive the devils long term planning.

Although I’m aware that Gaia and this animal kingdom originated from beyond this reality, and I whatever that external or paternal source may be, Im a mamas boy, Gaia is my only source of life for now, and I’m somewhat aware of how horribly contaminated this planet is already, but I still believe that if I had a chance, and chemistry was able to work for humanity instead of function like a virus to our “host”, its possible that the majority of this haz-mat scene can be decontaminated.

If they can separate all of those high dollar fuels & chemicals out of black crude oil,, theres no reason to believe they cant design methods to design filtration systems.

Its been a pleasure explaining this to someone whose aware of the main aspects of our fucked up reality, and I’ll keep a positive attitude that I might get a phone call from you or whoever else I think of next to see if they want their people to survive before we enter the last chapter of the book.

Mr Will Randall’s # is
Oh, and if you do call him, tell him that the storirs he told me about Mr Carlos Hathcock is what made this message possible todsy, and to call my ass after he talks to you.
He will shit twice and fall back in it if you do call him about me haha,,, but he can vouch for me no doubt.
He left a special flag with me,,, its meant a lot to me honestly. Its in the quick story I posted a while back below this.

I wrote this back in February,, mad as hell at myself boy,, you cant imagine how fkn different everything would be today if at least one person would have busted their crack headed science experiment wide open way back then.

This whole presentation confirms what those “matrix of history” links state. I couldn’t be more certain that I have no damn clue whats truly going on in this world. Part 7 & 8 should interest you mostly.

Thank you for your time.

Oh, ps….tDCS would work wonders for all of tge veterans with PTSD and basically and mood or mental health disorder. I read a study a while back where it worked wonders on 3 veterans, but the sorry ass VA director obviously didnt push for the funding. Its an awesome technology with nothing but a long history of very impressive results and 0 side effects.

If nothing else, you should go skull drag whoever’s ass has the checkbook for the VA,, this gadget right here, would eliminate all kinds of emotional issues and eliminate their need for dr.dope.



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  1. The best way to fight GMO food is to get locals to produce and market actual food that is not GMO or treated with chemicals.
    Plant gardens in the front lawn. people will pull over and ask when it will be ready.

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