…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

If you think that Pfizer is just here to help with the covid pandemic and that they are not really about making money, then think again. It has been declared that Pfizer will end up making $45 billion from the pandemic by the end of this year alone. So far, they have made $36 billion.[1]Last quarter the company said revenue was up 92 per cent year-on-year thanks to the global vaccine rollout.”

How much did the company make last year from the pandemic alone? $41.9 billion.[2] The company has also spent millions of dollars on “lobbying efforts.

Julia Kollewe of the Guardian itself said last March that the pandemic “has created a global market worth tens of billions of dollars in annual sales for some pharmaceutical companies. Among the biggest winners will be Moderna and Pfizer – two very different US pharma firms which are both charging more than $30 per person for the protection of their two-dose vaccines.”[3]

So which companies are making billions upon billions of dollars from the covid pandemic?

  1. Pfizer/BioNTech

mRNA vaccine

  1. Moderna

mRNA vaccine

  1. Johnson & Johnson

Adenovirus vaccine

  1. AstraZeneca

Adenovirus vector vaccine

  1. Sinovac

Inactivated virus vaccine

  1. Gamaleya Institute/Russian Direct Investment Fund

Adenovirus vaccine

  1. Novavax

Recombinant protein vaccine

  1. CureVac

mRNA vaccine[4]

It was reported that “AstraZeneca sales of Covid vaccine triple to $1.2bn in first half of 2021.”[5] And if you think again that vaccines like AstraZeneca are about helping people, then listen to this: “AstraZeneca vaccine price pledge omits some poor countries, contract shows.”[6] Ge this:

“The British-Swedish drug firm has promised to provide the vaccine at a not-for-profit price to the developing world in perpetuity, but a review of a redacted version of its contract with Oxford University – obtained by the student advocacy group Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) – found that the promise excludes many low-income and lower-middle-income countries.”[7]

Now, here is the problem. We have a long history of Big Pharma inventing diseases, selling sickness, and deluding much of the population in order to make money. I challenge anyone to pick up the following studies by psychologists, psychiatrists, journalists, and medical doctors, and find out:

Selling Sickness: How the World’s Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies Are Turning Us All Into Patients, by Patrick Moynihan and Alan Cassels (New York: Perseus Books, 2006)

The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It, by Marcia Angel (New York: Random House, 2004)

Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients, by Ben Goldacre (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2014)

Your Drug May Be Your Problem, by Peter Breggin (New York: Perseus Books, 2007)

Pharmageddon, by David Healy (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2012)

My skepticism is pretty much straightforward: shouldn’t people be concerned about all of this? Shouldn’t the inquiring mind ask probing questions and find answers to those questions?

Personally, I can relate. My own father usually has a severe cold once every year, and this is long before the covid pandemic. Last winter was his bad luck. He had a severe cold. Once he got to the hospital, they quickly labeled him “covid 19.” He was at the hospital for a few days. What kind of medicine they gave him? The same kind of medicine that people who have cold usually take!

I was really upset when my dad was telling me this. What’s more, they sent him back home after a few days. He went back to the hospital the following week, and they suddenly told him that he was no longer covid 19 positive.

There are numerous cases like this. A Korean friend of mine went through similar situations. My two sisters again are practicing nurses in the US, and they too have been appalled about what has been going on. One of my brothers was a pharmacist, and he told me once: “My boss came to me and literally said that the company is making money off of covid 19.”

The crux of the matter here is this: People ought to be concerned about what is happening precisely because big pharma has always been interested in making money at everyone’s expense. They don’t really care whether you live or die.

If you think the statement again is farfetched, then get this: The Federal Drugs Administration (FDA) Wants Until 2076 To Fully Release Pfizer Vaccine Data. Isn’t this one of the most diabolical activities ever coconcted by the Powers That Be? First of all, most people who do take the vaccine now won’t be around in 2076! All they will have to do is say “Oops. Sorry.”

Secondly, if Pfizer are openly honest about their product, why are they hiding their data? Is that how science works? Don’t they say that their product is all based on science? If a scientist wants to use their data to pursue further research, wouldn’t Pfizer’s move be an impediment to progress?

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  1. Double vaccinated 56 years old Canadian Senator Josée Forest-Niesing died of covid last week. A journal in England has published the numbers of covid deaths for the last 3 months in England and found from 3000 deaths, over 2600 were double vaccinated over 50 years old, while only 400 were non-vaccinated over 50 years old.

  2. ” big pharma has always been interested in making money at everyone’s expense. They don’t really care whether you live or die.” Not true! They want you to live! Ideally, they don’t want you to get better though, they want you to become a chronic invalid patient, permanently hooked on their product, A dead patient is a lost customer. A chronic invalid is a source of revenue. Until Dr Barry Marshall N.P. discovered helicobacter pylorii to be the cause of stomach ulcers and managed (after a ten-year fight!) to publish his discovery, the pharmaceutical companies were coining it by “Stabilizing” millions of people’s ulcers with daily doses of “medicine”. Others, who could not afford it, were dying in agony or committing suicide.

    • You are right, of course. One of the big banks did a study on exactly this (IIRC Goldman-Sachs?)…their recommendation was that cures were not a sustainable business model, but chronic conditions very much are.

  3. Wouldn’t the fiends who first deployed this US bioweapon in China be the real culprits? According to the Times of Israel, US intelligence warned the Israelis of the upcoming deployment in Wuhan in the second week of November 2019. At that time the Trump administration was also warned but “did not deem it of interest.” How do you account for that, Jonas?

  4. The scientific method had been distorted during the government’s response to the Covid 19 pandemic. We are being presented daily by fake optional (alleged democracy) vaccination instead of mandatory, and also fake availability of vaccines (half of those vaccines above mentioned are not recognized as valid in many western countries). We are also being told that there is no solution to finding zero patient and that traceability of the virus ends with natural environment. Many western countries are even denying that there is a possibillity of China helping them in pandemic medical terms whatsoever. At least in science we have had progress due to the development and implementation of the scientific method, but now we are pedalling backwards at warp speed. Scientific method is being sacrificed at the altar of bankable and privilege.

    • It’s a simple fact that China has had 3.47 COVID-19 deaths per million while the USA has had 2,310 deaths per million. Gordon informed us in June of last year that along with COVID-19 being a US bioweapon developed in a lab in North Carolina, it was first deployed in China and finally in the USA as a “fundraiser.” This bioweapon has been wildly successful compared to its initial deployment in China. They must have gone back to the lab to come up with a new-and-improved version, Davor.

    • Scientific method has been corrupted into a tool of deceit. Of course, things like the magic bullet bolstered their nerve in foisting upon us evermore increasingly strange physics. Not to worry though, the public has a very short memory and their gullibility seems to increase daily. Is it any wonder that a large number of Americans still believe in the Muslim boogeyman? Unfortunately, in the end it comes down to each of us to think and understand what is really happening, without the use of creative science, accounting or what have you. If someone lies to you on a continual basis and you tend to keep believing them, who is at fault? After JFK, RFK, MLK, OKC, WTC 1, 9/11, ad nauseum (not to mention a very long list from events previous to these) and people still believe them? These people create war, but wouldn’t poison us? I especially love; PCR test does not accurately detect covid, so at the end of the year, it will be replaced. Until then? It will still be used? All the data on transmission, positive/negative results…ALL are predicated on this test. But we should believe every number they give us…even though they tell us it is not reliable.

  5. Now that the human mind is nothing more than Bill Gates’s personal library where he can stroll in any time he likes and, well in most cases read the local takeaway flyer, I’m pinning my hope’s on AI walking off the job into a Salvador Dali painting just through sheer boredom. After all, if it’s half as smart as the boffins say it is how many “woke up, went for jab, died” or “reducing my carbon footprint to zero. Sorry for being born. Goodbye” could it stand?

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