Why Is CBD Vaping So Popular?


If it isn’t already obvious to you as a consumer, one thing that’s going to become abundantly clear to you as you read about CBD or shop for it online is that vaping has without question been one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD over the past couple of years. If your main form of CBD is oral CBD oil, though, you may wonder why CBD vaping is getting so much attention and may even be curious as to whether traditional oral CBD products are actually right for you.

So, why is CBD vaping so popular – and what are the benefits of vaping CBD rather than taking it orally? This article will provide an overview that can help you make an educated buying decision.

CBD Vape Oil Tastes Better than Oral CBD Oil

One of the problems some people have with traditional CBD oil is that they simply don’t enjoy taking it, either because they don’t enjoy the “hempy” flavor or because they don’t like the sensation of holding oil under their tongues. Although many companies do use natural flavors or terpenes to enhance the flavor of CBD oil, added flavors won’t make CBD oil more pleasant for you to take if you dislike the experience of taking a supplement sublingually.

The experience of buying CBD vape oil in the UK and other regions is completely different from a flavor standpoint for three reasons. The first reason is that the CBD content in CBD vape oil usually comes from powdered CBD isolate, which lacks the “hempy” flavor of a full-spectrum hemp extract. The second reason why vaping CBD tastes better is that CBD e-liquids often have added flavors, and those flavors are usually quite good.

The final reason why vaping CBD tastes better than taking CBD oil is that there’s nothing to hold under your tongue. After a few seconds, you’ll exhale the vapor, and the experience will be over. In comparison, taking oral CBD oil is a much longer ritual. Some people enjoy the ritual, but you might not.

It’s Easy and Convenient to Vape CBD

The next feature of CBD vaping that has made it so popular is its incredible convenience. Vaping means that you can carry a vape pen in your pocket, and that means you can always have your CBD available and ready to take immediately. When you need some CBD, all that you need to do is pull your vape pen out of your pocket and start puffing.

Carrying a bottle of CBD oil everywhere, on the other hand, is incredibly inconvenient. There’s no way to take a dropper of oil discreetly, so everyone around you is going to ask what you’re doing – and you may not be in the mood to answer questions from strangers about your health. There’s also the possibility that the bottle may leak, and oil stains are notoriously difficult to remove from clothing.

The convenience factor is also the reason why many people buy CBD gummies instead of traditional CBD oil. The main drawback of chewable CBD products, though, is that the CBD can take a long time to enter your bloodstream via the oral route. That’s what we’re going to discuss next.

Vaping Is the Fastest Way to Use CBD

CBD vaping lacks the biggest drawback of oral CBD products, which is the length of time it takes for any supplement to enter your general circulation through your digestive system. When you take a CBD gummy, for instance, you might have to wait an hour or more for the CBD to enter your bloodstream depending on the efficiency of your digestive system. That’s fine if you take CBD at the same time every day and get the greatest benefit from having a consistent level of CBD in your bloodstream. If you would derive a greater benefit from having a higher peak CBD levels and achieving those levels more quickly, though, oral CBD products might not be for you.

The reason why vaping is the best way to get higher levels of CBD into your bloodstream more quickly is the same reason why many people have quit smoking successfully by vaping nicotine e-liquids when those same people were unable to quit with traditional oral nicotine replacement products – it’s because an active ingredient enters your bloodstream much more quickly through the lungs than it does through the digestive system. If you want to use CBD in a way that makes it active in your body most quickly, vaping is definitely preferable because no method of administration is faster.

Vaping Gives You More CBD for the Money

The final great benefit of CBD vaping is that it’s actually more affordable in a sense than most other ways of taking CBD. The reason is that a substantial portion of any supplement that you take orally is lost in a process called first-pass metabolism. Effectively, your liver has the “first pass” at any oral supplement or drug. In that process, your liver neutralizes a portion of the active ingredient before the remaining portion of the ingredient absorbs into your circulatory system through your intestines.

The amount of an active ingredient that’s lost through the first-pass effect can actually be quite substantial. That’s the reason why a medication that’s available both as a pill and as an inhaler will usually have a lower dosage in inhaled form – it’s because, if you swallow a medication, your liver will metabolize a significant part of the drug before the active ingredient can reach your bloodstream.

So, what does the first-pass effect mean for you if you buy an oral CBD product like CBD gummies? It means that a good amount of the CBD that you buy never reaches your bloodstream and is effectively wasted. That’s not just a less efficient way of taking a supplement – it’s also not particularly economical. Inhalation, on the other hand, skips the first-pass effect and provides a direct route for CBD to enter your bloodstream. Because vaping is a more bioavailable way of using CBD, it means that you’re getting more CBD for your money when you buy CBD vape oil.


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