Did Israel Supply Intel on Kabul Strike that Killed 10 kids? Remember Soleimani?


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

VT: Our sources say Israel declared war on Mark Milley, who kept Trump in check with some exceptions, for 4 years.

Trump did attack Syria on Israel’s orders based on a supposed gas attack staged by the White Helmets with Israel’s full participation.  VT had people at ground zero watching the whole thing set up like a TV production, Turkish and Israeli agents gathering with al Qaeda, then Reuters came.  Then trucks from Turkey carrying chlorine gas…Mitsubishi flatbeds.  Want the license numbers?

Russian jammers sent most our missiles into the water…others landed peacefully and they were flown to Russia for examination.  We have those photos as well.

They left from Hatay, from a facility that houses a Google Jigsaw/Idea’s Group mercenary team.  This was the safehouse that Serena Shimm was murdered for finding…when it was involved in an earlier gas attack.

Trump knew the truth all along about the White Helmets.

Then he had Soleimani murdered…

Then Iran destroyed two of our bases and probably killed 84 Americans whose deaths Trump covered up.

Now Israel is after Milley…not a VT favorite by any means.  They have been controlling the fake intel that the Pentagon gets since January 2001.  They control all of it.  With Trump they no longer had to simply control the Pentagon, they started passing it directly.

Worse still, Trump started getting his own off Facebook.  What did they do?  They hacked his IPhone and began sending him things to make him crazier.  Think we are kidding?

As for the dead kids…that was no accident.  Nobody is that stupid.

We might remind you of the sniper videos from Iraq…dating back to 2010.  There were videos posted of “Iraqi” snipers killing Americans using rifles with camera phones mounted on them…special mounts…made in Israel I might add.

Try to find those stories now.


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  1. Zionism is the CURSE of Mankind! ‘The Demonic Zionist zealots use ‘False Flag’ attacks, like ‘LAVON Affair’, “USS LIBERTY”, ‘9/11′ and false, fabricated, fake Intelligence Reports like WMD’s in Iraq, etc. to drag the’ “Land of the Free” (that is fake too)! The U.S. is the PLANTATION of the Zionist Zealots, Foreign and DOMESTIC, who are using-abusing, Our Blood and Treasure, our Military Personnel, as the ‘Sacrificial Lambs’, on the Barbaric-Bloody Altar of Zionism, on the World Stage, for decades now! America is ENSLAVED, since they murdered ‘JFK’!

  2. It fits our pattern of behavior over the last 20 years. It must be made unacceptable.

    The pentagons vibe, is that it was acceptable. Our intelligence apparatus is a lot like toilets in the pentagon. Extremely overpriced, and it works no better than what I can find on the curb in any village for free. A self perpetuating feeding trough of horror and insanity.

    Shut it down. Turn it off. Tell Britain and Israel we are checking ourselves into rehab for an undetermined time frame. Enough is enough.

  3. Oh thou Israel I sayith unto thee… remember Outremer lasted but 88 years before Saladin came along. The new and improved Battle of Hattin fast approaches. True, the Romans held the Kingdom of Jerusalem for about another 100 years but the writing was on the wall 88 years on. Bet we see some history repeating itself. 15 years to go… if that. Wether King Baldwin or King Bibi (and his successors) the same dye is cast right here today. Outremer II has the same European stock running it but this time it’s Khazarian white instead of continental Europe white. It’s already obvious that the Roman church will be recorded as doing a superior job of holding out for 200 years in Palestine. You won’t.

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