Can Sex Chat Boost Resilience From Stress in Veterans?


When something negative happens, do you tend to take charge and thrive? Or do you tend to panic and ruminate? 

Since the pandemic started, nearly everyone has sought out ways to become more resilient. Emotional resilience is a trait that you can develop that helps you bounce back from difficult situations that may otherwise cause you to spiral. And surprisingly, sex chat and other virtual forms of sexual expression could help you manage your stress if you are a veteran. 

What Resilience Is and Why It’s So Important

Resilience is a way to remind yourself that bad situations are not permanent so that you can prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed when times get tough. Unfortunately, resilience is easier for people to build if they have had more good times than bad. If you’ve had your fair share of difficult circumstances, it will be a little bit more difficult but even more important for you to cultivate resilience. 

Resilience can be practiced, and with practice, it becomes easier and more natural. 

Strategies for Building Resilience

There are many ways that you can build more emotional resilience, and some are more accessible than others. Therapy helps, of course, because it can make you more aware of your unconscious thought patterns so that you have a better shot at disrupting them. But there are options aside from that as well.

One source of emotional resilience is a healthy amount of social connectedness. Many studies have shown that a strong social network is a linchpin that can help people become more resilient in the face of stress. 

The problem is that not everyone is lucky enough to live around their friends and family. The pandemic helped us realize that virtual connection can be every bit as beneficial to our well-being as an in-person connection is. And it’s important not to overlook virtual connection as an option to help people be more resilient. 

How Sex Chat Can Help

Psychologists define emotional resilience as a combination of having constructive coping mechanisms, emotional regulation, strong relationships, flexibility, and mindfulness. And a lot of these ideas overlap with skills you use during sex chat. 

Using sex as a coping mechanism isn’t always constructive. So, if you’re trying to use sex to make the negative feelings and thoughts go away, it probably won’t work. But if you can reframe sex as a time to focus on yourself and engage in fun connection as an act of self-care, it can be a healthy way to get through stressful times. 

Sex chat can help you build emotional regulation skills, too. You know the feeling when you’ve just sent off a spicy sext or a nude to someone, and they don’t respond right away? Maybe they are stuck in a meeting or dealing with something else pressing, but it doesn’t really ease the anxiety of being left with an unanswered text for forty-five minutes. The truth is that life gets in the way of a lot of conversations, but the stakes seem higher when you’re dealing with something that feels as vulnerable as sex chat does. Rather than freak out and decide that you’re not as sexy as you thought, you can take a deep breath and do something else for a bit while you wait for your sex chat partner to respond. This skill can translate into other avenues of emotional regulation, and it can help you become a more resilient person, as well. 

Sex chat can help you become more mindful, too. Mindfulness is the practice of being present in each moment. Doing something new is excellent for mindfulness because when you do something new, you take everything in. You are interested in what’s happening, so it’s easier to stop your mind from ruminating and instead just enjoy the experience. When you have sex the same way every time, it becomes routine. Your mind and body know what to expect, so you can tune out what you’re doing, and your mind may be filled with negative thoughts or worries. Doing something new like sex chat can stop this habit and force you to focus on the present moment. 

Lastly, sex chat can help you become more flexible, too. Unlike in-person sex, sex chat isn’t very scripted. Almost everyone has seen movies, heard songs, and read books about what sex should be like, so we have ideas about what a successful sexual encounter looks like. There isn’t as much media about how to have a sex chat, so we get to be creative, and we have to be flexible. It probably won’t go exactly as you plan, and that’s a good thing. You will learn to roll with the punches, and in doing so, you’ll become more resilient.

Find Someone to Sex Chat With

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