7 tips to improve your Japanese mini truck fuel efficiency


Whether you’re buying your mini truck for commercial or personal use, fuel efficiency is one thing you cannot afford to joke with.

As much as possible, you need to ensure your vehicle is consuming the least amount of fuel at all times.

How you can do that is what we’re going to teach you here.

  1. Buy STRICTLY high-quality spare parts

“Always buy vehicle spare parts from the best suppliers you can find.” Can’t remember where I read that line, but I always live by that code.

So, when I wanted to change my mini truck’s spark plugs for the first time, I placed an order directly on the site where I first saw a guide for buying mini trucks. You know why? Because that’s where I found the Japanese dealership from which I bought my truck. So, if my truck came from Japan, I’ve got to ensure every single part and accessory I fit into it also come from the same dealership.

My point being?

Every single component of your truck – from the air filter to spark plugs – plays a vital role in determining the vehicle’s fuel consumption rate. To improve fuel efficiency, you must always install the best spare parts in your mini truck.

Remember, the better the spare parts in a vehicle, the better the alignment, performance, mileage, and ultimately fuel consumption.

  1. Reduce the weight load on the truck

Yes, you read that correctly. For every extra pound of weight you place on your truck, you reduce its travel speed, which ultimately increases its fuel consumption.

If you want your truck to use up less fuel, you need to try as much as possible to reduce the overall weight load it carries.

I understand the sole aim of buying a mini truck is probably to use it to carry heavy loads. Still, you want to ensure you’re carrying only the optimum weight load. This way, the truck can travel at the right speed, build up the perfect mileage, and consume the least fuel.

  1. Keep your tires well inflated

It’s not rocket science to guess that a tire that’s not properly inflated will travel at reduced speeds. If you want your truck blazing at full speed, then you must make sure the tires are well pumped at all times.

Remember that all the weight carried on the truck goes directly upon the tire. This is additional stress for the tires, and the only way they can beat this stress is if they have enough pressure (strength) in them.

Therefore, it’s essential to regularly check whether the tires are well inflated or not.

  1. Always keep your air filter clean (or change it often)

You know how you need oxygen to breathe and survive? Well, your mini truck needs air, too, to combust its engine.

And this is where the air filter comes in. The job of an air filter is to ensure insects, dirt, debris, and other particles don’t get in the engine while the fuel and air are combusting to support performance.

Unfortunately, due to the continuous flow of air in and out of this component, it often gets extremely dirty. And whenever it’s dirty, the vehicle performance becomes affected, leading to more fuel consumption.

Many owners say it’s ok to just check and clean air filters regularly. That that should do. But based on expert knowledge, it’s best to change air filters every 12,000 to 15,000 miles traveled.

  1. Drive like a pro

It’s not hard to imagine that a pro driver will manage fuel better than an amateur driver. And the reason is simple. A pro driver knows when to accelerate, brake, or use the clutch, while an amateur driver might be guilty of rushing things.

In short, learn how to brake carefully, don’t accelerate unnecessarily, and try not to overwork the clutch. Doing this will help your truck run at optimum speed, thus minimizing fuel usage.

  1. Get the best engine oil

As with the spare parts, it’s always best to get your engine oil from the best supplier you can find. This is because the quality of oil in the engine plays an important role in the vehicle mileage.

  1. Don’t forget to switch off the engine whenever you have the chance to

Do you find yourself stuck in a traffic? Kindly switch off the ignition. Are you waiting for the traffic sign to change from red to green? Kindly switch off the ignition. Do you have to halt briefly to speak to someone? Do not hesitate to shut the vehicle down.

Clearly, these simple steps will save your fuel consumption. And that might just be the difference in your business bottom line come month-end.


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