10 Tips to Teach Yourself How to Generate Ideas


Ideas are very important in essay writing, especially if you are writing for a class assignment or a graduate paper. The right ideas will nudge you in the right direction, helping you to develop your essay naturally while backing it with solid facts and arguments. On the other hand, bad ideas will lead you nowhere, and your main argument will fall short. However, brainstorming ideas is not an intrinsic skill. You will need to learn how to generate ideas first before you can come up with solid arguments for your essay. Don’t worry though! These 10 tips will help you to get started right away.

Be open to new ideas

You must first be ready to take in new ideas. Some ideas might sound strange and bizarre, but you should be open-minded and be ready to analyze them in detail. Though they might sound improbable at first, they might turn out to be good later on. Furthermore, being open encourages you to analyze ideas more efficiently.

Find good examples

Learn from the best free essays example how to do college essay help online. It is always better to have a role model to look up to when you learn new skills, and these guys are some of the best in the field. They have to constantly brainstorm ideas to help serve a wide range of student needs.

Establish a daily thinking habit

Good habits only produce good results if you nurture them correctly. If you expect quality new ideas, you have to train your brain to think on a regular basis. You don’t have to force your brain to think about a certain topic all day, however. You just need about an hour each day for focused thinking.

Organize your ideas

One issue that many students face is the lack of idea organization. Disorganized ideas are very difficult to support, and being disorganized with ideas will block out a lot of new ideas. If you wish to be well-organized with ideas, it is a good idea to use outlines, graphic charts, mind maps, etc. These tools will help you to organize your ideas more effectively and to generate new ideas as well. You can get extra help from college essay help online.

Create a dedicated workspace

It’s fun to generate new ideas while you are strolling around the streets or eating with your friends, but if you want to generate new ideas more effectively, you will need a dedicated workspace. It does not have to be a serious space that is deprived of fun, but it should make you feel comfortable while focusing on generating new ideas. The workspace should be a bit isolated from other daily life activities to give you more space for thinking.

Abstain from criticizing ideas

It is tempting to dismiss an idea as improbable from the start, but you should try your best to abstain from doing this. The idea generation process is just for getting new ideas only, and any idea you come up with should be written down and treated with respect. After you have generated a generous number of ideas, you can start pruning them one by one after analyzing them in detail.

Learn to ask the right questions

The right questions will lead your train of thought in the right direction. Thus, before you start brainstorming for ideas, take a step back and learn to ask the right questions first. Approach the best coursework writing service for help with your academic troubles. These questions should be related to the topic you are writing about, and while they don’t necessarily have to be completely fresh questions, they should add an interesting spin into the topic. For example, you could look at an established issue from a different perspective, and ask questions regarding that perspective.

Break ideas into smaller chunks

A large and vague idea might be a bit difficult to work with later on. Thus, you could consider breaking ideas into chunks of interrelated smaller ideas. This will help you to develop the ideas more effectively later on.

Apply knowledge from other fields

No topic is completely isolated from the others. When you need to generate original ideas, expand your point of reference to other fields as well. They will offer valuable insights on the topic you have to write about, which you can then develop.

Expose yourself to more ideas

Reading, watching documentaries, following the news, etc. will expand your point of view and allow you to take in new ideas more easily. Thus, if you expose yourself to more stories, you will find it easier to generate new ideas and perspectives on an issue.

Generating new ideas is a crucial skill that every student has to learn from the earliest days of their education. This is because it is a skill that needs practicing, and the earlier you start working on it, the better the result will be.

Andrew is a former teacher and a present passionate writer. In his articles, he covers all the topics concerning educational laws, technologies in the classroom, resources for students, and so on. Andrew shares his experience and knowledge, so follow him for more interesting stuff.


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