Republican Glenn Youngkin’s win in the Virginia gubernatorial race has sent a shockwave not just through the Democratic Party but internationally. Once an egg-flipper by profession (when aged 15, in Virginia Beach) Governor-elect Youngkin has flipped a state the Democrats were expecting to win. Dictator Joseph Biden is now looking like a one-term dictator – he’s not dictator for life, remember.

That nice man President Trump probably won Virginia last November. The surprise is not that Glenn Youngkin won more votes, but that they were actually counted. Bad Guys around the planet, desperate for the West to fail, will have been hoping that the electoral fraud in America would continue.

The Democrats not only lost Virginia they nearly lost New Jersey, at least officially. After the massive fraud in November 2020 last minute votes favoring the Democrat are always going to come under suspicion.

Youngkin seems like a nice chap, although he’s a bit of a RINO, no offense intended. Coming from Bush 41’s mob the Carlyle Group, he could hardly be otherwise. However, as his effective campaigning against the Critical Race Theory demonstrated, he is not entirely as useless as say John McCain, again no offense intended.

Bush 41 snuffed it, possibly not entirely due to natural causes, in 2018. It is very difficult to win a primary as a RINO these days. We may have to come up with a new expression for candidates who are not in the Trump camp, but are not complete left-wing loonies. Hippopotami, maybe? Or, if you prefer, hippopotamuses.

It was a good win and it bodes well for the mid-terms.

Owen Paterson

The Paterson Affair

Sadly that nice man Owen Paterson was forced to resign last week by the Cabinet Office. Officially the PM threw him under a bus (obviously a hybrid bus, since the PM is a global warming believer, no offense intended) on Thursday. The reality appears to be that the Cabinet Secretary, who has a lock on him, ordered Boris to sacrifice Owen, last Wednesday evening.

Members of the British House of Commons cannot actually resign. They’re elected legislators, not accountants. If they wish to leave the House they disqualify themselves by applying to the Chancellor of the Exchequer for the ancient office of Crown Steward and Bailiff for the Chiltern Hundreds. Owen was formally appointed on Friday.

Because the Treasury were a bit slow (they’re the Treasury – they’re naturally slow) making the announcement there was some uncertainty on Friday as to whether Owen had actually gone or not. We’ve known each other for about 20 years and I was frantically trying to get a message to him re the blackmail pressure applied to the PM.

Kathryn Stone

The saga started a couple of years ago when a maniacal regulator, if that’s not a tautology, Kathryn Stone, with an eponymous heart, no offence intended, started harassing Owen over a bad faith allegation that he acted as a paid advocate for two firms for whom he was a consultant. The allegations were a nonsense – all that Own had done was to raise legitimate food safety concerns. The consultancy contracts were fully disclosed and above board.

Stone of course, like most regulators, reports to the Cabinet Office. Owen Paterson, an expert on agriculture and fisheries, has been a thorn in the side of Brussels for many years. With the French in particular trying to seize control of our fishing waters the last thing Paris and the EU wanted was the British government having access to expert fishing advice. (Very obviously the government aren’t going to get expert advice from the Civil Service, who are backing the Frogs, no offense intended.)

Viscount Ridley

The harassment took a tragic turn last year when Rose Paterson, Owen’s wife, took her own life under the pressure of Stone’s brutal investigation.

Rose, as it happens, was the niece of an old friend of mine, the late Lord Ridley, a Cabinet Minister and a man with sound views on Europe, with respect. Rose’s father was the great 4th Viscount Ridley KG, Lord Steward of the Household, who did good work in Normandy in 1944 with the Coldstream Guards, killing lots of Germans. The Viscount was a personal friend of Queen Elizabeth II.

In driving poor Rose Paterson to her death the Cabinet Office and Kathryn Stone made a grave mistake. The current system of investigating complaints against MPs is finished. It’s not independent, being vulnerable to Cabinet Office influence, biased against Leavers and grossly unfair, as the with respect kangaroo court procedures employed against Owen demonstrated.

Whilst Boris will be quite happy to sacrifice another Tory MP, having already allowed those who ordered the brutal slaughter of Sir David Amess to get off scot-free, the Tory Party will not be so spineless, no offense intended. Clearly either Kathryn Stone or someone in the Cabinet Office is going to have to die. Rose Paterson’s death requires a blood sacrifice from the pro-European enemy.

Anne Boleyn

My own view is that Stone would quickly crack under interrogation from MI5 and give the name of the Cabinet Official who ordered her to go after Owen. He or she should then be put on trial for their life at the Bar of Parliament. Tory MPs need to understand that if we don’t start executing Cabinet Office officials they are going to have to continue sacrificing themselves. Either they’re going to be stabbed to death by Islamic nutters or have their careers ruined by baseless allegations.

If Stone doesn’t crack and turn Queen’s Evidence then she should be executed, frankly. As an Act of Mercy His late Majesty King Henry VIII permitted Anne Boleyn to be beheaded humanely by sword, in 1536, but She was Queen of England. Stone could hardly be heard to claim the same sympathetic treatment.

Executioner with ax

The most recent woman to be beheaded in England, Lady Alice Leslie, very properly sentenced to death by Judge Jeffreys (a medium to high tariff tribunal with respect) was put to death in the normal way, at Winchester. Lady Leslie had harbored rebels after the Duke of Monmouth’s failed rebellion in 1685 and could not have been heard to complain about her sentence, although she might have hoped for community service.

Hopefully the new PM will recommend Owen Paterson’s elevation to the peerage. He could then serve in the new Cabinet as Secretary of State for Agriculture and Fisheries. Since UK denunciation of the Withdrawal and Trade and Cooperation Agreements will deny French fishing vessels access to British waters we’ll need someone tough in charge of our fisheries policy.

Defending our fishing grounds will require the same sort of intestinal fortitude as Winston Churchill and Admiral Sir James Somerville showed when they very properly blew the French fleet out of the water at the Battle of Oran. As in 1940, after the cheese-eating surrender monkeys, no offense intended, caved into Jerry, it’s time for dead Frenchies.

Birley, Oswald Hornby Joseph; Admiral of the Fleet Sir James Somerville (1882-1949), GCB; Britannia Royal Naval College;

Cleo Smith

Some good news from Western Australia. Little Cleo Smith, kidnapped by a maniac so evil, no offense intended, that he could have been a Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, has been rescued by the Western Australia Police.

Cleo Smith

Very obviously people are asking why Madeleine McCann couldn’t have been rescued. Two reasons. Firstly the investigation into Cleo’s kidnap was led by a highly competent police force. Western Australia Police, under the magnificent leadership of Commissioner Chris Dawson, worked tirelessly to rescue young Cleo. The Madeleine McCann case was left to Leicestershire Police. (The only officer there who seemed to care was DC Ivor Messiah.)

Secondly, and more importantly, poor little Madeleine was selected for sexual abuse by a senior official of the European Commission in Brussels. She was kidnapped by one of the two pedophile rings run in Belgium by the DVD. A counter-intelligence team from Gerard Group, led by myself, located her, in a boat off the coast of Morocco.

With the help of the Pentagon and the US Navy we were able to put together a rescue plan which stood a good chance of success, but it was blocked by the Cabinet Office. Sadly Madeleine was sacrificed on the altar of Britain’s worthless membership of the EU.

What’s worse Madeleine’s murder has been compounded by an unspeakably cruel hoax by the Metropolitan Police, who have pretended to Madeleine’s long suffering parents that she is still alive. Frantic to conceal his involvement in the kidnap and murder Jerry is prosecuting one of his own, who, whilst he may have been a spotter for the kidnap team, wasn’t even in the same country as Madeleine when she was put to death. Since they don’t do fair trials in Germany that won’t be a bar to conviction of course.

Another plane landing at Glasgow

COP 26

COP 26 has been even sillier than I predicted. Some 400 private jets have apparently descended on Prestwick Airport, wartime terminus of the Atlantic Ferry Organisation (ATFERO). Given that the global elite love nothing more than to lecture the rest of us about our carbon footprints this was hypocrisy writ large.

This could be a pivotal moment. The public is being turned off the idea of man-made global warming in droves. Given that CO2 is a minor greenhouse gas and that human emissions only amount to about 3.3% of the total, a belief in the Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis is for stupid people only.

This week’s movie review – Dune (2021, dir. Denis Villeneuve)

Unusually for me I watched Dune in the comfort of the posh new Odeon in Switch Island, Liverpool, which has lovely reclining seats and little tables for your drinks and popcorn. It’s the first movie-theater I’ve ever been to when there’s been so much space between rows people can walk past you without you having to move.

Unusually for a remake it’s way better than the original, with superb special effects. Even the acting is as good! With Josh Brolin, Charlotte Rampling and Javier Bardem in the cast that shouldn’t be surprising. Stellan Skarsgård as Baron Harkonnen, the baddie, is so evil that he could easily be a European Commissioner or Cabinet Secretary, no offense intended.

Part one of two it’s inevitably going to be compared with the Star Wars series, but that’s because Star Wars was also inspired by the late Frank Herbert’s classic 1965 novel. Like the novel, it’s a little bit gloomy about the future of humanity, but the movie is visually spectacular and well worth going to see.

Clifford Rose (1929 – 2021)

Clifford Rose

Clifford Rose, who sadly died on Saturday, was a movie and TV stalwart for many decades. He played Dr Snell in Callan. Famously he was Sturmbannführer Kessler in Secret Army, currently enjoying a rerun on Talking Pictures.

He was very good at playing SS types and portrayed SS General Hans Kammler in the miniseries War and Remembrance. Oddly enough he never played a Cabinet Secretary, although he would have been very good.

I suspect that he was a much nicer man in real life than the characters he played, which is a tribute to his great skill as an actor. He was a consummate professional, who will be appearing on our screens for decades to come.


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  1. I admit to still having questions about why Madeleine McCann could not have been rescued from that boat. The boat was evidently in Moroccan waters, not those of the UK or EU. I always thought the rule for successful raids was, “Don’t ask permission. Go ahead, and then beg forgiveness later.” I believe that’s what the Pentagon did a few years later in 2012, when they exfiltrated those 2 nukes from the UK Olympic site.

  2. In addition to taking the Governor/Lt Gov seats in Virginia, the GOP also took back the House. VT’s RD Steele, who lived in Virginia, is surely smiling down from heaven. And now I have to wonder whether the answers to his death are to be found in Virginia politics rather than federal politics.

    • I listened to Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears’ short victory speech. The eponymous Winsome nailed the priorities that the voters had demanded. She’s a Marine Corps veteran, and was an immigrant from Jamaica. And she’s funny, too. A winning package!

  3. Alternative realities are fun, and in many cases, profitable! This is why Gordon keeps Shrimpy around. He’s one of the most comment-worthy authors in the VT stable. He is also the foil that is dragged out anytime someone accuses VT of not having a sense of humor. Rock on, Shrimpy!

  4. I wonder in what role people see Britain as, in “Dune”, in a symbolic sense.

    It is this monarchy propaganda that is getting tiresome. That somehow, your bloodline is currency, when it is not true at all. File the “dunes’ with GOT and challenge the artists to create a real future where , one 13 year old girl cannot rule by selective hereditary emotion.

    • I always appreciate your comments relating to the absurd premise that the AnglZionist Empire is based on, David. That a “chosen” group of Europeans have the God-given right to range around the planet displacing and murdering the indigenous and grabbing their land is the MO of both US Manifest Destiny and Zionism. As Voltaire warned, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

  5. Wow Shrimpleton could of rescued kidnapped Madelline McCann himself with a daring naval raid off coast of Morroco, but the british cabinet office got in the way.

    I could of had her saved myself too, if I was drinking all night with her parents in a bar in Portugal and reminded them they have a small daughter back at their vacation rental alone.

    So maybe they should return soon before German intelligence agents show up working for EU high officials and take her onto a boat heading for Morroco.

  6. Mike, you’re a drama queen.
    Like all Cuckservatives* these days.

    Regurgitating the msm, too.

    Prez’s Party is 1/11 in the last 12 Virginia races.
    The shocker would be if this DIDN’T happen.

    • MSM reaction to this reminds of:

      “Obama was born here, period.”

      “See, he’s Presidential!”

      Liz Warren:
      Sips a beer.

      “Inauthentic Pandering!”

    • And this:

      “It’s all about the TRADE DEFICIT 😱!!”

      ALL Media:
      Anoints him “Tough On Trade”.

      2018, 2019, 2020:
      Worst Trade Deficits Ever.
      (Followed by Dubya Bush.)

      Trump & Media:

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