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[ Editor’s Note: VT congratulates Mr. Branson and his team for their 17 years of hard work, culminating with today’s first commercial test flight into space where the boss was one of the test passengers.

The tickets I am sure will be pricey but to give everyone a chance he is setting up an online raffle so anyone in the world will have a shot at a flight, albeit a short one.

All those who went up got their astronaut wings, which I think will be a sales hook for all future excursion riders, giving them major bar bragging rights, “been there done that…thinking possibly of Mars next if I can get time off from work”.

The public loves a guy that not only got rich, but decided to use a lot of it to do something no one else ever did, or even wanted to if they had the money.

With all the craziness going on in the world today, this was definitely a nice respite. We wish him an accident free futureJim W. Dean ]

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  1. ” Your naivete and sycophantic behavior for a publication that is the epitome of woke…. its just disturbing how little of your brainwashing the truth has undone. We will all be judged, im not worried.” – Oh my…thanks for this. It definitely shows where you are coming from. Good luck with your treatments.

  2. Newsflash: Rich guy has new toy! In other news, 690 million people on the planet Earth are starving. After steadily declining for a decade, world hunger is on the rise, affecting 8.9 percent of people globally. According to UN officials, “$30 billion per year is needed to end world hunger”. Jeff Bezos could end world hunger twice a year. Bill Gates could do the same. Ho-hum…

    • Sorry Bill Gates is too busy hanging out at the “Summer Camp for Billionaires”. Big shout out though to MacKenzie Scott, Bezos ex, who has personally donated, without any foundation, $6 billion to food pantries and other facilities to fight hunger and food insecurity during this pandemic.

    • It would be easy to point fingers at the super-wealthy, but the truth is that we idolize them. That’s what brought Trump into office, not his empathy for the destitute, but his having gamed the system to become wealthy on the backs of everyone else. That he was a total fraud meant little to his base. Remember, these are mostly religious folks who believe in the Gospel of Wealth, that God rewards the wealthy with even more wealth. If Trump did it, so can they, if they just “believe” hard enough.

  3. Maybe I’m wrong, but didn’t Scott Crossfield achieve this same feat with the X-15 back in 1960? The fact that Branson has the cash and vanity to “live out his dream” being hailed as history speaks way more to the plutocratic proclivities of humanities course.

  4. We are a publication, and we publish news and opinion. We are not the morality police for everyone in the world. Any evidence you have of Mr. Branson’s evilness you can report to the authorities who actually get paid, have medical coverage and retirements for that work, and are theoretically supposed to do it. Welcome to the imperfect world. VT has to be selective about where we put our time, because…wait for it, wait for it….we actually have limited resources.

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