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  1. God/Creator gave us Reason not Religion! Wrote Our Thomas Paine, some 250 years ago! He was the spiritual inspiration, behind our, ‘The Declaration of Independence.’ .. that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are, LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of HAPPINESS!’ That IS the ETERNAL TRUTH! No CHOSEN PEOPLE B.S. Live by the Golden Rule!

  2. The guy at the carnival who barked out that he could guess your birthday within ten days, had a trick. They knew the decans. They came with the elephants. You have to spot them in the crowd with an identifiable feature. The better you knew the decans, the more money you could make doing this. For paintings, I like the 36 Views of Mt Fuji, those are the top cheese, but they do not give the features of the individual, for that you use the Hindu, Das Indische Horoskop. But the best way is trial and error. It’s faster. It’s like any other endeavor, such as learning the periodic table. They say one thing decays into another, but I say one thing grows and changes into another. The stories follow this growth.

  3. Just as we know, Gravity is a natural force, equal to everyone, but cannot explain it thoroughly to the common person, we can show them how it works by pushing them off the nearest building. The 20 days and their distinct properties and affects, are a natural force. They do not waiver, and they recur on time never changing like the seasons. The 36 decans also. This is why the ancient calendars were made from this knowledge. Egypt, Central America, China, Japan, India, North America,…all have this information. A trecena, is simply a noticeable force that is named by number, because it seems to emphasize the days, but does not change the flavor. So, they just have a number 1 -13. Not everyone uses that. But they are basic observational science like gravity.

    • This is why, I was shocked to find Genesis following the order of the trecenas by chapter. It is rare and it cannot be unless one knows the calendars very well. I had learned them before examining the book. The days may actually occur through intuition for a short period or in any artwork or product, but the trecenas prove intent. Then, not only did I not find information about them in any Catholic or Jewish writing, what I found was continuous deliberate violent activity to destroy and convert people who did have it. this is the beef, this is the concern, this is the crime. I’m happy to speak to anyone with an interest, but what I see is a global crime of interruption of natural consciousness and intentional destruction of highly beneficial information. How beneficial ?

    • The 20 standard amino acids are formed from those same energies. Primordial elements Tin -Ytterbium also. Personalities are formed by them at birth. Biological processes are influenced by them at birth permanently and throughout. If this knowledge was combined, and taught as it should be, then many many ailments and blockages of all types of sciences would be removed. It is a no brainer. If your consciousness is influenced by something regular and learnable, and someone holds that from you, then they are a criminal. Children can easily learn the 20 days. One of those prerequisites if I remember. This is the oldest science we have. The calendar can reflect the amino acids. A potential blooming of the Lotus if I ever saw one.

  4. Problem is, David, religion has much more political clout in the USA than atheism. There’s no getting around that. The most politically active are the Christian Zionists. These are “true-believers” in every sense of the word. Well over 50 million of them voted for Trump in the last election. They are the heart and soul of the ReTrumplican Party. On top of that, they are an apocalyptic death cult that prays for Armageddon. That will bring their warrior messiah back to Earth to smite all unbelievers. Trump and Pompeo almost gave them what they wanted, an attack on Iran. Israel will now have to pull off a redo of 9/11 to make this happen.

    • Christian Zionists and Dominionists have more nukes, David. Unlike the Catholics, they also have a hard-on for Armageddon.

    • Catholicism has much more power and influence than the protestants. Judaism also.
      The evangelicals are loud and useful idiots for those two. The branches do not control the trunk. The vulnerability of all of them , is the roots.
      The clowns in the 3 ring circus do not control the schedule. They take the stage as directed, and go where the train takes them.
      The 36 decans and the 20 days are the science it is all based on, structured on, and derived from. Natural Law, (globally known previous to any religion) turned into, unnatural obsession for control. It would be the same to write a story about the 20 standard amino acids or the periodic table. Just add names and turn chemistry into drama. When it comes out of the oven, it becomes history. The biggest most successful lie in our recorded history.

    • The Catholics have the ability to make it all stop. The trunk can tell the branches, it is all made up. I think the militant catholics have more money and influence. The SC and the Presidency is currently catholic. Speaker also. All they have to do, is rip off the band aid, and the thing is, they know it. Dominion or Dominorum is Latin. Read the Inter Caetera. The USSC still uses it as recently as 2007.
      The evangelicals are the product of Catholic dominion theism. Any spiritual guide worth any plug nickel would give up power in an instant if it was the right thing to do. They do not. They clutch and claw for more and more. They promote and encourage the delusion. The Hand Maid’s Tale is not based on evangelical aspirations but the goal and pursuit of militant Catholics. It was formed and managed as a military psychological operational weapon for creation of empire. Taxonomy, even the naming of animals is Latin. You are swatting at flies while the hornets build in the kitchen.

  5. ” this hexagram is linked with the eighth month (September-October). The light giving power retreats and the dark power is again on the increase.” that is actually highly conformational, as it denotes the location and placement, as the finish of one thing. self examination or reflection, is indicative of a period of finality, preparation for the next step.peeping through the window or door is another indicator, within the 20th hexagram. At least the translation knows that Sept 22 – Oct 22 is the eight month, and the question for westerners, should be, then why do we start in January ? Why are the months offset like this ? Once a person understands that, it is much easier to discuss why that would even be in the descriptor. The superficial mind is not adapted to deeper meanings. It is log jammed with obedience and dogma, and lashes out with fears of devils, at anything different or threatening to the dogma. I suppose the hot dog vendor “worships” hot dogs ?

  6. Khalid, then they would be proud to make their books public , they will not. I have done work with churches on ‘charities” , …the money flows up the mountain of hierarchy and never returns. The people do all the work. No religion is needed for that.

  7. That is the standard western line. If you closely examine the descriptors, they match precisely with descriptors of other systems. For instance, the image for Phoenix decan in the Hindu system, shows a figure wearing a garment held together by sometimes two cords, and sometimes three in different areas, and the I-Ching descriptor for the exact same decan specifically states, held together by two or three cords.
    The chapter in Genesis where Abraham, meets 3 gods, is the exact same story and progression as the I-Ching correlate using the trecenas with ver batim entries.. The only system I know using the Trecenas is the Central American 260 day calendar. Genesis follows them 50 in a row. It is profoundly deliberate.
    The sticks and coins do not matter in this regard. Only the descriptors, and their numerical order.
    There is a consensus, among elders in all cultures, that at one time, everyone had the same information. It was lost in varying degrees, mostly due to religious invasion. We will never know the full extent of the lost knowledge resulting from catholic destruction in Central America, but we know it is very severe. And the spoils of Egypt are strewn across the earth.

  8. Why would I be responsible for your reading comprehension ? You sound like the normal Catholic response , but slowed down by … something. Physical disability, accident,… maybe war injury ?
    Again, I encourage personal power and would urge you to use your real name,.. stand up and be straight. I’m gonna respect you if you do that. Otherwise, you are just a troll avoiding questions like Pirro to Whoopi.

  9. If you are exercising choice, my personal actions are insignificant to that choice. But, if you come to work with me for a day, then you could make judgements. I would ask, why do you in particular seek out Steves aerticles as a place to bring your rant ?, is it somehow invigorating or is it infuriating or some thing else ?
    What is your name and what do you do for a ‘living” ?

  10. Moses gets the tablets from the mountain. The day also states specifically, brain. instinct. intuition., Nawale of sexuality.
    Sharon Stone is born on Tzi, loves dogs and made “Basic Instinct” the preeminent movie to define sexuality at the time,. Putin also loves dogs, born on Tzi, and is a leader , the funny story is the Japanese gave him some puppies as a gift, and they came back to check them when they visited, the dogs now older barked at the Japanese and Putin laughed. Loyalty is also a trait of Tzi. and wolves and dogs.

  11. “The subject of the hexagram is the sovereign and his subjects, how he manifests himself to them, and how they contemplate him.”” The two upper, undivided, lines belong to the sovereign; the four weak lines below them are his subjects,–ministers and others who look up at him.” The story of the delivery of the tablets of rules. Chapter 20 Exodus, the correlate to Tzi the 20 th day, and Kwan the 20th hexagram.
    Tzi, -Guardian of the Mountains. Wolf of the Mountains. Earth. Mother Nature.
    Spiritual Law and Material Law. This means that life is governed by law.
    A good day for peace and a good day for justice. Seven capital sins.
    Great spiritual guides. Special energy to communicate directly with Creator. Spiritual healers.
    T’zi’ people can correct all problems or influences using any technique.
    They are good judges, lawyers, and are correct applicators of Law.
    They are dynamic, friendly, just, and strong.

  12. Are you kidding, did you look at dudes Bio ? He has done more for peace than I dunno, millions of folks

    I’m thinking you troll Steve in particular, because you are stuck in religion or have no answers yourself or you are just trolling.

    To not make a choice is to abdicate authority and responsibility. If you do not have responsibility then you will die. either by hunger because you did not plant or hunt food, or because you handed your authority off to whoever would take it. Only the takers take it. I don’t think Steve wants it. and no person with ethics does either. What is wanted, is for you to be sovereign and exercise choice. Wisely, and with empathy for all life.

  13. The cube is the 13th day. That’s the one you worship. It is also trumps day. Also Frank Loyd wrights day, also Wyatt Earp’s day, also Dezi Arnez’s day, also Zahi Hadid’s day, and also the day of the Cube, known by the Quiche or Ki’ch’e Maya as the A’qab’al. You’ve been had by low life thieves and pretenders, handling things they don’t know about. It was set up by the Jews (11th day) and the Christians (12th day) so you would be there when they need you. and look ! right on time. Also Aqabal Was .. …the day this crop circle was reported and was an old Zahi Hadid design for the Louvre So learn the 20 days Khalid, or just sit and whine. You have a choice.

  14. To go deeper on the Ten Commandments. If Exodus follows the 20 days in proper order in correlation with the chapters, then chapter 20 should have some miscellaneous set of rules or laws,. and that is the chapter where the misc.rules are. The point is not the rules, but the persona of rule making embodied in the 20th day, which is symbolized by the upright tail of the leader dog or wolf in a pack.
    To go deeper than that, if the individual chapters follow the trecenas themselves, then number 13 in chapter 20 should have a rule about violence. And it does,. and it compares well with the correlate from the I-Ching # 20, Kwan symbolizes the sovereign administering to his subjects, in specifically the duty of self examination and self reflection
    The 13th day of that trecena, is 13 Iq, the day of the cross. Day number 12 in the round. On this day, in the specific trecena, is the quick movement, the spreading, and the unnecessary death, that is to be avoided.

    • To go deeper than that, if all this is in order and Chapter 20 is exactly what it should be according to the descriptors of the Maya and Chinese, then chapter 12 should be christianity. The day of the cross, the wind, the rapid movement and the unnecessary death,.. the one who is told in the 20th day trecena, to not kill.
      And it is exactly that. Chapter 12 kills the first born sons, makes off with the loot, and flees town. What a coincidence. So all is symbology, and the descriptors of time. As we pass through Aquarius, the religion is marked by the Opposite Day, in the combined calendars of the Aztec Sunstone and the Dendera zodiac. The days run counter clockwise and the decans clockwise, and they work like the wheels that look motionless when they spin, drawing a vector , that is highly discernible. We are leaving the age of the cross, while simultaneously passing through first decan Aquarius. The crime of the millennia is religion. The ultimate bait and switch murder for profit scheme.

    • And I disagree with Oswalt on his point, (though done for comedic value), that religion brought us out of carnage into greatness. It is rather, we fell into carnage and religion over a time,..and before that humanity had wonderful peace and wisdom and much of it is still here, to prove it, though when science looks at it closely over and over, they say, it is a mystery. It is not a mystery. It is evidence of a crime, because we could not have those mysteries without immense cooperation and spiritual advancement. Slavery and carnage does not ever produce that. It is inspired work,. So, we should be beginning the celebration of having been through hell and finally getting out,.. pretty soon. Just a few more things to do, and much to clean up.

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