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VT: Kaminski was the most vocal opponent of Zionism until Trump took office…then the gag went on and he began to love apartheid, plowing under homes and mass killings.

Now with a non-fascist in office…he loosens he tongue again.

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Time has no power over the spirit and will of man


Senile idiot traitor scumbag president sacrifices American lives for no reason

Looks at his watch while families cry over the bodies of their dead children.

Joe Biden, latest in a long line of selected sociopaths who betray their own people.

By John Kaminski

John Kaminski is one of Americas greatest dissident writers. In fact during the early part of the twenty-first century he was the very best. Now, because he picked a fight with the vile Jews who have, admittedly by me, been instrumental in destroying all that was good about America he has been practically hounded from existence by them. I do not endorse everything John says about Jews, in fact my own grandson is Jewish, and I will defend him with my life. But I do endorse every single word John says here about these sissified pirates who have hijacked America. The Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Carnegie’s and the Mellons, all of them, should have been hunted down in the streets and put down like the mad dogs they were and still are. Every foul penny in their possession was swindled through their manipulation of Americas infrastructure. We have reached a point now where 54% of Americans hard earned tax dollars go toward a military industrial complex that’s only purpose is to be the strong right arm of business, regardless of the detrimental effect those businesses have on the quality of life in America. The power play by the pharmaceutical company’s taking place right now and euphemistically being called COVID is the culmination of allowing these money-grubbing whores to go unchecked since the days of Andrew Jackson. The time has come for a reckoning. If we Americans do not act, and act now in accordance with the obligations set forth to us in the second amendment of our constitution the reckoning will be on us. There is nothing lower than a coward, not even them, and Nature will see to it herself that the cowards among us are exterminated, even if she has to use money-grubbing whores to do it. – Jack  

“Nothing remains of the practices and principles upon which the United States of America were founded.

Traitor president Joe Biden willingly leaves Americans to die in a foreign country. He has turned our military into a pathetic collection of politically correct pussies. Biden leaves our sworn enemy billions of dollars worth of weapons and armaments in yet another embarrassing departure from a foreign country insanely ravaged by the USA.

Biden imports terrorists instead of the Americans he left behind. When the bodies of murdered Americans come home, the moronic leader of America keeps checking his watch, and heartsick parents don’t want to talk to him because his behavior is so disgusting, so demented.

Surely he must know his days are numbered and his clock is ticking.  But wait. That’s wrong. It’s our days that are numbered and our clocks that are ticking. Unless we emerge from our coma and react in a firm and appropriate manner.

Our elected representatives at all levels go along with the scam. They wouldn’t want to offend their masters, the malicious media who praise them or the bloated billionaires who bribe them to facilitate the mass murder of their own population.

Where is the proper law enforcement apparatus which would immediately arrest Joe Biden for obvious and profound dereliction of duty?

Devoid of conscience, the swishy news readers deliver the lies as people die, now more than million, from the vaccine. The alleged coronavirus killed not a fraction of that many.

Perhaps the Africans with cash in their pockets are here to replace the white Americans murdered by the phony vaccines, which have been proven to be bioweapons now ravaging the population of the entire world.

Traitor president

You can’t blame the Muslims, they’re just defending their own chaotic countries. But why would you then import them to America? You’re already bringing machete wielding Africans across the Rio Grande, and then deliberately distributing them all over the USA. For what purpose? Rape, robbery and murder? For more Democratic votes so they can get free stuff that most Americans cannot get? This is the sick sabotage of the Jewish liberals. It has been going on for more than a hundred years.

This is the level of contempt the image makers have gifted to the American people — Joe Biden, a totally inept completely heartless sociopathic dolt as America’s leader presiding over the deliberate destruction of the dying republic by a corrupt political pile of parasites sacrificing its gullible and comatose citizenry to Moloch, the Jews’ god of money and blood.

Coward Congress

Everyone in Congress has known for years that 9/11 was an inside job engineered by the Jewish braintrust on Wall Street, in the City of London and at the Bank of International Settlements, all controlled by the twisted kosher hierarchy of the Sanhedrin and its billionaire enabler kingpins of the gambling, drug and sex industries.

But everyone in Congress depends on these Jewish psychopaths for their tainted cash derived from all these twisted pursuits. From the sale of alcohol to addicted Russian and Polish peasants in the 19th century, Jews have always gotten rich off the sale of forbidden substances to pathetic goyim addicts and now control all the politicians of the world by maintaining their addictions and cultivating their compulsions through the lurid trading of the young bodies of kidnapped children and more lately by the harvesting of blood from these hapless and terrified victims.

Ah yes, the two party system of democracy.

Democrats promote foreign invasion of America while Republicans count cash as people die. Together with their demented Dr. Strangelove medical cretins they create a test that doesn’t work for a disease that doesn’t exist, and mandate injections that kill those who mindlessly obey their evil orders.

The worst is yet to come as our children sicken and die, unnecessarily, from a vaccine they don’t need to take. Future generations have been sabotaged by masks, lockdowns and lessons teaching them to be scared of each other and not to talk to their neighbors.

Toxic masks incubate cancer in everyone, and deluded Americans wear them with pride. They watch in silent distress as the world is locked in their homes and passports are now needed to buy groceries.

This can no longer be called freedom, when it’s clearly a fabricated and fatal fraud.

Scripted terror

Bottom line: governments devise these crises for purposes of social control.

They constantly have to convince the people it is essential to their safety to ensure the survival of their grisly gravy train. Government is forever concocting threats that only it can thwart and thereby protect its endangered citizenry. By controlling the media it prevents the public from realizing, as with such contrived disasters as Oklahoma City and Sandy Hook, that it is manufacturing the atrocities which it convinces the public it is trying to solve and repair.

Imaginary perpetrators 

Consider the embarrassing matter of the 9/11 hijackers. It took one day for the government to definitively name 19 Muslims who it insisted hijacked four difficult-to-fly jetliners and aimed them at four freighted targets destined to trigger maximum fear among stultified observers.

In the 20 years since, the government has managed to ostentatiously convict three irrelevant patsies of nebulous crimes who happened to shoot off their delusional mouths at the wrong time which enabled the government to frame them as facilitators of a terror plot that had actually been invented by the government itself. This is a typical pattern of fraud that the government terror agencies like the FBI have used for years to convince the oblivious they are being protected by diligent defenders of democracy.

How grotesquely tenuous was the American decision to invade Afghanistan, the U.S.’s longest war, resulting in 20 years of needless tragedy and carnage?

Osama bin Laden, the designated boogeyman, supposedly designed this fiendish plan to bomb American skyscrapers from a cave deep in the Himalayan mountains.

Osama bin Laden, who as clean shaven Tim Osman was photographed at Offutt Air Base in Nebraska back when he was a CIA intern and the Al Qaeda project was still being devised in the planning stages. And Osama’s brother, Salem, was shortly thereafter electrocuted and killed when the ultralight aircraft he was flying on the Bush ranch in Texas snagged some power lines.

These were the main motivations for America’s longest war, taking their place in infamy with the Gulf of Tonkin non event that started the Vietnam war, the setup raid on Pearl Harbor for which the president kept the Navy in the dark, which started WW2, and the Lusitania sinking by German subs that never needed to happen kindling WW1. All these terrible and cynical fabrications created by the sociopaths in Washington were directed by Jewish swindlers strategically situated in various banks around the world.

This is your real American history, and its not only ugly, it’s totally and verifiably insane.

The pattern remains the same and the zombified suckers keep falling for it. Invent the threat, hypnotize the public with fear, and institute draconian measures to solve the problem, each time evaporating a little bit more of the freedom we have taken for granted, until one day — like today — all of it has completely disappeared.

Even today, wide-eyed zombies glued to their TVs are allowed outside for only one hour per day, listen intently for blood clots forming in their veins from the devil’s concoction injected into their arms, as the fate of the future goes up in smoke with the dreams of their children declared a contagious disease by their disgusting doctors who are afraid to tell the truth for fear of losing their worthless jobs.

Thus the fate of humanity is determined by feckless cowards in every home, afraid to defend even their own lives.” – John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

Posted by Jack Heart at 8:12 AM 

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  1. In Ancient Greece the pharmakos was a human embodiment of evil, a scapegoat who was sacrificed or expelled from the city at moments of crisis, disaster, sickness.
    He was the poison that had to be expelled from the system.
    The pharmakos is used in order to obtain a therapeia—‘service, tending, medical treatment’—for the crisis.
    The Religious Fundamentalist has been replaced by-
    The Medical Fundamentalist
    Who has dethroned God and replaced Him with-
    The god of
    Science, medicine, health and therapy
    Functioning as
    Quasi-religious ideas, values, and pursuits-
    Using opportunistic theories and oppressive technologies of modern “behavioral science”
    Forming a medical perspective on moral conduct- disagreeable conduct, disapproved behavior-
    That it is
    Not merely like a disease,
    But that it is a disease.

    Using the large datasets available with new gene sequencing and biobank projects, behavioral geneticists are developing tools that attempt to predict individual intelligence based on genetics. These predictive tools are meant to enable a ‘precision education’ that will transform society.

  2. Trump is a phony, scumbag, liar & criminal. So is Biden. So are they all. No one ascends to the top of the American political dung heap unless he or she is reprobate slime. If you can envision a person of high moral integrity and articulate, visionary, intelligent leadership sitting in the Oval Orifice, I want to try the drugs you are on. The only difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is that the Republicans are more Zionist than Communist and the Democrats are more Communist than Zionist but both are both. May they all rot in Hell.

    • Exactly Heretic, people who believe in pop politics are like the sucker still sitting at a rigged gambling table, after losing everything they own…

  3. I’ve already stated in a VT comment that Biden “for once did the right thing” in ripping the Band-Aid off in Afghanistan. The article is Johns, I wrote the commentary

  4. The people in Afghanistan were told to leave since April. The band aid was ripped off quite properly. The crap left behind was either disabled or not worth hauling. We should have never been there. The only ongoing case of dereliction of duty I see, is the DOJ not arresting the leaders of the insurrection/attempted coup.

  5. “Traitor president Joe Biden willingly leaves Americans to die in a foreign country.” This is a totally bogus statement, as has been debunked for days in world media now…but now due to social media, lies take on a life of their own via those the love to pass them on, because ‘they like the lie’. The Trumpers are the biggest examples of this brain washing…taking it to a level where they just love being brainwashed, which if course is a cult mindset. And Trumpers are nothing if not a cult. The internet is to a degree the most wonderful thing that could have for cults…having a free propaganda platform…not only free, but one that makes money. The Holy Rollers would call this heaven on earth.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Jim. The real “traitor presidents” have been every president since 9/11 who didn’t have to balls to fess up and say Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. The 9/11 wars have bankrupted the USA both economically and morally. This was completely by design. As Netanyahu bragged back in 1990, “America is a golden calf, and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again.” How right he was.

    • I dunno, Jim. Trump is the only US President in my lifetime who did not instigate a new war. Scored a bunch of domestic and international achievements, including peace with North Korea. So from where I sit, Trump appears to be the most effective President I have seen since I was born in 1974. Just my two cents. I’m sure there’s lots I don’t know.

  6. “Toxic masks incubate cancer in everyone, and deluded Americans wear them with pride”

    “Cancer” is an excellent description of what plagues America.
    Every component of society is infected.
    The only hope is a collective miracle.
    There’s “no controlling legal authority” with the courage, or the independence to resist the parasitic disease; they’ve already been totally consumed by it.
    If the “body politic,” the entire population, could somehow finally be pushed to face the unavoidable consequences, maybe it would miraculously and collectively rise up out of its deathbed, and pull the toxic tubes out of its veins.
    From the highest boardrooms and county courthouses, from local school boards and any other civic group you can think of, from every job site and household, every farm, every classroom; if the people who don’t see themselves as benefiting from the death of Freedom would just say NO.
    The only problem is, it would take a miracle.

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