A How-to Guide for Commonly Asked Questions

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Have you ever had a question that you want to learn the answer to but have no clue where to start? We’ve been there too, and that’s why this how-to guide for commonly answered questions is here to help.

Sometimes, there’s a surplus of information on the internet, which means that finding a clear answer could be difficult or even impossible. That’s why this handy guide will prove helpful: it will give you enough information to clear things up, but not so much that you’ll end up getting more confused.

Get all of your commonly answered questions figured out by taking a read of this helpful how-to guide. Then, continue reading to gain the answers you have been seeking, and then some!

How Often Should I Change My Car Engine Air Filter?

If you have a vehicle, you are likely aware of how critical it is to follow suggested timelines for updates. However, it can be difficult or even overwhelming to decipher when you are supposed to complete work on the car. If you have ever wondered how often to change engine air filters, you are not alone.

To understand how frequently you need to change the engine air filter, it is helpful to have some basic background knowledge on what this is and what it does for your vehicle.

Your car engine’s air vehicle works hard for you to prevent dust, dirt, and environmental contaminants, too. These ensure that the engine doesn’t get infiltrated. However, it can get clogged when time goes on. In other words, it will need to be replaced.

The types of roads you drive on impact how often this will need to be changed, but as a general rule of thumb, somewhere between every 15-30,000 miles should do the trick.

What Is A Cap Table?

The term cap table isn’t extremely clear, so you might be wondering, what is a cap table? This is a business term, so unless you work in that industry, there’s a chance you have not heard of it before—or could be unclear about what exactly it is.

A cap table refers to the spreadsheet that you use to demonstrate the equity capitalization for an organization or company. There are several different models out there, but you should ideally find one created by a venture investor and tested by hundreds of startups.

How Do I Feed My Dog?

Feeding your dog is somehow more complicated than it looks, so it’s understandable if you have questions and find yourself wondering, “how to feed my dog?” The answer to that question varies, so it’s essential to take your dog’s age into account when considering their feeding frequency.

An adult dog should have food twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. In contrast, puppies younger than six months old—and specifically smaller breed dogs—should be fed more frequently. Of course, if you want personalized advice, you could always reach out to a vet.

How Frequently Should I Exfoliate My Skin?

Exfoliating your skin is one of the most rewarding things that you can do for it. This process effectively eliminates dead skin cells, not to mention it feels excellent. The human body’s skin cells regenerate every 28 to 30 days, and when this occurs, the dead ones get pushed to the surface. While most of these will come off the body somehow, sometimes the dead cells don’t leave when we want them to. As a result, they’ll clog pores, make the skin rough, or lead to painful ingrown hairs.

You want to make the most of exfoliation but don’t want to overdo it and hurt your skin. If you’ve ever typed “how often should I exfoliate?” into Google, this guide will prove helpful.

What Is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is important because we must take steps to help our earth when we still have time. And if you’re wondering how to save the world, this is critical. Packaging is a significant landfill clogger, so by using better packaging for the planet, there’s a valuable opportunity to make quite the impact on the earth for the positive.

Ideally, packaging will be created to eliminate single-use plastic forever. Still, if that’s not quite possible yet, there are other steps companies can take to make their packaging more earth-friendly.

Containers could be 100% recyclable, made with less energy than the typical container, made from at least partial post-consumer plastic, and even created by utilizing solar power. These are all ways that packaging can be more sustainable.

If a company doesn’t already have compostable and reusable containers, that is an initiative they should get working out and offset packaging emissions. And there is always room for progress in a sustainability plan, so keep that in mind.

How Long Does Bread Last In The Fridge?

Everyone’s experienced this: you’re looking for a slice of bread, and finally, you find one in the refrigerator, but you’re unsure how long it’s been sitting there and, consequently, if it is still good?

If you’ve found yourself raking your brain to answer the question, “how long does bread last in the fridge?” you are in luck because we’re here to provide you with an answer. The reality is that bread doesn’t generally last too long, and even the bread bagged in plastic that you purchase at the grocery store won’t typically last longer than a week at most. Think about it: that’s even including the preservatives and sugars created to extend the shelf-life of these goods.

That’s just one reason why plenty of people keep bread boxes accessible, use reusable plastic bread bags (hello sustainable packaging!), or take other measures to ensure that the bread doesn’t go bad after just a few days of purchasing it.

And still, there is nothing quite like what putting bread in the refrigerator does to expand its longevity. This is arguably the best thing that you can do for your bread, as it will add somewhere between five days to two weeks to the bread’s otherwise brief lifespan. Of course, the exact timeline depends on the type of bread and how you tackle storing it. Thus, if you’re looking for answers about how to keep bread longer, the fridge helps.

How To Talk To Someone With Dementia When They Want To Go Home

Figuring out how to talk to someone with dementia is a delicate craft, especially if they are in a care facility and talking about how much they want to go home. You mustn’tBut, of argue with them, as this can lead to distress and anxiety. You shouldn’t be too insistent or raise your voice either.

Instead, you should reassure this person that they are safe, as often, discussing feelings of wanting to go home indicates that someone is experiencing a type of anxiety. In addition, validating their feelings and then redirecting and distracting could prove helpful to alleviate anxiety. You might also establish the source of anxiety and notice patterns to prevent the anxiety from happening in the first place.


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