Low site traffic: 7 reasons people aren’t coming to your site


Anytime I hear someone complain about having low site traffic around me, I feel really bad for them. How could someone rent a park, set it all up, buy food and drinks and not find guests to attend their party?

It’s really painful.

If you’ve set up your site nicely, but you haven’t been able to get people to check it out, I want you to relax your mind because you’ve come to the right place.

First things first, I want to tell you about a quick fix to your traffic problem. You can now buy actual, real-human site visitors from providers like And Web Traffic. They use high-end advertising mechanisms to drive niche-relevant traffic for their clients.

Reasons people aren’t coming to your site

As much as the idea of buying web traffic seems like a nice idea, it’s important that we address the real problem facing your site – NOT BEING ABLE TO ATTRACT TRAFFIC ORGANICALLY.

Remember, you can’t always buy traffic for your site. At some points, you’ll need visitors to come in off their own accord.

So, let’s find out what’s causing the low turn-up on your site.

  1. You’re behind on SEO

Hate SEO all you want; it is still the best source of traffic for any site. If you’re struggling to attract site visitors, then I can guess you’re behind in the SEO world, and you need to up your game.

There’s really no shortcut about it. As much as buying web traffic can solve your immediate traffic problem, you need SEO for the long term.

So, having realized how low the traffic on your site is, my humble advice is that you contact your SEO geek right away to start making some necessary site adjustments.

  1. Outdated information

Be frank, do you have fresh, out-of-the-oven information on your site or only stale stuff? If the latter, then it’s not hard to imagine the reason you’re having a hard time bringing people to your site.

The internet is crawling with constantly updated stuff. Everyone is hunting for the latest gist, helpful tips, and solutions. If your site isn’t providing this, then nobody will check it out, and neither will search engines notice you.

So, check your site content out and see whether you’re providing the in-demand stuff.

  1. Bad user experience (UX)

Internet users are lazy and impatient geeks. And search engines understand this, which is why they always prioritize sites with the best UX in their rankings.

Is your site taking too long to load? Does your site still carry sliders on its homepage? Is your site littered with stock photos users have probably seen on Facebook? Do you have countless pop-ups showing up every time someone visits your site?

If you’re guilty of at least one of the questions asked above, then you know why people aren’t coming to your site.

Contact your UX designer today and make proper adjustments to your site UX. Otherwise, Google will not recognize you. And without them, there’s no organic traffic for you.

  1. Lack of mobile optimization

We talked about buying web traffic earlier, and I’m sure you were already planning to buy some. Well, here’s the catch. When you buy site traffic from a provider like And Web Traffic, they will send real human visitors to your site, most of whom will probably visit your site with their phones.

Now, when they come and find that your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you can bet they won’t come back again. The same holds true for anyone who finds your site on social media, digital forums, or anywhere.

We live in a mobile world, and everyone expects to find a seamless experience while doing anything on their mobile phones. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile usage, then you’ll struggle to keep people on.

  1. Poor link building strategies

Do you know why healthline.com will always show up in any health-related search you do on Google? Why Forbes will always show up in any finance-related search, and Entrepreneur.com in any business-related search.

It’s because they have so many websites linking back to them. In other words, so many websites are referencing their work. To Google, these sites must be providing the best information in their niche, and as such, deserves to be shown to most users.

If you’re struggling to attract organic visitors, then it’s most likely because your link-building game is behind. You need to start guest posting on authority sites and getting backlinks to your site. With that, search engines will quickly recognize you and will start sending quality, organic traffic your way.

  1. Broken links

I know you probably think there’s nothing wrong with your site, but are you 100% sure every link to your site is working perfectly?

Clicking your site link and getting an error code like “Error 404: Page Not Found” is a big turn-off for most site users and even search engines.

So, double-check every link pointing to your site to be sure they’re working perfectly.

  1. Not paying attention to the numbers

There’s a reason why Google Analytics is used by 56.6% of all websites. It is because analytical data is essential to understanding site performance.

If your site is struggling with traffic, Google Analytics can reveal so much to you. It can tell you how each page is behaving and probably where things are going wrong.

The fact you’re struggling for traffic clearly shows you haven’t been paying attention to your analytics. So, take your time and check out your site analytics today.


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