Featured Image – Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, by Francesco Hayez, 1867

by Stuart Littlewood, for VT Scotland

[ Editor’s Note: What a catch we have here via Stuart Littlewood, and from a source we have not used before on VT.

People’s World,[1] official successor to the Daily Worker, is a Marxist and American leftist national daily online news publication. Founded by activists, socialists, communists, and those active in the labor movement in the early 1900s, the current publication is a result of a merger between the Daily World[2] and the West Coast weekly paper People’s Daily World in 1987. (from Wikipedia)

This is the first published mention of a Jim Dean pet peeve, which poses the question, why have the terms ‘Jewish Supremacist’ and ‘Israeli Supremacist’ never made it into the international media lexicon?

Could it have been just an honest mishap, or perhaps a purposeful banishment so that those for whom the term was founded could go on a jihad of blaming everyone else as being supremacists of some kind, aka anti-Semites, to get them on the defensive to be easier to manipulate politically.

Personally I would add, from my having followed Israeli politics in their media heavily for a decade now, that if you want to find some uber anti-semites, some real Jew haters, go to Israel and watch a Knesset debate during election time from the gallery.

For the really good stuff, you have to have someone translate the Hebrew Israeli media if you want to see the world champions of hate, and with no apology for any of it.

VT salutes the 1000+ righteous Jews in Israel that signed their names to this letter. As for all the US media that took a pass on publishing this, I would tell them “thanks for exposing yourselves so openly, showing how ‘in the bag’ you have been.”

Every opportunity to print stories about the horrors of ‘anti-semitism’ is jumped on, while ‘Jewish Supremacism’, we never see a word on it published in the West, or anywhere else I have seen.

So much for our phony free press, but thanks for Stu and this catch, the People’s Daily. To have this all on one article, I have attached the names of all these Righteous Jews at the end of Stu’s article. Let’s all sip a glass of wine this evening in salute to these people. Let’s give them all the support we can, for everyone’s benefitJim W. Dean ]

Hats off to a group of Israeli Jews who so dislike the supremacist regime governing them that they’re prepared to do something about it.

These brave souls have published an open letter with over 1,000 signatories to the International Community. It first circulated back in May but didn’t come my way until now.

Is it genuine? Dunno, can’t say but hope so. I’m unable to track down the group IsraelisAgainstApartheid; they remain ‘hidden’ perhaps for good reason.

One passage I particularly like is “Jewish supremacy is the cornerstone of the Israeli regime, and its consistent objective is to transfer and obliterate the Palestinian people, their history, and their national identity… We believe that Zionism is an unethical principle of governance that inherently leads to a racist regime that has been committing war crimes and denying basic human rights from Palestinians for over seven decades.”

Another is “As individuals who belong to the side of the oppressor, and that have tried for years to shift public opinion in Israel in order to change the foundations of the current regime, we have long come to the conclusion that it is impossible to change the Jewish supremicist regime without external intervention. We call upon the international community to intervene immediately to stop Israel’s current aggressions.…”

They make clear their view that Israel’s crimes “effectively form an Apartheid regime creating bantustan-like and ghetto-like areas for Palestinian native communities”, a diabolical situation those who have been there can confirm.

Apartheid defined

The International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (ICSPCA) of 1973, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, defines the crime of apartheid as “inhuman acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group … over another racial group … and systematically oppressing them”. No doubt that this is what’s going on in occupied Palestine.

The crime of apartheid was further defined in 2002 by Article 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as inhuman acts such as torture, murder, forcible transfer, imprisonment, or persecution of an identifiable group on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, or other grounds “committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime”. No doubt about that either.

Is the International Community listening? Let’s hope so. Because they’ve been called upon a thousand times to take action on the outrageous state of affairs in the Holy Land and they’ve done bugger-all (no offence to the wretched UN). – Stu Littlewood


From The People’s World, by BETHANY RIELLY

Over 1,000 progressive Jewish Israelis have signed an open letter declaring themselves “Israelis Against Apartheid” and calling for decolonization of the region. Backed by prominent figures including historian Ilan Pape and B’tselem executive board member Orly Noy, the powerful statement urges immediate international intervention to change Israel’s apartheid regime.

“As individuals who belong to the side of the oppressor, and that have tried for years to shift public opinion in Israel in order to change the foundations of the current regime, we have long come to the conclusion that it is impossible to change the Jewish supremacist regime without external intervention,” it reads.

The call by the new campaign group Jews4Decolonisation was launched amid Israel’s latest aggression against the Palestinian people in May, which saw 257 Gazans massacred and over 100,000 people displaced. Since then it has attracted 1,041 signatures, making it one of the largest ever anti-apartheid movements among Jewish-Israeli citizens.

The damning letter, also signed by Israeli Black Panthers co-founder Reuven Abergl and prominent journalist Asaf Ronel, calls out Jewish supremacy as the “cornerstone” of the Israeli state.

“Its consistent objective is to transfer and obliterate the Palestinian people, their history, and their national identity,” it says—an objective which manifests in “continued acts of ethnic cleansing” including relentless house demolitions and the nation-state law, legislation which defines Israel as “the nation state for the Jewish people” and them only.

Zionism—the belief that Israel is a state for the Jewish people and Jews have an inherent right to it—is an “unethical principle,” that “inevitably leads to a racist apartheid regime,” it adds.

“We are a very small minority”

While organizers say that support for the petition reflects a growing understanding in parts of the Israeli left that Zionism is “immoral” and “a form of Jewish supremacy,” these views are not shared by the vast majority of citizens.

“We are a very small minority,” Dr. Ruchama Marton, the founder of Physicians for Human Rights and one of the letter’s signatories, tells me. “We did not succeed for years to change anything in the Jewish Israeli community so this is the main reason why we need to ask for the international community’s help.”

Of course, some do shift their views. Born in Jerusalem, Marton began to turn a critical eye on the state after witnessing Israeli soldiers kill Egyptian prisoners of war during the 1956 Sinai war while serving in the Israeli military. As a result of these experiences, the doctor has since become a fierce critic of the state and, of late, a prominent supporter of the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

But this is rare. Explaining why, Marton says Israeli citizens’ reluctance to wake up to the reality of the apartheid regime, recently acknowledged in reports by B’tselem and Human Rights Watch, is partially down to the absence of any political opposition.

“Right and left, politically speaking, are singing, talking, and acting the same,” she says. “And so this is why there is no chance to change public opinion because it is a very solid, similar opinion for most of the Jewish people in Israel.”

This is reflected by widespread public support for some of the most extreme right-wing policies of the state, with a 2020 poll showing half of Israeli Jews support annexation of the West Bank, while two-thirds do not even acknowledge that Israel’s 50-year hold over the Palestinian territory is an occupation, according to a 2017 survey.

Israeli sociology professor Yehouda Shenhav, another signatory of the letter, adds that extreme right views have also become mainstream, with settler groups now present in the Knesset. “I think that the settlers, which were a marginal group, today they are in the government, they are everywhere and controlling the agenda,” he tells me.

“And I think that the Israeli left is so weak—if it exists at all—to oppose those tendencies, so we live in a place where there is Jewish supremacy on the ground and very very few people, even those considered the left, argue with that.”

Last week, over 70% of Israeli politicians, ranging from parties on the far right to the purported left, signed a letter condemning Ben and Jerry’s decision not to sell its ice cream in the settlements. The letter describes the settlements, which are illegal under international law, as “towns and cities in Israel,” reflecting how the majority of Israel’s political class treat the occupied West Bank as annexed.

In this context, the demands of the Jews4Decolonisation letter are pretty radical. Not only are they pitting themselves against the status quo, but the letter also calls for the international community to adopt the demands of the BDS movement and work towards the right of return for Palestinian refugees displaced in 1948 and 1967.

Finally, it demands that world leaders and authorities “reach a just and democratic solution for all, based on the decolonization of the region and founding a state of all its citizens.”

“We need to decolonize the Israeli consciousness”

To work towards decolonization, as the letter calls, Israelis must not only address the colonial relationship connected with physical territories but also “decolonize ourselves,” Shenhav tells me.

Colonial views are deeply ingrained in the nation’s consciousness, he says, from history to literature and languages and science—“it exists everywhere.” One of the most glaring examples for the professor is the lack of Arabic in Israeli society.

While it’s common for Israelis to learn English, German, French, or Spanish in schools, less than 0.5% can read Arabic, he says. At Tel Aviv University, where Shenhav works, students can submit a dissertation in English, but not in Arabic.

“Not even the leftists learn Arabic,” he explains. “People don’t make an effort because Jews want to feel like they live in Europe—that Israel is a branch of Europe and doesn’t exist in the Middle East. This is very, very sad. This is very indicative, this lack of inclination to make an effort to study the language of this place.”

The language is also being actively erased from the public space, he says, seen by the Nation State Act 2018, which downgrades Arabic from an official language to one of “special status.” Arabic road signs within Israel are often incomplete or littered with mistakes and Palestinian citizens of Israel are even fearful of speaking their language in public.

Born in Israel to a family of Iraqi Jews, the sociology professor is among that very small minority who can read and write Arabic. For Shenhav, knowing Arabic was key to waking up to the reality of the state, turning him from patriot to outspoken critic of Israeli apartheid and colonization.

“Once upon a time, I was a patriot but…when I started to read, you know, autobiographies and books written by Palestinians, gradually, gradually I started to understand that the story that we are being told in the education system, in the military, in the universities, is a false story about what happened in 1948.”

Hidden in the books were testimonies of massacres carried out by Zionist forces, he said, revealing how more than 700,000 Palestinians were forced to flee their homes in 1948 in what’s known as the Nakba, or catastrophe, and did not leave by choice, as the Israeli version of the story goes.

“We need to face that past, we need to face the Nakba, we need to take responsibility for it in order to let these two peoples live in peace with each other.” To decolonize minds, this historiography must be revised, he says, and the erasure of Arabic in the region reversed to remove those barriers to understanding.

“We don’t think like the others”

While Marton does see a slight increase in critical views among some of the Israeli youth, with more teenagers refusing military service, her hope for large-scale societal change any time soon is pretty much non-existent.

“The near future, it’s impossible,” she says. “Too many are in the frame of this Jewish supremacy, the land God promised us, the land, and whatever we are doing is right. And it’s very difficult to beat it, it is so convenient and…to feel that God is with you so people do not tend to change it.”

As such, Marton and Shenhav both agree that international intervention is needed to “salvage us from ourselves.”

Against the tide of uncritical Israeli Jews, for Shenhav, the letter is also a symbolic move to signal to the outside that “hey, we are here—we don’t share the same views of the rest of the people.”


VT: Here are the names, 1043 now as the list is growing. This is where the rubber meets the road, where moral leadership can be seen. Now ask yourself why no one in the Western Press has published a word of this, and if they have please let us know in the comments.

We, Jewish Israelis, oppose the actions of the Israeli government and hereby declare our commitment to act against them. We refuse to accept the Jewish-supremacist regime and call upon the international community to immediately intervene in defense of the Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem, the Galilee, the Negev, al-Lydd, Yafa, Ramleh, Haifa and throughout historic Palestine.

Jewish supremacy is the cornerstone of the Israeli regime, and its consistent objective is to transfer and obliterate the Palestinian people, their history, and their national identity. This objective manifests in continued acts of ethnic cleansing by means of evictions and home demolitions, brutal military occupation, denial of civil and human rights, and legislation of a series of racist laws culminating in the Nation-State Bill, defining the State as “the Nation State of the Jewish People”, and them only.

All the above effectively form an Apartheid regime creating Bantustan-like and Ghetto-like areas for Palestinian native communities. We believe that Zionism is an unethical principle of governance that inherently leads to a racist Apartheid regime that has been committing war crimes and denying basic human rights from Palestinians for over seven decades. Such crimes and violations include: the destruction of hundreds of towns and villages and depopulating them of 750,000 Palestinians in 1948, alongside the active prevention of return of refugees; the systematic expropriation of Palestinians’ lands and transferring them to Jewish ownership under the auspices of the state; the occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights and the application of a colonizing military regime, ruling over millions of Palestinians; the gradual annexation of the territories occupied in 1967 by violently engineering demographics; the ongoing siege on the Gaza strip and persistent massacres of the Gazan population by the Israeli Air Force; political persecution of Palestinians throughout Palestine and the ongoing incitement against the political leadership and society at large; All of these atrocities take place due to the impunity Israel receives from the international community and especially the United States.

In recent weeks, the Israeli government has up-scaled its attempts to seize Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem (especially in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood) and house Jewish settlers in them with the aim of completing the Judaization of the city that began in 1967. During the month of Ramadan, Israeli forces intensified their violent onslaught on the Al Aqsa Mosque compound while giving settlers the green light to vandalize and physically harm Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem and throughout the ’48 territories. Mobs of settlers are acting under the auspices, and in coordination with the Israeli police. Israeli media is taking part in the unhinged incitement against Arab citizens of Israel. As a result, the Jewish mobs receive impunity for their violence, while hundreds of Palestinian citizens of Israel are arrested for protecting their homes and communities, or simply for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Every so often, Israel commits yet another massacre against the population of the Gaza ghetto, while refusing anitiatives and proposals for ceasefire with Palestinian organisations in the Gaza strip, and while insisting on the continued pulverization of residential neighborhoods in the Gaza strip and the perpetuation of the brutal siege imposed on approximately two million people.

As individuals who belong to the side of the oppressor, and that have tried for years to shift public opinion in Israel in order to change the foundations of the current regime, we have long come to the conclusion that it is impossible to change the Jewish supremacist regime without external intervention.

We call upon the international community to intervene immediately in order to stop Israel’s current aggressions, to adopt the demands of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement; to work towards the actualization of the Palestinian Right of Return and to bring about historic justice; to reach a just and democratic solution for all, based on the decolonization of the region and founding a state of all its citizens.


List of signatures

  1. Ruchama Marton
  2. Reuven Abergel
  3. Anat Matar
  4. Orly Noy
  5. Yehouda Shenhav
  6. Ilan Pappe
  7. Moshé Machover
  8. Rela Mazali
  9. Prof. Emmanuel Farjoun
  10. Ronit Lentin
  11. Marcelo Svirsky
  12. Hannah Safran
  13. Michel Warshawski
  14. Jeff Halper
  15. Hanna Zohar
  16. Eyal Sivan
  17. Melissa Danz
  18. Tal Dor
  19. Aya Kaniuk
  20. Shiri Eisner
  21. Shaul Tcherikover
  22. Rana Saba
  23. Esther Rapoport
  24. Yossef Mekyton
  25. Revital Sella
  26. Haley Firkser
  27. Michal Raz
  28. Avi Liberman
  29. Amitai Ben-Abba
  30. Shlomo Owen
  31. Shmuel Merzel
  32. Maayan Geva
  33. Hillel Garmi
  34. Zohar Atai
  35. Dina Hecht
  36. Naama Farjoun
  37. Ehud Shem Tov
  38. Daniel Roe
  39. Neta Golan
  40. Guy Avni
  41. Daniella Cramer
  42. Yonatan Shapira
  43. Einat Weizman
  44. Tali Shapiro
  45. Tom Pessah
  46. Keren Assaf
  47. Ofer Neiman
  48. Tami Dynes
  49. Guy Hirschfeld
  50. Tsipi Erann
  51. Aryeh Miller
  52. Vardit Shalfy
  53. Or Ben David
  54. Haim Schwarczenberg
  55. Oren Feld
  56. Shira Havkin
  57. Oneg Ben Dror
  58. Rosana Berghoff
  59. Lirona Rosenthal
  60. Dror Shohet
  61. Guy Gillor
  62. Adi Shosberger
  63. Imri Hen
  64. Nuni Tal
  65. Dalit Baum
  66. Yoko Ram Chupak
  67. Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta
  68. Yael Shomroni
  69. Bilha Golan Sündermann
  70. Noa Shaindlinger
  71. Noa Friehmann
  72. Yom Shamash
  73. Abigail Szor
  74. Ronnen Ben-Arie
  75. ayA Zamir
  76. Connie Hackbarth
  77. Adi Moreno
  78. Yasmine Halevi
  79. Kobi Snitz
  80. Alexander Eyal
  81. Ronen Wolf
  82. Anat Elzam
  83. Robert Nathan Suberi
  84. Oshra Bar
  85. Liat Rosenberg
  86. Shaindy Ort
  87. Ari Libero
  88. Shai Ilan
  89. Yasmin Eran- Vardi
  90. Miri Barak
  91. Tamar Selby
  92. Elian Weizman
  93. Aliza Dror
  94. Ruti Lavi
  95. Michal Sapir
  96. Ayala Levinger
  97. Daphna Baram
  98. Yudit Ilany
  99. Odeliya Matter
  100. Yaniv Shachar
  101. Ofra Yeshua-Lyth
  102. Moshe Eliraz
  103. Elfrea Lockley
  104. Iris Hefets
  105. Oriana Weich
  106. Reut Ben-Yaakov
  107. Doaa Abunasa
  108. Yoram Blumenkranz
  109. Tia Levi
  110. Bosmat Gal
  111. Rachel Beitarie
  112. Udi Raz
  113. Yael Friedman
  114. Alon Marcus
  115. Jasmin Wagner
  116. Orna Akad
  117. Avi Berg
  118. Inna Michaeli
  119. Galit Naaman
  120. Sharona Weiss
  121. Aya Breuer
  122. Tal Janner-Klausner
  123. Eran Torbiner
  124. Vered Bitan
  125. Pnina Werbner
  126. Irit Rotmensch
  127. Eliana Ben-David
  128. Mike Arad
  129. Karen Zack
  130. Adi Liraz
  131. Nadav Franckovich
  132. Irit Segoli
  133. Maya Reggev
  134. Yam Nir-Bejerano
  135. Abey Mizrahi
  136. Hadas Leonov
  137. Tair Borchardt
  138. Yehudith Harel
  139. Yael Politi
  140. Itamar Shapira
  141. Regev Nathansohn
  142. Liad Kantorowicz
  143. David Benarroch
  144. Uri Gordon
  145. Zohar Efron
  146. Reuben Klein
  147. Yisrael Puterman
  148. Erica Melzer
  149. Yaara Benger Alaluf
  150. Anat Guthman
  151. Erella Grassiani
  152. Daniel Palanker Chas
  153. Einat Podjarny
  154. Yael Lerer
  155. Ya’ara Peretz
  156. Shirli Nadav
  157. Lihi Joffe
  158. Danielle Parsay
  159. Adi Winter
  160. Daphna Westerman
  161. Tslil Ushpiz
  162. Ella Janatovsky
  163. Nily Gorin
  164. Ora Slonim
  165. Rachel Hagigi
  166. Nahed Ghanayem
  167. Maayan Ashash
  168. Ruth Rosenthal
  169. Debby Farber
  170. Nicole Schwartz
  171. Sahar Vardi
  172. Hilla Dayan
  173. Rana Sawalha
  174. Galit Saporta
  175. 0-Michaela Reisin
  176. Adi Golan Bikhnafo
  177. Sharon Avraham
  178. Noa Roei
  179. Elliot Beck
  180. Jair Straschnow
  181. Haim Bresheeth-Zabner
  182. Amir Vudka
  183. Alma Ganihar
  184. Atalia Israeli Nevo
  185. Itamar Liebergall
  186. Jonathan Pollak
  187. Livnat Konopny Decleve
  188. Yanai Himelfarb
  189. Sigal Ronen
  190. Merav Devere
  191. Shiri Wilk Nader
  192. Dror K Levi
  193. Yael Perlman
  194. Laurent Schuman
  195. Ferial Himel
  196. Ester Nili Fisher
  197. Abo Kouder Gaber
  198. Ur Shlonsky
  199. Rachel Giora
  200. Judit Druks
  201. Miri Michaeli
  202. Tal(y) Wozner
  203. Meir Amor
  204. Souraya Abeid
  205. Alon Benach
  206. Roni Gechtman
  207. Rahel Wachs
  208. Anat Rosenblum
  209. Yoav Beirach
  210. Dorit Naaman
  211. Noa Vidman
  212. Dror Dayan
  213. Ruthie Pliskin
  214. Yaara Shaham
  215. Inbar Tamari
  216. Herzl Schubert
  217. Assif Am-David
  218. Nadia Cohen
  219. Rachel Yagil
  220. Rani Nader Wilk
  221. Gony Halevi
  222. Tamar Katz
  223. Chagit Lyssy
  224. Sam Shtein
  225. Michal Baror
  226. Doron Ben David
  227. Miki Fischer
  228. Zhava Grinfeld
  229. Aviya Atai
  230. Nimrod Ronen
  231. Judith Tamir
  232. Yotam Ben-David
  233. Alex Cohn
  234. Avital Barak
  235. Maayan Vaknin
  236. Tamar Yaron
  237. Orit Ben David
  238. Maia Bendersky
  239. Oran Nissim
  240. Roni Tzoreff
  241. Udi Adiv
  242. Lilach Ben David
  243. Ayelet Yonah Adelman
  244. Tal Berglas
  245. Ronit Milano
  246. Terry Greenblat
  247. Mie Shamir
  248. Oren Lamm
  249. Ayelet Politi
  250. Udi Aloni
  251. Hava Ortman
  252. Liat Hasenfratz
  253. Marie Berry
  254. Revital Elkayam
  255. Asaf Calderon
  256. Nitza Aminov
  257. Isaac Johnston
  258. Amos Brison
  259. Michael Treiger
  260. Hadas Binyamini
  261. Sirli Bahar
  262. Ron Naiweld
  263. Maria Chekhanovich
  264. Yehonatan Chekhanovich
  265. Lisa Kronberg Chitayat
  266. Moriah Lavey
  267. Guy Yadin Evron
  268. Eran Efrati
  269. Zohar Weiss
  270. Orit Zacks
  271. Arielle Bareket
  272. Sarah Raanan
  273. Dana Dahdal
  274. Zvi Gaster
  275. Raz BDV
  276. Emad Housary
  277. Mika Zacks
  278. Dorit Argo
  279. Lorraine Evrard
  280. Micha Kaplan Chetrit
  281. Hadar Kleiman
  282. Talma Bar-Din
  283. Orit Friedland
  284. Tali keren
  285. Oded Carmi
  286. Hadas Rivera-Weiss
  287. Avi Blecherman
  288. Lior wachtel
  289. Avi Greenman
  290. Dina Leibermann
  291. Zurqab Razaq
  292. Tamir Sorek
  293. Oded Jacob
  294. Itamar Avraham Cohen Scali
  295. Chen Israel
  296. Rand Warren Aronov
  297. Gila Avni
  298. Bekah Wolf
  299. Alon Lapid
  300. Ehud Kotegro
  301. Entissar kharoub
  302. Lotem Zabinski
  303. Shai Carmeli Pollak
  304. Yael Admoni
  305. Hen Levi
  306. Shahar Tsameret
  307. Elik Nir
  308. Nir Nader
  309. Zoe Gutzeit
  310. Ossi Ron
  311. Raanan Alexandrowicz
  312. Sima Sason
  313. Ehud Sivosh
  314. Elías Deik Halabi
  315. Ben Gershovitz
  316. David Kortwa
  317. Gina Ben David
  318. Liel Green
  319. Evyatar shamir
  320. Tom Mosek
  321. Yael rozanes
  322. Anna Fox
  323. Ruhama Weiss
  324. Tirtza Tauber
  325. David Nir
  326. Coral Cohen
  327. Ayoub mohareb
  328. Daniel Roth
  329. Oz Shelach
  330. Rona Even Merrill
  331. Anat Biletzki
  332. Shachaf Polakow
  333. Michael Kaminer
  334. Yaffit Windler
  335. Maya Wind
  336. Max Somerstein
  337. Hillel Barak
  338. Yaron Ben-Haim
  339. Ori Goldberg
  340. Milan Shiff
  341. Sivan Ben-Hayun
  342. Elana Wesley
  343. Tali Baram
  344. Hannah Goldman
  345. Ronen Meshulam
  346. Rotem Bahat
  347. Toviel Rose
  348. Miriam Meir
  349. Sivan Tal
  350. Naama Golan
  351. Ruth Lackner Hiller
  352. Afia Begum
  353. Gaia Beirak
  354. Assa Doron
  355. Ze’ev Ionis
  356. Mira Khazzam
  357. Matan S. Cohen
  358. Smadar Carmon
  359. Amira Tasse
  360. Shelly Yosha
  361. Tal Frieden
  362. Shai Shabtai
  363. Leah Even Chorev
  364. Reva Damir
  365. Iris Stern Levi
  366. Wael Sayej
  367. Ronit Marian Kadishay
  368. Freda Guttman
  369. Diana Dolev
  370. Annelien Kisch-Kroon
  371. Debbie Eylon
  372. Galit Eilat
  373. Daniel Gagarin
  374. Eyal Mazor
  375. Yael Messer
  376. Omri Goren
  377. Rachel Hayut
  378. Daphne Banai
  379. Nadav Harari
  380. Kamal Manzur
  381. Meital Yaniv
  382. Yudit Yahav
  383. Elisheva Gavra
  384. Dalia Sachs
  385. Angela Godfrey-Goldstein
  386. Shlomo Perets
  387. Idit Nathan
  388. Haim Yacobi
  389. Edna Gorney
  390. Hilla Kerner
  391. Naomi Raz
  392. Nir Lutati
  393. Daniel Ayzenberg
  394. Hava halevi
  395. Rona Sela
  396. Racheli Bar-Or
  397. Ruti Kantor
  398. Ayelet ophir
  399. Noki Olchovski
  400. Nina Jawitz
  401. Ma’ayan Levi
  402. Effi Ziv
  403. Reshef Agam-Segal
  404. Rami Heled
  405. Dalit Fresco
  406. Mirit Barashi
  407. Ido Even Paz
  408. Yoel Lion
  409. Michal Margaliot
  410. Tali Bromberg
  411. Sharon Cohen
  412. Hilla Bar-om
  413. Yuval Tenenbaum
  414. Lilit Bartana
  415. Gilad Nir
  416. Yael Gvirtz
  417. Namer Golan
  418. Ofir Shahar
  419. Maya Herman
  420. Guy Ronen
  421. Gidon Raz
  422. Ron Barkai
  423. Assaf Rotman
  424. Aaron Turgeman
  425. Asaf Ronel
  426. Nurit Peled-Elhanan
  427. Mia Perelmuter
  428. Sarit Tamura
  429. Or Glicklich
  430. Roni Meyerstein
  431. Ofra Hoffman
  432. Eran Razgour
  433. Shai Gortler
  434. Jacob Katriel
  435. Ofer Shinar Levanon
  436. Heidi Stern
  437. Orly Dumitrescu
  438. Rotem Levin
  439. Atalia Omer
  440. Yossi Shabo
  441. Michal Schwartz
  442. Itay Snir
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  1043. Rachel Benjamin-Silver


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  1. So what they are saying is : “God” gave the AshkeNazis Palestine ?
    Sort of like God gave the Nazis Poland?
    (Gott mit Uns)
    I would like to see that land Deed!

  2. It seems that may be the there is a humanitarian element in Jewish people fighting against Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. In any case, I for one want to see more action before I am convinced of the true intentions of this movement.

  3. “”” “we have long come to the conclusion that it is impossible to change the Jewish supremacist regime without external intervention,” it reads.”””

    That is the most powerful statement in the letter.

    A “group” such as the majority of Jews who are hard-bound to the racist idea that they are truly created superior beings by birthright;
    and that everyone else is a subhuman destined either to be eliminated or enslaved by Jews; and who have like-minded fellow Talmudists in control of so much world power, that “group” will “never willingly” come down off their high horse.

  4. “This is the first published mention of a Jim Dean pet peeve, which poses the question, why have the terms ‘Jewish Supremacist’ and ‘Israeli Supremacist’ never made it into the international media lexicon?”

    My pet peeve is the free pass Christian Zionism is given in the USA. They fully support what the European Ashkenazim are doing in Palestine. Pastor John Hagee once claimed that “50 million bible-reading Christians united with 5 million [Ashkenazim] is a marriage made in Heaven.” Hell is more like it. 80% of them voted for Trump in the last election. His foreign policy toward Israel and the Arabs was shaped by them, including killing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and doing everything he could to initiate a war with Iran. If you didn’t notice the religious frenzy of those who who attacked the Capitol on 1/6, you weren’t paying attention, Jim.

    • “religious frenzy of those who attacked the Capitol”
      “religious” is the correct word
      Real Christians, whether in a “frenzy” or not, would never “attack” anyone.

    • Totally agree, Elvin. Real Christianity is about the Sermon on the Mount, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you… You know, the really hard stuff.

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