Camp Rosario – Massive New Occupation Base in Syria Awaits Last to Leave Iraq


By Nahed al Husani, VT Damascus

<Completion of the installation of a new military base for U.S. forces in Syria>

– US forces stationed in Syria completed the installation of a new military base in the “Bob alkehr” area between Hasakah and Ash Shaddai as of yesterday.

– The base is called “Camp Rosario” and is named after a US Army 3rd Special Forces fighter who died in Syria in 2019.

– This base is a medium-sized military base where two infantry battalions can be stationed. There are 16 guard posts on the outskirts, 18 guard posts inside, as well as combat command facilities and service support facilities.

– The base will be home to the 198th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in the future, and will control key areas and roads leading to the oil fields in eastern Syria.

– The US military will strictly control the entry and exit of combat forces other than the US military to this military base.


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  1. Now where did I read recently that we were leaving Syria and closing bases there. Boy, was that a lie. Digging in and consolidating is more like it. Then there is the ‘other’ new front they are not publicizing at all…Yemen. All those troops have to go somewhere…close, certainly not home. Just another pack of lies, from liars. Like the lie that Biden is cutting back on helping the Saudis. At least we know the agenda never really changes.

    • zman you are absolutely correct, it is all lies. I get into discussions (a little while ago) with relatives that voted for Biden and tried to convince me that I have to vote for Biden to get rid of the evil orange man. I listened to all Biden’s bs promises knowing he would never fulfill any of them. He was supposed to hold MBS feet to the fire, still waiting. Yemen, it’s business as usual. As for Syria, he will never pull out. When I point out these facts to relatives they just come up with phony excuses.

  2. Maybe this base to consolidate all the US troops in one place for a quick fairly bloodless exit like happened in afghanistan
    I read that a lot of other bases in Syria, and Iraq too, had shut down recently so makes me think this new base designed specifically for a clean and quick pullout. We will see don’t hold your breath.

  3. The deplorable oil theft op is, or should be beneath the dignity of a great power like the U.S. More like one of those organ stealing shitholes than a great state…!!!!!

  4. The Biden regime have no intention of leaving Syria. Biden is hell bent in continuing Trump’s policies.
    US undersecretary of defense for the Middle East Dana Stroul gave a few reasons why the US is not leaving Syria. ISIS is not defeated and so the US must remain until they are defeated. The US now controls and OWNS one third of north east Syria territory in partnership with it’s ally Syrian Democratic Forces.She went on to point out that the area under US control is the resource rich part of Syria in oil, gas, and agriculture. She mentioned that it is important to control this area as leverage against the Assad government for the outcome of the war. She mentioned applying maximum pressure through sanctions and preventing rebuilding of all the rubble in Syria. So there you have it folks, either she is making her own policies or Biden is one hundred percent inline with it.

  5. “The United States’ narrow objectives and continuous wait-and-see approach are not sustainable and the likelihood is that America’s rivals in Syria would work towards a US departure. In such a case, Washington will need to prepare for the possibility of another Afghanistan-style troop departure scenario. Lacking a proactive strategy will not only impact its ability to advance interests in Syria and the region, but also grant rivals the ability to use Syria as a platform to pursue their regional agendas.”

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