Nurses are Vaccinated and Angry at those who aren’t, reports otherwise are totally fake


“One report of a nurse refusing to be vaccinated and all of a sudden it’s ‘a majority’ of nurses,” she said. “And sure, that scares the public.”

Charlaine wishes more news stories would focus on the millions of health workers who have been vaccinated and have “saved lives by not infecting others,” she said.

In contrast, 88% of nurses and 96% of physicians in the US have already gotten vaccinated or plan to do so, according to surveys by the American Nurses Association and the American Medical Association.

Guardian: Charlaine was skeptical of the vaccines at first. She wondered how they were created so quickly, and she was wary of the long history of medical experimentation and disregard for Black people like her in the United States.

But then Charlaine, a nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit, thought about the disparate health outcomes for people of color in the pandemic – and knew that she might not receive the same level of care as others if she got sick.

She did her research and determined that the mRNA vaccines, which became available to health workers late last year, are safe and effective. Charlaine, who asked to use only her first name to protect her job, got her vaccine in January. “Here we have this virus that is killing, maiming, debilitating people, and I knew that if I was in a position of being sick, I would be treated differently and probably not survive. So that was one layer of protection that I wanted to give myself,” she said.

A year and a half into the pandemic, healthcare workers are exhausted, burned out and worried that the worst is far from over. Amid that stress, much attention has been focused on nurses who haven’t received the vaccine, even though the majority of these essential workers have been inoculated. That has left many nurses feeling betrayed, both by their unvaccinated patients and by public perception.  Read more..


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  1. You are correct if you are isolating. As soon as you choose to mingle and visit public places, your choice is to potentially spread the virus. Our selfish violent culture.
    “As long as I feel good, I do not care about others”. ‘Why should I care if someone else’s Grandma dies”
    I actually heard that the other day. “Well she was really old and was going to die soon anyway”. This is the callous disregard people have in this selfish violent culture. We now have the answer to the question, “If we get a cure, can we get the people to take it ?” Not unless it affects them personally. They do not care enough about others. They are childish and violent.

  2. In a pragmatic world, air travel would be shut down. Schools would be shut down. Big Box stores would be told to sell their stuff outside.
    Any building that by necessity has lots of people coming and going, would have giant fans maintaining air changes and venting to the outside any heating or cooling.
    Our desire for comfort, and tradition is the primary transmission tool. The consumption machine does not like to stop. The real dumb part is, back in the day, people in a pandemic would have loved to have video phones. We should be using those.

  3. “saved lives by not infecting others,” ….that’s not true, there is no evidence that a vaccinated not infecting others, only just that one he was vaccinated aren’t going to be himself in severe stage of disease….

  4. Guardian, Vice, et al…Couldn’t you find any other media that is worse, doubtful. In that video from my town, shown here on VT, didn’t it even report that 45% of the hospital staff was not vaccinated? Yes, it did. Went to doc yesterday for my yearly…at the same hospital…and they barely even addressed the issue, merely asking if I wanted it. Yes, they’re still masking, but for some reason, especially with the massive death count here, they are no longer phobic about it. Strange for an epidemic.

    • At this point, if you get sick and aren’t vaccinated….they don’t care.

      Most stopped caring a long time ago. Burn out.

      This is a mixed bag…of best and worst.

      But then we people decided to allow a Russian agent into the White House…one should not be surprised that we would be hit with both a pandemic and a love affair with death.

    • “A love affair with death.” That’s a great way to describe Trump’s base right now. He was their ticket to the Rapture. He was supposed to start that apocalyptic conflict that would bring their warrior messiah back to Earth to smite everyone but them. If that isn’t a death cult, I don’t know what is.

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